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Hi, First thank you for creating a concrete 5 theme. It is also great that it is responsive but the only things is that it does not respond correctly on an iphone 5 which is do to the unusual dimensions and resolution. I have seen an article here that may be the issue http://rachelmccollin.co.uk/blog/iphone5-does-it-break-your-responsive-design/

I also note that the portfolio section on the site seems to be a dummy as when you choose the section nothing happens. (i.e lightbox or in the case of the front page the images do not take you to the work sections)

It would be good if these sections worked to give you an idea how it could work on your own site.

Despite these minor issues it is great that concrete 5 templates are becoming more popular.

Keep up the great work.




Hey Kirk, Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be submitting a link to the c5 version of the template this week and also adding more features to the theme.

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Does anyone have experience with or know if this theme is compatible with ProBlog?

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well done like it very much;