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Hi there,

Love the template first off. Wanted to also ask where we would be able to find a team to build us a project management system upon this? How exactly would this work? Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Josh


Hi Josh. Glad you loved the theme. :)

As for your issue, we as a team just offer IT and technical support. We cannot help you in developing a project management system.

You should ask or maybe create your own development team with specific skills and knowledge in this field. Sorry about that. Hope you’ll enjoy the theme anyway :)


The mega-menu “margin” is perfect when the full menu is expanded, however (at -2px) however, it looks like it is 10px off where it should be when the nav menu resizes itself upon scrolling down. The other drop down menu’s locations are fine, only the mega-menus location which are messed up.

Can you please check this out? If I put in a -12px top margin when the nav is shrunk, it looks perfect, but when i scorll back to the top, it is 10px out of whack… not sure what to do.




Dear user,

first of all sorry for the late reply. We have been trying hard to locate and detect your problem. It may seem that the issue is related to the height of the logo exceeding the menu bar, thus creating a gap in the upper part of the mega-menu. That should be why you have been experiencing some problems in opening it.

Just let me know if you are able to tackle the issue, ok? cheers :)


I believe I have fixed the issue regarding the menu – if you see something that appears broken, can you let me know?



I am glad that you came up with a solution yourself!

Of course! We will definitely let you if there’s something not fully functioning!

Good Luck :)

r2get Purchased

there is something strange happening with the checkboxes for example: <input type=”checkbox” class=”” value=”” name=”multi_addresses_check” id=”multi_addresses_check” onClick=”alert(‘d’)”>

shows a alert (without the class grey)

<input type=”checkbox” class=”grey” value=”” name=”multi_addresses_check” id=”multi_addresses_check” onClick=”alert(‘d’)”>

shows noting.. so no jquery click function works also… how can we fix this.. now i have to remove the class so the look is gone


Hi there! thank you for your message!

Maybe you can help us first. Could you please send us the page with the whole code in order to run some tests?

I also think there may be some conflicts with the gray class, perhaps other jquery functions recall the gray to perform further activities, like for example click events, changes etc. But actually I am just guessing right now.

So if I can read the code of the page, I can also be more specific.

You can also send me an email at support@cliptheme.com

Thank you very much for your cooperation. :)


I want to change the dateformat from datepicker in german date, but I don`t know how? Can you tell me what I must do?

best regards from Germany Hannes


Hallo Hannes! Thank you for your message!

So, among the plug in options, you can find the “format” feature, which allows you to change the date format according to your needs.

For further details, just take a look at the plug in page offering you the complete documentation of the plug in features:


mach’s gut! :)


I want to support Islamic calender ( Umm Al-Qura ) as a datepicker in my website, how to do that ?




so, this is going to be the plug-in we will be integrating in the next version:


it is not complicated to install. Here’s the author’s website:


where you can learn how to implement it on a page. There’s even the example on how to change language.

if you still have troubles installating the plug-in, just let me know. I can make you a page with a sample code, if you need.

Good luck :)


thanks for your help, I’ll try it :)


great! let me know if it works and if yes, your positive rate is going to be our best reward :)

Where do I modify the control validation for the front-end form wizard?

1) To change the password length from 6 to 8 char?

2) Change password complexity?

3) How do I get it to validate if I want to change the control id of “username” to “txtUserName” for example?

4) Validate a new option (drop down) with the id “ddlState”?


Dear user,

I am glad you have already found a solution to your problem.

I have just received the answer from the IT department anyway. Just take a look and see if it meets your needs:

“In order to modify those info, you’ll need to edit the form-wizard.js (you can find it in the folder assets/js). Now, to answer your questions:

1. to change the password lenght, you’ll need to modify the lines 56 and 60 (related to the functions password and password_again). In particular, you’ll have to change the value of the feature minlenght, from 6 (our default value) to a value of your choice.

2. Unfortunately our form validation plug in does not provide for password complexity. You should find an alternative strategy, like for example, applying a validation rule by following this process: http://jqueryvalidation.org/jQuery.validator.addMethod/

3. To change the name of the field you want to validate, first you’ll need to replace the “name” of the input with the new name of the field in the validate, within the function “rules” (in your case on the line 48)

4. in order to validate a drop-down, you’ll need to choose a “name” for the field “select” e.g. <select name=”country” id=”country” class=”form-control”>. Then, get into the validate and put country : { required : true } in the feature “rules” (in the wizard form you can find an example of drop down validation, it is the second step of the process). “

As you can see, the answers are very accurate so we really hope they will work for you :)


Excellent! Thanks for your time.


yu-hu! you’re welcome! your 5-star-rating would be awesome!! :)

Can you give me any insight into how to change the revolution slider to a boxed slider? I’ve had no luck following the directions. It also appears that the div class is mis-spelled but it appears to be working? Not sure what’s going on here. I would like the boxed slider with the shadow underneath but i want it to still be fully responsive.


Dear user, I am afraid I am going to need some further information on your issue, possibly a screenshot as well. This way we could run some more tests and identify what your problem is :)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Could I integrate this with separate Google Analytics accounts / logins? If so, do you offer any support/customization?


Dear user,

thank you for your message. Unfortunately we are not planning to integrate the analytics account and we do not provide customization support either. Our support is limited to IT and technical issues.

Hope you’ll buy the theme anyway and use it well. ;)

brkzkn Purchased


I cannot change height of my input with input-small class. How can i change size of form elements with defined class?



Dear user,

thank you for your message.

As for your issue, you can add your own class to the input with the height/size value you decide to change. I can give you a code sample, if you need. Just let me know, ok? :)

raijmanj Purchased

Hey! Thanks for the great template. Purchased it and making great use out of it so far. I do have a couple questions.

1) I want to have a side navigation item, always expanded, to show the sub menu. How can I make this work? Struggling with just CSS.

2) Can you please guide me to allowing users expand multiple menu items on the left navigation?


raijmanj Purchased

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Sorry, it is still not working. I am trying to have one of the LI items in the main-navigation always expanded. However, adding the class “open” does not work. It only changes the direction of the arrow, but still requires a click to expand the menu.

More guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

Here is the idea i’m after in the list:

1. product a 2. product b (want to always be expanded to show package 1,2,3.) a. package 1 b. package 2 c. package 3 3. product c 4. product d

raijmanj Purchased

The only temporary workaround is adding an inline style to the UL with class “sub-menu” to “display:block;”. This is not the correct way to resolve this, but it is the only temporary workaround I have right now.

I would still appreciate a better solution to this. Your suggested method still requires a click to trigger the ul to show the contents of the sub-menu


Hey there,

so, here’s the reply to both of your comments:

you always need to add the class “open” and then modify the main.css file (which is in the folder assts/css), specifically on the line 1270, replacing the “display: none” with “display: block” (see the code below):

ul.main-navigation-menu li > ul.sub-menu { clear: both; list-style: none; margin: 8px 0; display: block; padding: 0; }

Let me know if it works and for further support, just get back to us :)

I’ve noticed that our logo sometimes doesn’t load and / or disappears on the page in the header… any reason why this would be? Is the .js resizer not working correctly?

I’m using latest version of chrome.





Hi Jon,

mmm I think I am going to need some more information to fix this. I noticed that on the page scroll the logo doesn’t get small but always keeps its usual size. May your problem refer to that?

Thank you for your cooperation :)