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I’m also having an issue with the slider being thrown off when resizing the window. I tried refreshing and no luck. The Demo site has the same issue.

It looks like I missed something while updating the theme, just added this issue to my todo list. Can you please repost this question to my support forum, it will be much easier for you to get the response and update? Thanks for the note.

I am also having the same issue. please look at this and please advise asap:

I received the html files. I already have customized my site alot. Can you tell me which files need to be updated for the slider to work properly?

Please check the list of the changed/added files

Bought the theme, installed it, and in Safari, the Cleanspace Theme Admin Panel is blank. Same thing in Chrome. Both on a Mac, Snow Leopard.

I do not know what could be the reason, have to check it, maybe there was a wrong installation, some 3rd party plugins…. you can send those details via my profile page on themeforest

Disabling Cart66 got it working. How do you get rid of the line above the menus, “Free free to call:” – it’s taking up space and the menus are pushed down. I removed the phone number entirely in Contact, but the Feel free… line remains.

Please post all the questions to my help forum and support team will assist you. thanks

I am having two issues: 1. The radio buttons and check boxes do not appear on any webkit browser such as Chrome and Safari.

2. There is a “load time” period for every page, it works fine with all browsers except chrome and safari as the page simply does not load and only displays the “my_preloader1.gif” for an external page for which I am using the header and footers of your template.


Thank you

I do not know what you did but the theme I send to the customers is working fine, anyway, please provide me with your site ftp details and I will remove that preloader.

Could let me know how to remove it myself? If not, how do I send you the FTP details to remove the preloader?

You can submit this request then to my support forum at and you will be assisted. This comment form is for pre-sale and general questions.

Just responded to your thread.

anyone looking to buy this template just know that the slider that comes packed in with it is entirely different than what you see on the live demo. it took about 3 hours of mincing around to figure out what was going on, then go to the source code on the demo to figure out why my slider was broken.

so if you are having issues with the slider, that might be a good place to start.

note the different style sheets that are referenced…

also, i feel a bit like i was sold a lemon, not knowing that the most prominent feature that you notice on the demo doesnt actually come with the site… seems like shady business

why did you not just include the revolution slider to begin with instead of the OneByOne slider?

The updated version of the theme has a revolution slider. Drop me a line via a contact from on my profile page and I will send you the updated version.

The slider of themeforest is REVOLUTION, while the slider downloaded when we buy this theme is the ONEBYONE, with no full width. Very bad this, very, very BAD. Why this? Can you send me the FULL SLIDER VERSION, please? thanks in advance.

Sure, please send me an email to help at themedev dot me and I will send you the updated version. The thing is that the slider was updated.

The template has been updated, so, my 5 stars for you. Its a very flexible template. Congratulations for you job.

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I really do appreciate customers feedbacks.

This is my first time building a website and I like the CleanSpace theme. However, I’m having difficulty uploading the template. The pluggins folder is not a zipped file. Should I upload each of three files associated with the folder? Or should I zip the file and then upload it? Thanks

The theme zip file is located in the Theme_v.2.1.1718 folder. To install the slider, you have to unzip file located in the plugin folder and upload it to your plugins folder via ftp.


How can i change the mainpage icon box. I canĀ“t find the icons files.



Hello! When you open iconbox settings, there is a link to the icon fonts to choose.

Where would I find how to add fields to the Contact form using the HTML version? We set it up but the email does not show the fields information.

You have to modify the contact form in the HTML file + mail.php

Well, we changed the contact form and changed the mail.php, sent the email, and there was no change at all – no phone number, no City and State. We changed everything back to the code downloaded, changed only the email address, and then sent another test email. Email went through but on the received email, the subject was the email address. All we are trying to do is add a phone number and location so we know how to contact the visitor and where they are from. All the original email is providing is whatever is typed into the Text box and the “Sending” email address in the Subject Line.

You should know html to add more custom fields. You ask for the customization which is not included in the template support

Does this theme include any form of CMS, or is the content embedded in the HTML?

Assuming it’s embedded, is the content maintained across web/mobile versions of the site, or does each version need to be edited separately?

Hello! It does not include any CMS, it is a static HTML template. This theme is responsive ready.

Hi, a little question: When i try to view the site on a device with 800×600px in portrait mode, The slider appears just over the select menu!!!! And it hides the nav mobile menu…

How cai resolve this?? Thanx in advance

Do you experience the same issue on our demo page?

Yes. also on your demo

What device do you use? We adapt the themes to the most popular devices, Iphone, Ipad, Samsung…