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Hello again , :) I need help collapsing programmatically the main navigation . I’m implementing partial html loading, & i want the navbar to close when the html is loaded. It gets crucial on mobile, as the menu is expanded over the whole screen and the user have no clue that the page has loaded.



Hi there!

first of all, sorry for the late reply. This is a crazy period :)

So, I am definitely going to need further information related to your issue.

In particular I am not sure what you exactly mean by “implementing partial html loading”.

The more precise you are the more likely we are finding a solution to your problem.

Thank you for your cooperation :)

Can you provide the PSD’s?


Oh sorry :( a PSD version is not planned any time soon.

We hope you can enjoy the several functions of our theme anyway ;)

I am trying to use the Horizontal menu version, but I notice that the Menu item font and size is different. I am trying to mimick the vertical menu as much as possible to the horizontal, I have managed to match the colors to the vertical version – can you help me as to where I need to modify the font/font size and adding the clip menu item icons for the horizontal menus please.


I have installed the theme, but everything looks backwards compared to the live demo. As an example, my login form has text that is not displaying correctly. For example:

Instead of “Forget Password?”, it shows ”?Forget Password”. This is similar across all aspects of the theme.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed the main navigation is on the left side of the screen instead of the right side. When looking at the HTML, it appears this is caused by the same issue.

Any idea how to fix this?