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We’re currently developing a web-site using your theme. But there are two problems that we don’t know how to deal with.

So the first one is: how can I limit the amout of posts showed in “similar” block(under comments). Currently there are as much as I add the tag(i want just three).

And the second: sidebar (and floating sidebars) goes on content after refreshing in the middle of the page and goes to the right side of the page in Firefox.

Waiting for your answer! Thank you


1) There are no built in options to limit the query, so you will need to directly edit the code. You can find the query in single.php in between lines 154 > 161. If you don’t know your way around php you should speak to a developer about this.

2) Thank you for letting me know of those issues. Another user has already informed me of this thanks :)


Hi Jesse!

Hope all is great. I was reading through the comments, trying to find if there’s a place where you’d posted details on how to specify a different size for the logo in the theme. Right now I am using the 360×90 (and doubling it for retina). Can I alter something to make it a different size, or aspect ratio? Like if I had a vertically-oriented logo?

Thanks! Nick


HI, I hope you’ve had a good weekend! The latest version of the theme is 2.4


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Hi Jesse —

Cool. I just downloaded the latest. I presume that if all my custom CSS is handled by a separate plugin, that all should be fine. Feel like I might be asking a dumb question, so pardon if that’s the case. Thanks!



If its in a separate plugin there shouldn’t be a problem. Unless of course the css needs to be tweaked for the new version? After you update, just save your settings in the customizer to refresh everything.

ps. If you are worried, make a back up :D


Hi again Jesse! So I’ve been working on trying to upgrade the theme, and it tells me to go to customization and click activate, although none of the dropdowns drop down and there is no preview on the right hand side. Any ideas about what the issue is? Thanks!


Sounds like you have a javascript conflict and the customiser stops responding when you have a js conflict. So, its probably caused by one of your plugins. So just deactivate your plugins before trying. If it still persists let me know. J

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Hi VK!

I just bought this theme and love it. However there are some tweaks that I would love to make and hope you can help. In a post with images, I would like to have zero padding on the images. when i adjusted the padding to ‘0’ on ‘contents’ in customization, it affects the padding on the title, etc. Is there anyway I can adjust only the images? Thanks!


Hi, you will need to use custom CSS to change the gap between images as its not an option built into the theme sorry. Depending on the images you are talking about, in google chrome right click the images > inspect element. In the developer window you will be given the css selector for that element. From there you can add your own css in the CSS button of the customiser.



Love the theme, but now that I’ve been using it for a couple months the website is loading super super super super slow. Like 1996 dial up connection slow. (And I’m on a cable connection.)

I noticed clicking on some other sites in the comments section that some of them also loaded really really slow.

What do you think is going on? Anything I can do to fix this?

Thank you.


That would be awesome! :) Can I message it or email the link to you?


Sure just use the form in the right sidebar on my profile page –



Sent it. Thank you!!!

Hi there, great theme! we love it! We’re having a few problems with the ‘gallery post’ 1. the picture that is aktive shown isn’t marked as a filled white bubble, all bubbles are empty, i can click on any bubble and it switches to the right picture but the bubbles doesn’t show up at which picture i actually am 2. in the dashboard when i am making a new post and define it as gallery post and then i click on upload images, i can just choose ONE image, so i have to click on it for every single picture, and when i am ready and clicked on an image to choose, it don’t show up in the post backend so i cannot delete any picture? but all i choosed show up in the real post…



Hi there, sorry for the late reply (I’m on holidays).

1) Could you provide a link to this so I can / inspect the code.

2) You don’t have to select images, change the tap to “uploaded to this post”. Any images uploaded to the post will be in the gallery. Also make sure the post format is set to “gallery” instead of standard.



is it possible, to change the date in the post meta from “two days ago” to the standard date like m d. Y?


thank u for your response. i tried this now a lot but it doesn’t work for me. could u send the correct code to my email with a little instruction? would be great!

thank u!

Not really, I mean it totally depends on what you want to do. Its not a ‘this is the right code and this is the wrong code’ type scenario. Did you try echo the function above? Are you changing the front end function call or the actual function it self? You could do both. Are you familiar with php?

I can’t provide you with code customisations though sorry. Support is optional and not included in the price of the item. I would recommend using envatostudio to have some customisation work done.

Regards, J



is it possible to make the layout on mobile devices fullwidth? (without box padding)



You would need to use custom css for that or alternatively alter the already existing css using a child theme. Jesse


hi jesse, thank you for your reponse. pls could u give me the custom css for mobile devices to make the site fullwith on iphones etc? (no tablets?. i would be very gald for that!

if u want u can send it to im not fit in that. :/

thank you!

1. I would like to use this site as an event management site. Are there easy options for users to post pins/events.

2. Are there featured spots available as well.

3. Also can I control what is posted.


1) No, how you choose to create a user site is entirely up to your or your developer. WordPress comes with all the tools needed though.

2) WordPress has whats called a sticky post. You can sticky posts if you needed to.

2) Yes, assuming you would be the admin, again it comes back to number 1) how you choose to run and build your site is up to your and your developer.

I should point out nearly all your questions are un-related to the theme itself. A theme is a starting point for you or your developer to build upon. I doubt you will find a theme with what you want straight out of the box though.

Regards, Jesse