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Hi, is the theme WPML ready?

Hello and thanks for your interest in our products. Yes, the theme supports WPML plugin.

hi! i want to edit text of the “find doctor toggle”, eg : i want edit text “Search by name” or “Select treatment” .. please tell me where i can edit its. thanks you.!

Hello, seems like you’ve posted this comment in the wrong section, it’s HTML template comments board. Anyway, you can see a video tutorial describing this here:

Hi! :grin: where can I activate the module for the timetable event?

Hello, seems like you’ve not purchased this item, didn’t you? If I’m wrong, please send us your Item Purchase Code in order to any kind of help or support.

Hi, I But Theme “Clinico”, it is really good. But I need some question: 1.- Can I building page for “add new staff member” for other staff, whithout admin? how I do? 2.- Can I add new field?... for example… telephone number of the staff, or e-mail of staff. 3.- what is the best login plugin for the clinico theme?

thanks. Ricardo.

Hello Ricardo, this page manages the staff section: Please send us your Item Purchase Code if you have any further questions.

Hi, I send you my Purchase Code for e-mail a week ago. please, I need building one page for add staff, and not use the page of administrator. thanks.

Hello Ricardo, the code is valid, thanks. I’ve replied to your email the same day I received it. Didn’t you receive it?

Hi, very nice and complete theme. where icons are stored? As I can see them ?, as I can load more icons?

Hello, thanks for your interest in our products. We’re using FontAwesome icon library, see examples here:

how insert widgets in page?

Which one do you need?

in page “home page”, I need put widgets “beneficios”. In “Benefits Widgetized Area” I put “search’s doctor”.... How Can I put widgets in “home page”?... thanks

Hello, sorry for the late response, you can easily do this with the help of widgets. As easy as it can be.


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Hi. How I can place text widget into the header?

Sure, if you add this HTML with CSS code:, you will have this result:


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Thank you

You’re welcome! Glad to help!