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Also suffering from missing Featured Post images.

Not sure what I should be telling my hosting provider…

You have to post that link to them, it gives bad request

Where can I find the changelog ? Thank you

Ok found it after downloading the theme last version.

Yes, that’s correct, its located in the main zip file.

Hi, after the update, the main-menue is broken. Missing style, and it’s not a horizontal line -> it’s vertical. Don’t looks good … Any idea?

Hello! Please send your site credentials via a contact form on my profile page and I will take a look


pixup Purchased

Hi, how can I change the thumbnail position to top center? Right now Im using the module portfolio on my homepage and it shows the thumbnails in center center.

Is there a quick fix?

Is this compatible with the latest Woocommerce release?

It is compatible with 2.2.1


kainer Purchased

Hi! For what are custom posts “Links”? How to use them, they are not mentioned once in the documentation.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! There is no “Links” section in the theme. Do you use any 3rd-party plugins?

Hello , i wanted to know is there a way to have the blog page just show a small amount of the text from the post not the whole post?

You have to add the text to excerpt field for each post. Please read this article

Ok i did that and it still show the whole post on the blog homepage.

I see the changes on your end, short text.


The feedback form not working for me. I tested it and there’s no email sent to me. Please help. Thanks.


We have no idea how that form works, we use the standard PHP mail() Function

:( In this case, can you give me a css so I can customize my Ninja forms? thnaks

You have to style that forms via css.


umstot Purchased

Having a problem with the home page for mobile shows up with the “home” bar menu across the front of it. Where can I correct that? is the site, the problem is only on the mobile version.

Hello! It may happen because of the logo height. Did you specify the logo size in the theme options panel?


umstot Purchased

I specified it correctly for the regular logo, there’s no options for the Retina logo.

Please provide your wp-admin details and we will help you. You can send the details via a contact form on our TF profile page.

I’m having trouble getting Team images and Portfolio images to show up. I am setting the Featured Image, but it just isn’t finding the image path when it goes through the aq_resizer.

Do you know a way around this? I’m fairly new to wordpress.

Please provide your wp-admin details and we will check it. You can send them via a contact form on our TF profile page.

Hi Support,

Please check the screenshot below :

The page is cut on some screen size…. Any solutions on this?



I also try on your demo site and also show the problem. Try to resize the browser window and you will see the problem.


Mark! It is not correct to resize the browser window, you have to test on the specific screen resolutions and mobile devices.


oboston Purchased

Has this theme been tested with WP 4.2? If so, is it safe to upgrade my site from WP 4.1 to WP 4.2 now?

Hello! It is compatible with 4.2


oboston Purchased

Thanks for the quick response! I upgraded my site to WP 4.2 and after checking out entire site it appears there are no issues.

Nice to hearing that.

Hi, I want to use the sample contact page both full width and sidebar once as shown in the preview, but I do not want to import sample data, how can I accomplish that. Quick response will be greatly appreciated.

Hello! Here is the screenshot of the modules on the page

thanks, the modules are not readable by google which is making it difficult for search engine optimization, is there any way that I can make google read from the modules.

Why do you think that they are not readable? If you load the page and view the source of the page, they are available on it as HTML, which means that they can be indexed.

Hi , How to change “Text area” background color ??

Thanks for help

Hello! Please post all tech related questions on our help forum

Problemi checkbox nel tema solo su google Chrome. Ho acquistato il tema e aggiornato all’ultima versione

Hello! Please get back to us in English


nsiweb Purchased

Hi, main.css isn’t displaying in my WordPress Editor, but my hoster says it is showing up in the FTP. He’s insisting it’s a theme error.

Do you have any thoughts as to why it would show up in one place but not the other?


Hello! Its not an error, that’s how the wordpress works. If you want to modify the theme css file, you have to download/edit/upload.


nsiweb Purchased

Okay, thanks.