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Yo! Just bought this and tried to upload to WP and it says the style.css file is missing.

what to do????? URGENT


Hello and thanks for the purchase. 1. There is no need to panic 2. Do not upload the entire zip file you download from themeforest, only cleanspace.zip file located in the “Theme_v.2.0.937” folder. 3. Please read the documentation that comes with the template 4. Having any questions, please post them to my support forum.

Hello, is it possible to have the slider without that jumping/sliding annoying effects?


It’s up to you to use any effect you like.

judahOne Purchased

How are we supposed to know when you update the theme if you only include changelog in the download folder?


I use facebook and twitter to notify my customers. I had a lot of requests to remove notification option from the themes because a lot of customers here purchase my products for their clients sites. And they do not wish to see where this product comes from :(

You made a great update for this theme, thank you !!

I have some questions and I hope I will not bother you: 1) Can I use this theme as a magazine theme? 2) Will GT3 builder help me in customizing the theme to make advertisements (similar to those in the magazine theme?

If I use buddypress as subdomain, can I make single sign in to the wordpress and buddypress using WP multi network plugin?

Thank you


Hello! 1.I’m not sure what functionality you need to have a magazine theme. 2. Page builder helps you to create the page layouts. 3. I think it won’t work in this way.

Good evening Mad_dog, an information, I use as setting the permalink “Day and name”, but I get the error “404 – File or directory not found” when I open my Porftolio created. I use as a link of Default ”/ index.php / portfolio / xxx /”, but if I put permalink “default”, it opens the page with my link ”?Port = xxx /” without error. Is there a way to keep permalink “Day and name” and successfully open my portfolio?

this thema is always more intriguing thank you very much Fabio Palmieri


Hello Fabio! Thanks for the purchase. Can you please repost this question to my help forum and support rep. will check and assist you.

Awesome theme!

How do I change the social icons at the top right. I followed the instructions in the forum by making changes to line 50 in the header.php, but I am not have any success.

Thanks in advance


Hello! Please let the support rep. know that you had no success.

Great update. I was hoping for the linkedin icon on the “Team” feature. Is there a way to do this manually? Also links to websites with the “partners” feature.


Hi there! Thanks for the purchase. I will add linkedin icon to the “team” feature in the next update.

Good morning, In the gallery settings,is it possible that there is a limitation of the display in the combo for which I only see 10 galleries and not all those I have created? thank you Fabio Palmieri

PS: sorry..


I upgraded the Theme with “Theme_v.2.0.937”, but I always see 10 galleries and not more. :(


Hmm, really strange, can you please send me your wp-admin and ftp details to help at themedev dot me and I personally check it.


I sent an email from your profile page, Thank very much

I’m trying to buy this theme but I can not, every time I finalize the purchase by paypal the error and tells me to use another card, do not know if the problem and here or with paypal. This is my first purchase, I can help (urgent please)

Estou tentando comprar esse tema mas não consigo, toda vez que vou finalizar a compra pelo paypal da erro e fala pra mim usar outro cartão, não sei se o problema e aqui ou com o paypal. Essa é minha primeira compra, pode me ajudar (urgente por favor)


Hello! Please contact themeforest regarding this issue, or you may try another payment method.


which contact? qual o contato?

which contact?

qual o contato?


it is help at themedev dot me

somegod Purchased


I’ve purchased the theme and I’m very in love with it. You did an awesome job.

I have one question: When I use the option to translate the texts (I’m from Brasil by the way) the blog page doesn’t get translated, only the post page. Is there something wrong or did I do something?

Also, how do I translate the month names?

If you want to take a look, here is the site: http://www.basta1click.com.br/blog/

Hope to hear from you.

Cheers, Leandro


Thanks for the purchase and warm words. Can you please repost this question to my forum and support rep. will assist you. Thanks

Hello, I have some questions pre-purchase.
  1. In the section “our partners” can enter the post of specific categories? what are the criteria by which they are inserted in the preview section?
  2. I read in a comment that you implement the links in the section “our partners”, how soon? It is very important for my project. It is a function that I could implement by myself?
  3. In the section “our partners”, how many thumbnails can be displayed? I need 24 or more. They have a random or are displayed in chronological order? The thumbnails are displayed with a linear slideshows or columns?
  4. In the blog post, you can customize the sidebar?
  5. In the categories you can customize the sidebar automatically or otherwise, you can use the WP function for custom categories?
  6. Can I change the height of the presentation on the homepage?
  7. Can I disable comments and post information on all pages of the site (posts and pages)?
  8. Can I customize the sidebar in portfolio post ?
Best regards and many thanks!

Do you have direct email Mad_Dog?! YOU ARE FRICKIN CRZY TALENTED!! Just have a coupla questions rather shoot you direct Thnks! #2013POW!!$


Hello! Yes, you can get in touch with me via help at themedev dot me.

thorsky Purchased

Is there a way to use a custom sidebar on a specific blog categrory


thorsky Purchased

Nevermind, sorry i finally figured it out. I can create a page with custom sidebar then use the blog button int the GT3 editor

Hi…. i would like to purchase this theme i dont understand your licence agreement i dont wont to know more because i hope your products all are very good.

please explaine me if i buy this theme can i use this life time or limited time

please tell me depending on your answer i will purchese this

have a good day…


Hello! If you purchase the regular license you will get lifetime usage of it. But please note that you can have it only on one domain/site.

Is it possible to set a content page with 2 sidebars? (3 column page)


Hello! This theme does not support 2 sidebars.

Hi :) I want to purchase the CLEANSPACE theme for WP. I have a question : if you add updates for this theme, could I get these update too ?

( waiting for reply before purchasing ) thanks


OK it’s purchased :) BTW, how will I get updates ? Is it by downloading the updated archive in themeforest website again ?


Yes, just follow me on twitter or facebook to get notifications about updates.


BTW, thanks for the purchase.

Just unreal theme! Thank you very much, tumbled fortnight – but now look … Were to blame my curves :) Left hand you make a more qualitative takeaway transfer to the panel. Look at my site and where http://inspiringgraphics.ru/12-sposobov-uvelicheniya-onlajn-prodazh/ see your native language, then this is what can not be translated … should be corrected :). But in any case – thank you!

hello Mad_Dog, When i test the website on the Iphone, it seems to be not responsive :-( But it works on my pc. Can you help me please ?


Hello! Please put the link to your site, I will take a look.


:-) Thank you ! I have find the problem. Was a plug-in who place one icon out of the page, and that generate the error.

I have a question please. I try to use the Slider (LayerSlider) but i can’t configure it in his different appearance. It is possible to main control to the layer config please ? Tkxs