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s there any Video advertising plugins for my own advertising purpose? May I have a look at the tutorial and documents before purchase?


Sorry, but I’m never had to deal with such a plugins. I couldn’t help you. I’m afraid, Mick

Hi Dynamik74,

is it possible to change the posts on the homepage to a single image with a lightbox for preview and no link to another page? I would like to post flyers for upcoming parties. Thanks for helping me, Michiel


Sure, it could be done, by hacking some theme codes.

It is necessary to install a lightbox script and change partials/box-news.php to point to lightbox instead of the post page.


Hi, on my /wp-admin Themes page it says Clinto Version 1.0, yet on the Theme Options page it says “Version 2.0.12”. Which is correct?

Also, I can see there is a ThemeForest Username and API Key entered on the Theme Options page. How can I initiate an update to the latest theme… or know if I have the latest theme installed? (I don’t see the current Clinto version listed on themeforest.net to compare either of the two version numbers listed above)



I have just sent you a private message with the domain, themeforest username and api key that is entered on the Theme Options page. Hopefully that will help.


I would like to give the author of this theme respect and credit for helping solve my problem after many messages… dynamick74 provides great customer support. I highly recommend this author!! Thanks again!


too much kind… Don’t forget to rate me 5 stars :-)

Hello dynamick74,

I want on the homepage of the events section a slider with pictures, instead of the postes. Is it possible and how?

thanks for help, Michiel


The theme doesn’t implement such a feature. You’ve to hack the code to implement your request. I’m sorry.


I´ve a problem with footer, it´s appear in middle of the page. We download the new theme release and substitute function.php and js/script.js and add js/masonry-init.js and js/masonry.min.js, but it doesn´t work. Thanks


Hi, I see no problems with your footer. Have you resolved that alone?

eseig Purchased

Hello I have useed Clinto for a while but I have at problem with the frontside slider. It had disappeared? Can you please help me? www.atcd.dk With regards Flemming Giese Denmark


Clinto already uses Bootstrap (an old version). Perhaps I don’t understand your question…

eseig Purchased

Ok I explain:-) I want acces to the The Typography like you show on the demopage. http://themeforest.net/item/clinto-html5-responsive-wordpress-theme-for-events/full_screen_preview/3945447. Can you help to install the plugin so it will funktion on the site: http://atcd.dk. As it is for now I can’t use the Typography like you show on the demopage. As I understand from your own statement here in this discussion I shall install Bootstrap? I like you to help me get acces to the Typography like you show on the demopage. As it is for now I don’t have acces too that?

By the way I have the slider on the page now. I install particles/featured.php fra the update and turn ‘offset’ to 1. And the it works:-)


The theme comes with the typography you see on the demo. No need to install other plugins.

Can i add video in Features or one off those 3 sections? I want to make one of these sections information section about one person with all information and videos about them.., this can be done without changing the code yes?


You could do that, but you’ve to change some part of code.

What about WordPress 4.1?


Full Compatible. The demo works on wp 4.1.

Can i use my icon in the steps? If yes, how?


I replied to you to, but i’ll write this hete to.

I want to use my own icon, not one from that list, or i don’t undarstand something what you said? I know how to change icon by choosing one from that list, bet i want to use my own icon picture…


Replied via email.

Hi Dynamick,

I want to know if it’s possible to use the design on this page http://androiditalia.it/events/category/venice-carnival/ to introduce people from an organisation? So without the date and stuff?

I hope you can help me with this!

Thanks in advance,



Hi, you should use partials/loop-events.php to create a your own template. Duplicate it, rename to people-template.php and add the template PHP comment code as described here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Page_Templates

You’ve to remove any reference to eo_ functions to remove the calendar functionality. Then create a category and add posts to it. You new page template should filter post on that category.

Hope this could help you.

How can i create an extra Event Tab on the front page. Default there are only two.


You’ve to apply some hacks to the partials/box-tab.php. Duplicate lines block from 22 to 34, removing the first “if” and replacing the event-category with the slug of the events you want to show. Add a new tab at line 47 and duplicate line from 84 to 100. Ask some php developer.

Hello, I’m trying to install a weather widget on the bottom of the page, I’ve tried two and none of them are working. I need help.


I got it to work :)

Hello Is there any way that you could add 4 spaces for widget in place of the latest news on the front page, depending on the price I would be ready to pay for it.


I figured it out

You’ve to hack the index.php. Add 4 times this
<div class="span3"><?php dynamic_sidebar( 'your-new-widget-area-1' ); ?></div>
And register the new widget areas “your-new-widget-area-1”, “your-new-widget-area-2”, “your-new-widget-area-3”, “your-new-widget-area-4”, in your functions.php as described here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Widgetizing_Themes

Thanks it works

Loisaida Purchased

I upgraded to lastest version of this theme today since i had an old one and didnt work right. After the upgrade everything went back to normal but now the 3 steps are collapsing to left.


im also missing the “tabs” block for events that goes on the right, after the calendar.

Hello trying to do the same thing as this: Hi…

I have set up some featured posts and put them in the category ‘home_slider’ these then appear in the slider on the home page.

What I don’t want them to do however is to appear in the blog as well. How can I amend the blog template to exclude the ‘home_slider’ category but display the rest…


I have this as code and it does not work. $the_query = new WP_Query(array( ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, ‘posts_per_page’ => 4, ‘offset’ => 0, ‘cat’ => $cat . ’, -’ . ot_get_option( ‘home_slides_category’, ’’ ) ‘category__not_in’ => ot_get_option( ‘home_slides_category’, ’’ ) ));

Please help

Hi Support,

I like the look of the Theme… Just need it to be compatible with Woo commerce so I can sell tickets & advertising space on the site – Can you confirm it is?



for the futre you´ll a woocomerce shop??