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Is this April fools at only $12

Beauty.. Home RUN


Wow! nicely done. Will be buying this one later today for sure.

Perfect job! I really think you should contact the support asking to review the price. This was the case with my admin theme, they increased the price taking into consideration some facts I mentioned. I believe there will be no need to bring any facts In your case as everything is quite obvious. This is enormous amount of work that needs to be priced accordingly.

bought. love the design.

A couple of questions – is there a support email for your themes?

What’s the difference between the php and html versions, there doesn’t seem to be much? Just realised the blog is only a design without functionality – will there be a wordpress version of this? Or how could get some kind of cms/blog functionality to this theme?


Of course you can always contact us via form on our page http://themeforest.net/user/cmsmasters

PHP version is only for correct work of STYLE -CHANGER. It’s need to save parameters you choose on all pages of website. Yes, to run blog functionality it need to be placed on CMS . Also we plan to release Wordpress version of Clockstone, but now we not ready to say when it will be released.

Really a great job, congratulations! I do not understand why they set this price.

I agree with comments about the price. I’d be willing to spend more on this!

I do have a quick question: Does the right hand color/pattern selector come with it and if not, can I purchase that separately?

Totally agree re: Price – outlandishly low for the quality offered.

Bravo on a fanstaic theme!

EDIT : Even after another 10 minutes investigation, the feature list grows and grows… Kudos cmsmasters…

Thanks for everyone, honestly we really not understand why the price set so low, but we very happy you like our work. Maybe we can earn less but you can get more for the really special price!

great work :)

you could ask for a slight reprice via support, seems html templates are all priced in this range (15-17) these days…

Great work,

but is there any way to make this fantastic buttons to work with:

input type:submit and button tag?

Regards, Alex

This theme looks awesome, but I don’t see any installation instructions. And since it doesn’t look like a WP theme, I’d like to know specifically what would need to be done to get it up and running on my server. Can you point me to your installation documentation? Thanks!

nokiko Purchased

very nice just bought it before price goes up :)

pretty cheap most of these skins are 17 18 now


just bought thsi one for a cleint, a nice design but only 6 colors and lot less features http://themeforest.net/item/cinch-business-xhtml-template/222669

but this one was 15

CHEAP as chips !

Great work.

The menu is a bit hit and miss though, hover effects in FF are delayed .

Example : on Pages link.

Hover over Home link, and it either doesnt change focus or does, and then disappears.

If you bring mouse in from bottom left corner of the button, hover doesnt kick in until you are 20% to the right and 20% above the text “Home”

Tested with and without Envato Header.

Great work btw. I think, the reviewer who placed a price on this made an error, should be $24.00



That is strange, we’ve tested menu drop-down script many times, what version of FF?


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Quick one -

I don’t see the custom admin panel in the download files html – I understand the specific data needs to be entered along the specific areas of each page but is there an offline ‘master page’ where we can preview changes as is the case with the live preview version?

Thanks -

Also – the help file html has some text overlay issues in lastest FF.

That said, a minor gripe – even the help file is on a par with some of the lesser standalone themes here! :bigwink:


If you want your visitors be able to change styles – use PHP version, like we used in our demo.

To change default settings just open our help file and read “additional information” chapter. There you can find instructions how to change background, font etc. All patterns and backgrounds you can find on CLOCKSTONE -HTML\images\bgs\


sticker Purchased

Sorry – No, The issue is I can’t access or see the admin panel upon opening the download package for this template – I’m not concerned with visitors seeing it – I mean for my editing of the theme itself!


Well, this is site template, not a CMS one. To use this template with admin panel you need to put it on a CMS system you want. Or wait when we will release the wordpress version. Sorry for misunderstanding.

Awesome job!


Many thanks!

How can a html theme have shortcodes? :)



We use “shortcodes” word to ease of understanding. Of course this is precoded elements you can use in your website. We think everybody understand that.

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Same issue as sticker. A little disappointed. Where are the backgrounds patterns and colors that are shown in the demo?


Just open our help file and read “additional information” chapter. There you can find instructions how to change background. All patterns and backgrounds you can find on CLOCKSTONE -HTML\images\bgs\


pretoria Purchased

My bad. Found background patterns. Colors easy enough to change. Wow! Great job. Would give you ten stars if I could. Thanks so much!

Looks great, so will pick up a copy when it becomes a WP theme.

Can we look forward to a wordpress version of this theme?


Yes, follow us on themeforest and twitter to be informed. Thanks!