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Hi there, thanks for the great theme, it’s been real easy to set up and customize to fit in with my company look and feel.

One question though. On the portfolio page, sometimes the description text appears over two lines and sometimes over three lines, which is causing the alignment to go out of whack. Do you know why this is or a way of making it always be over three lines? I change the text on a few portfolio items and this made the text go onto three lines, rather than two, however there are two portfolio items that I just can’t get to go onto three lines and it’s driving me a little crazy :)


Thanking you in advance


Thanks. How about if you assign a min-height to .work-box ?

very dumb question, how do i import all the demo content onto my site, every time i attempt to it gives me a bunch of failed stuff for example Failed to import Media “pic1” Failed to import Media “pic5” Failed to import Media “browser_logos-32” Failed to import Media “imgset” Failed to import Media “w1” Failed to import Media “w3” Failed to import Media “w2” Failed to import Media “w4” Failed to import Media “w5” Failed to import Media “w7” Failed to import Media “w6” Failed to import Media “overlay”

ect…... The best way for me to get to kno this theme is for me to have all the demo content in it so i know what I’m editing.

cheers – ben


Hi. Download the theme again and make sure you have the most recent demo.xml file. Someone else on here had a similar issue and it turned out to be a file ownership problem. They reinstalled WP and it then worked.

If you want to email me your site/login, I will take a look. – Cheers

Okay i figured out how to do almost everything. I wasn’t having trouble with the slider until now. Everytime i set a picture on the slider it messes up the text that goes with it. Take a look NerdLaunch.com

Hi. It’s just the amount of title text. You can shorten the title or go into cssstyles.css around line 95
#header .slider .text h1 {
    color: #FEFCFC;
    font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;
    font-size: 52px;
    font-weight: bold;
    line-height: 56px;
    margin: 0 0 14px;
Change the font size to about 32px. Or email me and I’ll send you and updated file.

thanks eggbit for fast response, 3 more questions i swear! I took a screenshot of my homepage and marked it up with 3 things i cant figure out. here it is http://tinypic.com/r/108ikqh/6


You can edit the homepage text in the posts. The footer text is edited in widgets. And to add an image to a footer text widget just include the path like

<img src="path_to_image" />

Hi, I’ve installed your theme on my page – but I’m seeming to have trouble locating where I added the code for the Facebook Like Badge on the main page. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find where I’ve added the code.

Can you please have a look at the site and let me know where I may have added the Like Badge code – as I need to remove it (coz it looks ugly!) Thanks! http://bollywoodqueen.com.au/

Under appearance/widgets in the home sidebar.

Like jrichter7 I am trying to get rid of the slide down effect, removing
<script type='text/javascript'> $(document).ready(function() { 
$(".slider").hide(); $(".slider").slideUp(1).delay(1400).slideDown('slow'); 
}); </script>
means it does not show, changing it to
<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {
works but seems a bit messy, and means some unnecessary reflowing that you get a flash of sometimes. Is it being hidden somewhere else?
You need to remove the script like in your first excerpt above. Also remove this line in csstyles.css
.slider {
    display: none;

Around line 99

Hi I just purchased your theme a few days ago and its been wonderful, great design. I did have a question though, my google analalytics code isn’t working? I’m pasting my google analytics code in the option under the footer but its not working. Could you help me with this please? Thanks!


Can you email me a link to your site so I can take a look. – Thanks

sidriss Purchased

Hello, I would show 9 “featured post” with miniature, instead of three as in the demo on the homepage. How can I increase the number. thanks

egg bit sorry for the dumb questions but i still can seem to get rid of that text under the featured post, I’ve edited the post and put my text in and it seems to stay the same, am i supposed to go into the code and fix it, if so i don’t no where it is, and lastly how do you get an icon to be right next to the title like it is on you homepage of your demo,

my site is nerdlaunch.com

No you don’t need to touch the code. I think what’s happening is you don’t have ‘excerpts’ displayed in your WP posts. In the post click on ‘screen options’ in the top right corner and check the ‘excerpt’ box. If there is text in the excerpt box that will be displayed as a summary rather than the full content.

is there a way to add your own image for a bullet list instead of the old black bullet.

.redcheck { background:transparent url(/images/redcheck.gif) no-repeat scroll 0 0; list-style-type:none; padding-left: 20px; }

thats what i found, the only place i can think to put it is in the style.css with out going into the downloaded file, but its not working..


You can either add it to csstyles.css or to a custom stylesheet and use @import in styles.css

Hi, i sent you the email with my site link as requested. Anything on my google analytics problem? Thanks again.


Sorry, I don’t see your email. Could you send it again – Thanks


ok I just sent you the email, please let me know once you receive it. Thanks.


Didn’t get it? The email via the profile seems a little hit and miss at times. How about here: http://inksoftdesign.com/demo/clearspace/contact-us

Hey Eggbit one more quick question. Does this theme offer favicon functionality? I cant find it. If not could you add that to the theme? It would be a great feature!! Thanks.


This theme currently doesn’t. But I will add it in this update. – Cheers

Hi, we have a problem, we need two tours working on one web ( i am a quite good PHP programmer)

we managed to have two tour option in administration (basic tour and tour2), we can make new post under tour2 and we can choose at the page option tour2 page template.

We maked page-tour2 and sidebar-tour2… But then we have a problem… Everything works, but we see old Tour menu on the side, not Tour2. The problem is in functions, i tried to make a duplication of tour widget, but it wont work. Can you please help us with this problem? Thanks!


Hi, i sent you an e-mail, but still waiting for your answer with changed files. Did you send it? Thank you :)



I sent it right away. I actually had the files ready because someone else had previously asked for the same thing. I just sent it again – let me know if you get it. – Cheers


Thank you really much! It works great. Now, i am very happy of purchasing this theme.

jguev09 Purchased

Hello i am trying to insert the price table to a different page using shortcode but i am having trouble doing so. Do you have any tips as to what i am trying to do. the shortcode only displays a full with table with no info in it other than the select button. Thank you!

You need to use the id of the price table you created. It is displayed in the right-hand column. So for example, your shortcode should look like this:
[price_table id=72]

Hi, I just bought your theme and am having some trouble. None of the pages you show in your documentation screenshot (e.g. full width, features, blog, portfolio) under Menu>>Pages after theme activation (I uploaded via the zip file.



When you create a new page, the template options should be shown in the right column template drop-down list. Or you can import the demo.xml file from the download folder to setup what you see in the demo. If the template options are not showing, please email me a link so I can take a look. – Thanks

Thanks, perfect, that worked great. Appreciate it

Do you do know anyone who will customize your theme for a reasonable rate? I’m pulling it together but need someone to help.

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hello, sorry it’s me again

I would change the property: div id = “exposeMask”. Which file is the code? thank you very much

sidriss Purchased

I just wish, change the background color to black, and apply an opacity of 0.5. I just tried to add a property in csstyle.css. But it does not work. Or do I add the css property? thank you


Change the above script in header.php to this:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(function($) {
    $('a[rel^="#olay"]').overlay({ mask: {color:'#000000', opacity: 0.5 }});
sidriss Purchased

Amazing ! thank you very much

I have launched my new website and I have the Twitter Widget on the homepage. When I tweeted something through my Twitter account it showed up on the homepage as designed except that it writes “we were” at the beginning of each of my tweets….so I had to go back in and format my tweet through Twitter to make it sound right with that beginning. I have searched all over the CleanSpace site to see how to get that “we were” entry deleted so it only shows up exactly what I tweet, but I can’t find anything. Do you have an answer for this? Thanks so much in advance!

Yes. It is in the file header.php Find this line:
 auto_join_text_default: "we said,",