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I tried adding three data tables to a page. The first data table section is displaying Search box and Pagination control perfectly. However, the second and third data table sections are displaying Search text box and pagination controls at al. In fact, I tried adding these second and third data tables using “Id” and “Class” mechanism, but no use. Any insight on how to display Search box and Pagination controls for second and third data tables would be greatly appreciated.


Dear friend,

Thank you for your message.

I am pretty sure the problem lies in the ID assignment to the chart plug-in. Can you please send me your code so that I can verify your issue?

Thank you for your cooperation.

P.S: you will find the same message in your mailbox :)

Hello, i have a question, im looking in the icons available, the fa-.. icons, is there for fitness icons?


Dear Mauro,

thank you for your message. I don’t think there is a fitness icon, but just to be sure, take a look at this link with the whole list of icons:


Good Luck :)

One detail i notice in the Dropdown Multiple Select, if i keep selecting a lot the dropdow list starts getting above the content above it.


Hello again Mauro,

I am afraid I am going to need more details related to your issue. Can you please provide me a more specific description of your problem?

You can also send us an email at support@cliptheme.com :)

I read this template is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 but doesn’t work properly with Internet Explorer 8.0.7601.17514, could you help me? Best Regards


Dear Lorenzo,

thank you for your message. I am afraid I am going to need more information though. What exactly does not properly work? What incompatibility problems are you experiencing with Internet Explorer 8.0.7601.17514? The more precise you are, the faster we will try to track your issue and figure out a solution

You can also send us an email with all the details at support@cliptheme.com. Our IT department will be happy to help!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Any chance do you guys have a wordpress version for the front end theme?


I haven’t heard from you guys… am I missing another email?


not this time, I think…check out your inbox :)


I got the email, and the new solution works!! Thank you very much – you guys are awesome. Really appreciate your support!

Hello, My name is Rafael and I´m a developer.

I bought your CLIPONE template, but I have a question:

I need to develop a system for a school. All students of the school and their parents would have a register.

They would not to pay to receive those login and password, but they need to pay the school every month.

They would use the system to see grades, orientations and other information. Further, they need to buy things like: food credit, travel tickets (the cost to go to a zoo for example), etc.

Can I use the regular licence for this case?

Thanks for the help.



Hello Rafael, nice to meet you!

We usually refer to themeforest’s conditions for use both for sales and for licenses. For further information you can take a look at this link:


I really hope it helps :)

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I purchased this clipone theme and i am using it in ruby on rails (version4) project and on local development, it is working well.

But, during deploy, especially in assets precompile in rails, it is getting errors. (heroku)


1] I would like you to give me instructions how to integrate this theme in rails.

2] Do you have any rails version clipone theme?




Hello dear friend

thank you for your message

I am afraid I have to answer no to both of your questions. We don’t have any rails version of clipone and we therefore won’t be able to provide any support related to it. Sorry :(

Hope you’ll enjoy the theme anyway.


On retina screens (for example, Macbook Pro retina), the Select 2 drop down has some UI issues. It has two little triangles next to the main drop down arrow. See a screenshot with a red circle of the issue: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3069018/select-2-form-element.png

Can you please fix this issue? Thanks.


Hello dear friend,

thank you for your message and for your feedback. Our IT team is already at work! we will investigate your issue and we will let you know as soon as possible!


Here we are! The problem is related to a bug of the plug in “select2” which we will definitely fix in the next release! Thank you for your patience! :)

Hello, how can I use the class “dropdown-enduring” ? Where is this class stored ?

I’ll try to use dropdown with checkbox, but when I type the dropdown-enduring class in it said “Unknown css class” in visual studio 2012.


Hello dear friend, thank you for your message. the class “dropdown-enduring” is used in the javascript file main.js and has no real correspondence in any css.


Thank you very much, you saved me the day here!

Now I have another issues, here, when I drag the main.js file into the html.

The dropdown still not able to ‘enduring’ after I chose an option ( mean it closed the dropdown after choosing option). I checked chrome’s console, no error. Here my html <script>: <script src="../../Scripts/clip_one/main.js"></script> <script> jQuery(document).ready(function () { Main.init(); }); </script>

Did I miss something here ?


You are welcome!

As for your issue, I run some tests and there not seems to be any problems. Could you please mail me your code at support@cliptheme.com? The IT department will run further investigations for you.

Thank you for your cooperation :)

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Is there a list of the valid colors that may be used in statements like this:

i class=”clip-camera-2 circle-icon circle-cyan”


Hello dear friend, thank you for your message,

There are three colors available at the moment: circle-green, circle-teal, circle-bricky. You can also manually add other colors, by customizing your css with a personal code. Here’s an example of a code for circle-red

.circle-icon.circle-red {
    background-color: red;
    border-color: red;
    color: #ffffff;

Hope it helps ;)

By default in IE 8 and 9 does the template “turn off” javascript on the code. None of the charts and/or javascript dependent features work in IE8 or IE9? Thanks for your help.


Ouch! I am sorry pal, but I may need some more clarifications to your problem. Could you please be more specific and provide me further information? Thanks :)

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Hi i would like to have this template clean version withcout all the extras in it, stripped. just the look with the responsive view….. and the base javascript how can i get this ? (i purchased the theme)


Hi, thanks for your message,

You can use the date bank. Take a look: http://themeforest.net/item/clipone-bootstrap-3-responsive-admin-template/full_screen_preview/5881143

Hope it helps ;)

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I used the template in an ASP.NET MVC application. The left menu becomes unclickable (disabled) when I navigate to inner pages. Any ideas?


Hello dear friend,

thank you for your message. I am afraid I am going to need further information to tackle your problem.

Could you please send us a link to your project, in order to investigate your problem? Thank you for your cooperation. :)

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Hi, I bought this ClipOne template. I found an issue & mentioned below.

I loaded the checkboxes through ajax call using knockout framework. But the checkbox seems not working. I have mentioned the codes below. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
<div data-bind="foreach:payments">
         <label class="checkbox-inline">
              <input type="checkbox" value="none" class="grey">
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This works without the styles when I remove the class=”gray” of checkbox.

Please help me on this issue. Thanks.


Hello dear friend, thank you for your message!

Take a look at the github forum: this is the author’s forum where you can find useful information about the integration between icheck (i.e. the plug in we use) and the knockout framework:


Let me know if it helps

Cheers :)

awarms Purchased

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply !!! The solution is not there. Just forget the Knockout. When I adding the check box dynamically through JQuery in Ajax Function normally, it doesn’t work. Either I remove the Main.init(); or remove the class=”grey” it’s working as normal checkbox. Is there any special code or method calling after created it dynamically?

Thanks again.


Hello again, dear friend :)

thank you for your message and detailed explanation. Since the forum didn’t help you, we created a sample code specifically for your case:

$.ajax({ })

url: * link to your webservice *,
type: "GET",
dataType: 'json',
contentType: "application/json",
success: function (data) {    
    //set value to the checkbox                           
    $("#idCheck").prop('checked', data.FlagValue);
//inizialize the plugin icheck
    checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_flat-green',                            
    increaseArea: '10%' // optional

In particular, you need to follow these steps:

1. Assign the value to the checkbox 2. Initialize the plug in”iCheck”

Let me know if it works! ;)

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First of all congratulation for the excellent template you created. I have two questions. 1.How can I delete a marker from the interacting map? 2. Is it possible to restrict the number of markers to only one?