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How do I force boxed layout style? Thanks!

This is HTML template. Where in your css file to change this?

That’s right, sorry. In case of HMTL template you should add “page-boxed” class to the div which is located next to the body tag. So that it would look like div class=”page page-boxed”


I am using div class = “page-boxed ” on your news-full-width.html. There’s a problem with the picture, please check it out. Set it for yourself and see. A big white line shows up on the right of the picture.

You should use div class = “page page-boxed”. Where can I see the big white line? URL would be much appreciated.

Actually, page page-boxed fixed it. I used only page-boxed, and it seems to be working with everything else but this particular page. Thanks!

You’re welcome!


raonir Purchased

olá, não tenho cartão internacional. como posso comprar pelo boleto bancário? eu posso utilizar cores que não estão listados ali? posso aumentar o tamanho da logo? e alterar o formulário da frente para incluir a especialidade ou usar outro formulário já criado? obrigado

You need to contact Envato for any financial questions, but I think they will send you an invoice right after your order is paid.

Regarding your theme’s related questions: yes, you can change the size of the logo, change theme’s colors and create and use your forms (via Contact 7 plugin) anywhere.

Keep in mind that we do not provide support in any language other than English.


raonir Purchased

which the link where I can request payment via ticket?

Hello raonir, thanks for your interest in our works. What do you mean by this?


raonir Purchased



mhmmet Purchased

hi. ? buy this template but downloaded template is wordoress. ? don’t cant wordpress please help me

Hello and t hanks for the purchase. You’ve bought the HTML template, not the WordPress theme.

It was not obvious to me that this is not a wordpress theme.. Although in comments you mentioned that this was going to be available for wordpress 11 months ago; I guess that never happened.

Is it possible to get a refund as I cannot use a non-wordpress theme? Thank you!

Well, you guessed it wrong –

You need to contact Envato regarding any financial questions including refunds.

double post

My mobile menu doesn’t work. When i click on NAVIGATION bar ( I change the name from ‘NAVIGATION’ to ‘MENU’ in header.php) nothing happens. Why?

Hello and thank for your interest in our works. Please send us your Item Purchase Code and webiste url so that we could help you.

I’m sorry, it’s illegal to post it here. Please remove the code right now.

I noticed the layout is not working well with IE 8. (two sets of menu, two sets of logo and the blue box ribbon across the index page is completely gone). As you know, some users do not update their browsers so this concerns me. Is there any fix for IE8? Please preview your own template in IE8 (

Hello and thanks for the purchase. We never stated that our template supports IE8 (it was used in WinXP which is no longer supported by Microsoft as well). You can find the statement in the product description righthand using above URL. So, I’m not sure if there’s anything can be done about it.

Okay, thank you for your reply.

hello, how i can put my decimal number (10,25 or 10.25) to 10,25 %


what i mean how i can put my decimal number to milestone class?

what i mean how i can put my decimal number to milestone class?

Hello and thanks for the purchase. Unfortunately our script uses only integer values. However you can use some jquery plugin to customize and make it work the way you need. Probably this one should help:

Hi, I installed this theme but your demo importer isn’t working – it isn’t generating the pages or putting in any data whatsoever, can you help me please??? Thanks.

Hello, sure we’ll help you with pleasure. Please send us your Item Purchase Code, FTP and WordPress credentials to support [at] so that we could sort this out and help.

Many thanks – that’s sent.

Ok, thanks. The issue is fixed. Please check your site and let me know.

Hello clinico support, i want to change the layout of menu.. i want to display vertically in left side of slider. In what file and what class i should take a look and change? Thx

Hello and thanks for the purchase. You should edit header.php file and use slider’s settings to make it smaller. I would recommend you place the slider into content and the menu widget into left sidebar. However it’s up to you to decide.

hi my friend. i sometime have a issue about Advertising. when i click any link on the site.. some Advertising is opening in the new window o_O why ?

Hello and thanks for the purchase! Please share your website URL, we’ll take a look what might be wrong with it.

How to use Schedule Manager ….. in other way … is there a js code to populate calendar (list , week and month) with data

Hello and thanks for the purchase. Our template doesn’t use any jQuery library for this, it’s just a plain HTML+CSS code.