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what kind of theme options are there? great simple design btw

@liontamere05 – Go to screenshots and select the last one, you can see the theme options there.

BTW Great theme Adrian. :) Wish you a lot of sales.

@wpcanyon thank you for reply :)

Soryy but will not be able to answer for a couple of days – changing my location so…

But kep buying the theme :)

can this theme provide subcategories for portfolio posts?

like portfolio/office supply/item

its looking great anywayz.


hy, If I understand correctly you are asking if a post from “Portfolio” subcategory will be displayed in the portfolio page?If that’s it then yes any post from that category/subcategory will appear in the Portfolio page ( if it has a image attached to it ). I added a test subcategory ( Portfolio->Web design->Wordpress) so you can check out. Thanks

HI, nice theme. I was wondering if there is a place for a “right sidebar” on the homepage. I would like to place a right sidebar with widgets on the homepage instead of the custom field.


for now you can’t put the sidebar on the home page,but this can be easily modified ( I can assist you if you need)

Thanks for the quick response, pm sent.


Please send all requests via my profile contact box (so I know if you bought the theme ).


quick question, can i add my own images to the homepage slideshow easily? Or does it only work by pulling an image from a post?


the front page slideshow uses custom fields so it’s pretty easy to add images


This is probably a cringe worthy post being a newbie to WP, but i’d like to know if it’s possible to preview one post effectively where the contact column sits?

I was learning from a WP screencast on Themeforest, and they show how you can pull in 1 post of the blog on the index. If I know this is possible, i’ll try and get the head round it as i’d rather this show then the contact details – any help is appreciated and sorry if this is really basic!!

Si :)



Yes, it is possible.You’ll have to edit a little index.php file.
<?php query_posts('showposts=1'); ?>
right after
<?php get_header(); ?>
Search for (on line 70) :
<?php if ($cls_thirdtext == "true") {?>

and delete this stuff.
Then replace everything between
<div class="rightT"><!-- START Contact --></div>
<!-- END Right -->
with standart Wordpress post listing code (ex: <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();?> ... )
I hope this helps

Oh that has worked a treat – I’m very grateful for the speedy response – top man!

vmmarket Purchased

I want the Javascript image scrolling plugin on my homepage, how do I install it? Sorry for the newb question.


Sorry,but I don’t understand what you mean.


I purchased this template, and am overall pleased with it, but I would like the homepage slider to use custom field images from pages rather than posts. Further, it doesn’t seem to support more than one image per page/post right now. Can you help me get around these limitations?



vmmarket Purchased

I want to add the visual Java plugin, as seen on the homepage of the template. I want to add the visuals from the Java slider to my homepage, so that I can have moving elements on my homepage. How do I add this plugin?

For the slider to work you’ll need to use custom fields in your post.
Just add “Image” in the Name field and your image url in the “Value” field.

I’ll see what I can do with the Page custom field.
And regarding

it doesn’t seem to support more than one image per page/post right now
actually the theme does support multiple images.

vmmarket Purchased

What would be the ideal size for the image?


The ideal size will be 899×240

vmmarket Purchased

Can’t make it work, installed the Nivo Slider plugin, which is available in my Wordpress admin options, created posts like the guy who created the plugin, and it still won’t work. Do I have to insert any code? If so, in which .PHP file?


You don’t have to install the plug-in, it’s implemented in the theme.Just use the custom fields to add the images.

Hi again,

My contact form sends the email to me, but instead of saying the ,congratualtions it’s sent message, it just takes me to the direct url of the wp-content/themes/cleanstyle/contact_send.php, with only the Number 1 showing on a blank page – any ideas!?

Thanks! Si

Ahhh Have just realised that i’ve duplicated the form and renamed as wanted to have two, once with a different background image, so this have caused the error…will go back and try another way!

ps Before I come annoying, you mentioned first off to specify image height and width to 235×144. I’ve tried to alter this as this actually makes my thumbnails a little squashed – any ideas?


Regarding portfolio images can you please send me an email so I can send the solution or you can wait a few days and I’ll update the theme with modifications.
Sorry for not posting here,but it’s a bit long for a post


If you are referring to my post about using pages instead of posts for the front page slider images, my e-mail address is dwayne.stevens@gmail.com. I greatly appreciate your help!


I was referring to @gasmarktasty post

No problem – will try not to sap up all your time so will email.

Thanks, Si

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Hello I, really new at this please help me with this template. How do I identity the home/index page and once I do, how do I inter images to display like the default clear style home page / Where is the option “ jQuery Nivo Slider – Easy to add new images”

And how do I change out the logo in top left corner?

Thank you in advance.



How do I identity the home/index page and once I do, how do I inter images to display like the default clear style home page / Where is the option “ jQuery Nivo Slider – Easy to add new images”
You don’t have to identify the home page.It is the first page of the web site.
To add images to the home page slider you’ll have to use custom fields as described in the Documentation
As for the logo part you’ll have to upload the new one to the img folder with the name of logo.png

Hello AdrianBotea,

I am having the same issue as dwaynestevens on a earlier post, I was wondering if you could also please send me the solution to the problem. I would like the images that are posted in the portfolio section, to not be included in the blog post. It seems every image I add is included as a blog post, so I have 5 photos on the portfolio page and 5 blog post. I appreciate your time, and insight:)

My email address is albert@montoyamedia.com