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already done. how my customer can change his lang on the front office (the shop .?)


They are not showing up on the frontend?

no, nowhere

how can i add the dropdown or flags to choose language ?


Normally the flags should appear. Let me check the package and see what might be going wrong.


It is a bug. I am going to upload a fix for that asap.


can i have please the code to insert into the tpl ? if you do an update that i will upload, i will have to tweak again all the tpl. :(


I will upload the fix today. I usually put notes on which files have been updated. So you just upload the updated ones.

If you want the code only, send me a message from my profile and I will send it to you from there.

hi, done as you told me to do, but i’ve received nothing.


I’m still working on it! There are other bugs that I am fixing right now. I will keep you updated.


I’ve just uploaded the new version. If you are in a hurry, send me a message and I will send you the package, else you will be able to download it later once the reviewer approves it.


You can optimize this template for Romanian language?


You can translate it to your own language. More details on that here: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=documentation/documentation&path=78_9_14_15

I know, but in shopping cart are some big errors. You can try install Romanian language and see the error.


How do you know there are errors? Did you buy the theme?

I try a clone of this and after I’m sure that this template is okay for Romanian language, I buy this.


From warez sites?

Well the theme that I have here works fine for any language. I’m not sure about the version you’ve got. It is up to you to decide which is more reliable, Themeforest or a pirated version. If it is the later, ask the guy who released it to fix it for you.


You can only try to put the Romanian language and see the error. Goodlook :)

sammyman Purchased

I just updated the css with the latest fixes for the account settings. Then I noticed in the shopping cart the select buttons are messed up. It has two select buttons, and the a “register account guest checkout” side by side.



Which version of Opencart are you using?

Hello I have a few questions/concerns 1. When a user goes to check out, they are unable to register a new account, i believe it should direct the user to “Step 2”

2. When a guest wants to checkout, they are unable to select there Region/State that is directly under Country.

3. I keep getting this error PHP Notice: Undefined variable: product in /home/content/54/7243754/html/shop/catalog/view/theme/clothing/template/product/product.tpl on line 60

The site Im working is bowscollective.com/shop

Thank you.


I am using


I just uploaded a fix for the bugs you reported. It is in the review queue. You will be able to download it later.


You can download it.

How can I not change the name of the template file? I would like to label it something other than “clothing”.

If I change the name of the folder, the layout does not work unless I also have the “clothing” folder in the directory as well. I would prefer to not have the folder “clothing” in the directory.


If you want to rename it you will need to change the paths for CSS , js etc in header.tpl.

I want to know whether currency options are available on either the home page or product page before purchasing this theme; I couldn’t see any currency options on the site.



I did not add it in the demo but it works and the currency switcher will show up in the header area.

jeanph Purchased

Hi raviG, how are you ?

When I add a product with many images, they are disorganized, overlapping the rest of the site. Could you help me, please?

Thanks and sorry about my english, it’s not good ! =)


How do I get the same great photos of the site in my shop, I can not!

Tks, Rodrigo.

Dear developer, when I create a category, into the admin panel, i write text into the category, but i can’t see the text on the shop. Have you deleted the function to write text into the category?...can i set up again as it is by default? I would use picture as you realizad, but after all I need to use category and write text. Please lte me know to my email rorimini1@gmail.com thank you.


The code for the category description is there. Where did you get the theme from?

I don’t know. A friend of mine has bought the item times ago. What do you mean, the category description is there?...there, where….?


In the code!

Perhaps you are using an older version of the theme. Download the latest version released on March 23.

“The code for the category description is in the code….”....very bad explanation….it’s not english, but Arab!

vikthink Purchased


I have purchase your template, but i need it for Can you please send this version to me. There is my mail: vik.doan@gmail.com.

Thanks you,


Email sent.

Hi ravig, what a nice theme ever!!! btw, i have one question if no objections :D

why the image position on my latest product not neat like the demo? am i missed some settings?




Where did you get the theme from?