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Brilliant theme. Really happy with it—>

One problem: I can’t work out how to get post author details to show prominently. Can you help? It’s a multi-author blog so really important that different authors are marked clearly

Hello, I still need to fix this problem. If I can’t fix it then I have to uninstall the theme and I’ll have wasted the money & hours of my time. I just need to display the author names prominently at the top of each post rather than in the author box buried away at the bottom of the post.

In reply to your other comment and this one. Sorry you feel this way Mark

It is shown in both demos that the author is placed at the bottom of the post and not at the top. Please also understand this is a micro blogging theme, used by people who want to share small snippets of information.

If you wanted to change this you would need to alter the code and move the author code (line 45 > 135) above the content code in the single.php file.

Regarding the delay in getting back to you, my themes are a hobby of mine and not my full time employment (and barely put food on the table) so as I’m sure you can understand, finding time to support and update can be hard given my various other responsibilities.

Regards, Jesse

Sorry Jesse, I was being needlessly bad tempered. It was just frustrating to consider the prospect I couldn’t use it given how much I like the theme and all the time spent setting it up. I’ve modified it now so author bylines display in the way we need to match how we manage author contributions. Thanks for such a great theme.


xlguy Purchased

Hi, we’ve got about 1,500 stories that we’ve imported in to the Clipboard design. The problem is that the images on the home page, in the masonry, are not linked to the articles – because this is a checkbox option (“Include Permalink Hover Icon”) and obviously it needs ticking. Is there a MySQL command or something to update the stories from the past?

Hmm, thats going to be a real pain point for you. I would make a back up of your database then use a database editing plugin to change the option in the table. I would recommend hiring a developer for something delicate like this though.


My comment section has no post comment button! so how do i fix this? Please help…

Hi, clipboard is only compatible up to WordPress 4.1. Id recommend rolling back to it in order for your site to function properly. Heres a video on how to do that –


Hello, I’m struggling to see how to make the side bar menu sub items appear as drop downs. Could you help? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious

Hi I mean the main menu which is on the main bar on the side of the screen. I’m not sure how else to describe it sorry. If this would let me attach an image I’d take a screenshot. It’s at – I want to make the child items on the menu into dropdowns rather than have them displayed statically.

Hmm, Im not sure where you saw that feature? Thats not something that the theme can do / has ever done. The popup drop down boxes are only available on when the menu is horizontal and the header is above the page and not in the sidebar.

If you wanted some kind of “hover & display” type functionality you would need to hire a developer to implement that for you sorry.

Regards, Jesse

Ah well that would explain why I struggled to find the option!

Hi, I’m having some problems with another plugin. What is know so far is that it’s a theme issue and it has nothing to do with CSS (i disabled all css files in the theme to check).

So, here’s the problem I’m having:

I’m using a plugin that creates let me create custom optin forms and design them. Then it creates a shortcode that I have to add in my post.

When I add this shortcode in my post the form shows up but the text on it is messed up.

For example:

the following text—>

“Lorem ispum

dolor sit amet”

shows up like this:

“Lorem ispum dolor sit amet” (one line).

How can I disable this behaviour… And have my text exactly how I design it using my plugin? (on multiple lines).

(by the way, I also tried adding BR tags but that’s not a good solution because the text position changes on my form).

Hmm I have no idea to be honest – Im going to need to see your site and some code to help you. Also keep in mind, Im unable to provide support on 3rd party plugins; everyone builds things differently and there are 1,000’s of plugins out there.


Hi, I’m having a strange problem when in Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124.

Here’s a screenshot:

Important: Sometimes when I access for the first time (with a new tab) I have no problem, but if I refresh the page the problem shows up if I scroll.

Hmm, I can’t really test for this issue as I’m running 43.0.2357.130. But Its probably not related to the version any way. From your screenshot its an issue with backfire visibility css rule.

Just to confirm do you get the issue on the minimal demo at all?



mpazetti Purchased

Now the issue stopped. I had the problem only when I used the demo content, with my content it’s ok.

Hello, is there a tutorial available on setting the whole theme up?

I can’t seem to get the left side menu to look like the one in the demo. Is every customization done via the theme customizer? Do you have a tutorial somewhere on how to kickstart using the theme? Thanks!

Hi, sorry there isn’t any tutorials. The theme comes with the exact customiser settings as the standard demo and all options can be found in the customiser.

If you want to checkout the test drive of the any one of the demo you will see all the options that are being used in those demos.

Using the theme is a matter of installing, styling (if you wanted to make styling changes) then creating your first posts. Everything is based off of core WordPress functions (posts, post formats, customiser). So it should be as simple as using 2015 theme etc.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.


Hello Jesse,

Really love Clipboard. Nice work! Do you plan on updating for 100% compatibility with 4.2 and beyond? I wouldn’t want to roll back my WP install. Also, the demo on iPhone 5 has a large mount of white space on the bottom of the grid. You can keep scrolling for a long time. I really like that you can expand an image post into a light box. I am speaking specifically about the browser icons image in the demo. When I checked it out on mobile it doesn’t seem to work. When you click the image the screen just greys out and no image pulls up. Anyway, just some general observations. :) I really like the theme and I hope that you continue to develop. Please tell me your findings when you have a moment.

Thank you!

Hey! Sorry this is so late, I’ve been away / super busy with work. Thanks for your input though, it’s really appreciated!

Im not sure if I’ll continue to update it. At the moment, I’m working full time elsewhere and then also have a part time job on top of that. So finding time to continually update an item that no longer sell is difficult.

Honestly, I think I might update to 4.2 compatible and then leave it be. I’ve been working on a new theme (on and off) for over a year now. If I ever get the time to finish it, it will blow clipboard out of the water well and truly. So I think its in my best interest to finish that rather then spend time on something that costs me money.

The current setup of the platform here just doesn’t favour maintaining older themes. Which is a shame, considering how much time and effort goes into an item.



xclv Purchased

Hello, couldn’t update the 4.2 theme: Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Could you please help?

This is a direct copy and paste from support tab (this is on all wordpress themes as its a very common issue)...

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

The place it links to is here –

Regards, Jesse

Also, I would recommend NOT installing the theme onto 4.2 as the theme is not fully compatible with it. Stick to 4.1.2.


I’m using your Dimple theme on Wordpress and want to make a dropdown in some text. How do I do this?

Because you’ve removed Dimple from ThemeForest I can’t find any help files or something of sorts.



Hi Nik,

I stopped selling, updating and providing support on dimple at the start of the year. The reason a theme is removed is because it no longer sells meaning it costs me more money to keep it selling than it does to just remove it (if you were wondering).

As the dropdown, I don’t know where exactly your are talking about in the theme, but your best best is to create a custom menu widget (its a core WordPress widget) and have it as a select.

Regards, Jesse


Congratulations, your theme looks really amazing.

I’m looking for a portfolio theme and this seems to be what I need. I’m really interested in buying it, but I’ve been to your demo page and there are a couple of things that are keeping me on a doubt. These are related to video, which I have a lot in my portfolio.

1. Is there a way to stop self hosted videos from preloading? I ‘ll have a lot of these and don’t want them to make the page unnecessary slow.

2. Your self hosted video is cut off in firefox. Is there a way to make right in every browser? Again, most of my profile will be self hosted videos and I want them to look great on all main browsers.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi there,

1) Self hosted videos use the standard WordPress shortcode. You could could either alter that shortcode in the theme files or create function that alters it.

2) Im not sure I follow, it looks good to me on firefox? Want to send through a screenshot?

Thanks, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

1) I was hoping for some option in the backoffice for that. Do you think changing that code would be hard? I don’t have the option to hire a developer to do that. I have played around with code, deleting stuff and changing other, but I can’t write my own. I think that probably I would only have to change from “true/auto” or something to “false/none” or “metadata”, but I still would have to know which file to edit and where. Would you be able to guide me through that? As for writing the function, that’s out of my league.

By the way, I think the preloading doesn’t happen with explorer, only with chrome, as far as I can tell.

2) I’ve taken a screenshot of the problem ( You can see that the self hosted video, on the right of the image, is not resized to fit the post header, so it gets cut off. It doesn’t happen with chrome or explorer. I don’t know about Safari.

Thanks again for your time.

1) It shouldn’t be hard, you just need to change “preload=true” to “preload=false” on line 126 of vk-create-postformats.php.

2) Hmm, I think I’m going to have to do an update. Im going to remove the custom styling the theme gives the video player and leave it the standard WordPress player.

In saying that I can’t provide you with a date for when it will be updated (I work full-time and have a part time job also). So I don’t really have the time at the moment.



wariorrx Purchased


bought your theme and want to translate it into russian language. van you suggest me how to do this faster?

The theme comes with both .po and .mo files for all font-end facing text (Admin pages and customiser are not translatable). You can use these .po and .mo files to translate the site. You can read more about this on the WordPress codex OR use this helpful guide by WPMUdev –

Regards, Jesse


wariorrx Purchased

I already did translation of .po and .mo files but it doesn’t want to work.

Did you follow all the information at the above link. You need to do more than just translate those file and save over them.

You need to edit your wp-config and specify what language and where the files exist etc.



lou2step Purchased

I have the same problem for french ; where to put the .mo ? text-domain : framework ? How to deal with it ?

The text domain is “framework” and the you can place the files anywhere so long as you edit your wp-config appropriately and point to the new .mo file.

I would recommend following this guide on how to translate a theme –


Disqus Comments not showing up until I make a comment in wordpress.

1) We want to have comments on all posts now. How do I bulk (show comments) in all older posts? Meaning, in the theme settings, not the Settings > Discussion WP feature.

2) If I set the comment show to “on” in a post, the blog shows the comments as “off”, then if I actually make a commment in the post backend as the admin, then the comments are suddendly turned back on and I can see the disqus form.

Any idea what’s going on?

Hi, I think all of what you are experiencing is to do with the theme not being compatible with the latest version of WordPress (WordPress updated its comments walker php class). I’d recommend rolling back to 4.1, heres a video on how to do that –

As for when the theme will be compatible, I currently don’t have the time to update the theme (I work full time, also have a part time job). So themes for me are more so a hobby at the moment.


Hey Jesse, I was able to figure out what was going wrong. In the meantime ALL the old posts have comments hidden using this field ( which is a part of the theme. Do you have a way of globally resetting that so all comments are always shown?