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Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

thank you :)

http://www.pixelstance.com/themes/clearstart/ not responsive at all countdown doesn’t show

Well, media queries allow the page to use specific style rules on small-screen devices, or even hide some elements due to lack of space, so its responsive. Anyway, you have Live Preview button to make the right choice. Thank you.

Hi, great landing page, thanks for the template.

How can I make the navigation visible on the 1st third of the page (countdown).

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your suggestions and of course your purchase. Just send me an email through the contact form on my profile page – and I’ll try to assist with whatever possible.

Solution added to FAQs until next documentation update.

WOW!! This is BEST looking coming soon/launch page I’ve ever seen!!! ahhhh if only there was a WordPress version (I’m a graphic artist and web designer at times, not good w html) CONGRATS on your Talents!!

Thank you so much for your consideration ;)

Hi, i bought the them, but the countime each time (when you do f5) show the same date, same minutes and seconds… How i can fix it? Thanks

Hi, and thank you for your purchase!
Countdown setup is very simple and described in documentation.
Open /js/theme.js file and change countdown_date variable.
Added to FAQs.

Yes, i did in the so easy way you explain, but each time (and the template original too) when you realod the page, ALWAYS appears the same time. I mean, your template have the same issue(without editing). How i can resolve it, i need the countdown working…and no works correctly because appears the same time. Did you understand me? My 1st language isnt english.


Contact me via email form at my profile page, and i’ll assist you.

Hello, very nice job and works super now when I installed it. BUT that on your demo page, so even on my, it must be a bug, it just spins and the page will not start the first time when you go in, after you updated the site this works.

Is there a way to solve this?

Hello, Tompix, and thank you for your purchase!
Unfortunately, I can’t repeat the bug, but I think its happens if browser can’t load resources properly, and window “load” event won’t start.
So here is quick solution.
If this problem still occurs please contact me via email form at my profile page.
Thank you.

Hi Pixelstance, Very nice theme created. I love it.

Is it possible the whole overlay can cover the screen whenever we use the phone or a smaller screen size? I noticed that the overlay doesn’t cover the whole screen and leaves margins on both left and right side.

Also, was trying to add in my mailchimp account but it seems, my email test doesn’t go to the mailchimp account directly, I don’t know why. I have followed all the instructions provide.

Future suggestions, the arrow and it’s box and the navigation bar on top resizes when it is viewed in a smaller screen.

Overall very nice theme. Keep it up. :)

Hi Michie1234, thank you for your purchase!

Please, send me a message via my profile page (contact form is on the bottom right), most of these issues can be solved easily :)

Hi there, great template.

I would like to modify it in order to include some basic service info. Could i easily customize it (perhaps add another “Services/Info” page)? Also, do i get the psd files used for the live preview (or could i use any other images i want)?


Hi dkarantonis.
Yes, all demo images form live preview are included (no PSD, sorry), and you can easily use any others. The primary goal of CS is fast customization in three-pages design, but it’s not intended to add more pages, sorry.

I like your template a lot, but i definitely want to add another services page. I have a good knowledge of html, jquery and css. Do you think i could easily customize it to suite my needs?

In this case, yes. Anyway, feel free to contact me by email, I already have four-pages version, and I’ll be glad to help you.

Hi, I am using your Clear Start: Modern Launching Soon Page and trying to get it to work with Joomla. Can you please tell me how and if this is possible?

Thanks :-)

Hello, Arran, and thank you for your purchase!
Clear Start in not Joomla theme, it’s plain HTML CSS JS under construction template.
But you still can use CS with your joomla site, here is Apache / mod_rewrite solution:

1. Upload CS to your website via FTP
2. Rename index.html to underconstruction.html
3. Create .htaccess file into root directory of your website

.htaccess file should contain the following strings:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !=
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !=/underconstruction.html
RewriteRule ^ /underconstruction.html [R=301]
Don’t forget to change to your actual IP.

Now all IP addresses but your will be redirected to underconstruction.html
I hope you find it useful ;)
Cheers, Dmitry!

Just bought it and it’s amazing, really pleased with my purchase.

Hi Fyutchaflex,
Thanks for purchasing! Glad you like it ;)

just bought it, customiced it and uploaded it on a webspace… but on some pcs its loading all the time and they have to synchronice the page to enter it. Can I change something, to reduce the loading time?

But the design is simply amazing, good work!

Hello, stelboe, and thank you for your purchase! :)

I think it can happen, if browser can’t run window.onload event properly.
The easiest solution is here.

If this problem still occurs please contact me via email form at my profile page.

hello bought it yesterday can’t install, tried to upload zip and got en error: “missing style.css” also extracted the template folder, created zip from it and uploaded again… same error

Wordpress 3.5.1

Update: just noticed this is not a Wordpress theme :) All ok installed and working great!

Can a single video bg instance work in the background instead of image? If not how easy to implement?

Maybe it’s possible, but It’s kind of tricky. I don’t recommend using video backgrounds with Clear Start template.

How come the twitter widget just says “Loading Twitter”? In your demo too? It was working earlier.

Twitter’s API changes, I’ll make upadate ASAP.

Fixed in new version + update guide added.

Thank u so much!!! It actually made my day! :):)

One question : Can i add soft music in the background?

If possible, then how should i go about it?

Please reply soon..

Hidden, autoplaying audio:
<audio autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop">
 <source src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/Epro_theremin_middle_bach.ogg" />

Quick reply! Thank u so much!

I will implement it.. :):)

Ho can I add a logo to this? I would like to purchase today if we can add a logo. thanks Tim

Hi Tim.
You can add your own image, or change logo to any text.

Hi Thanks How can I remove the images and just use a background-image: url(“background.png”); thanks Tim

The easiest way to do it – run vegas plugin with one image
1. Open js/theme.js file
2. Find /* Background settings */
3. Add your background image
vegas_backgrounds  = [
  { src : 'background.png', fade : 2500 }

Thanks for the template, just bought it today but I can’t get my logo image to appear at all in any browser… Any thoughts on why that is the case?


Hi and thank you for your purchase!
As i can see, http://www.mediaextension.com/images/MX_logo.png file is missing ;)

Thanks for the template. I am having some trouble with the template. i uploaded it to go daddy to hosting web root in folders but my page is blank. i even moved every single file to the web root and nothing is displaying. i even tried leave all files in the folder except for the favicon, index, and subscribe file and when i do that i only get the loading circle gif to display. can you help me please? i tried looking through documentation folder but i cannot find a solution. nothing is installed on the host its just plain linux.

Oh one last question do i need to leave the files in the same folder or do i need to put them all in one folder and upload that? here is what i have did so far i am using the linux hosting. in the beginning i tried uploading my files using the ftp file manager and i uploaded all of my files in a zip. And nothing displayed on my domain. Then i figured it has to be un zipped so i unzipped the folder and just uploaded the folder with the files for the template(there are folders within folders). but nothing was displayed again. next i figured all of the files need to be in one folder no multiple folders so i moved all files to one folder and then uploaded it using ftp file manager. still nothing displayed. then i figured all files need to be in individually placed in the webroot and that still didn’t work. am i doing something wrong?