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love it, bookmarked ;-)


Made me smile.

doesn’t seems to work on internet explorer beta 8 :) :) damn betas! Nice template! Keep it up.

@soireeDigitale: that’s why they call it BETA :)

Very nice ,love your stuff as always. Keep it up bro.

Thanks websiteking, much appreciated!

nooooo This was going to be my next purchase but this one also has that faulty image roll over script. I need a gallery where the full image will show on the page when I roll over it. Please rework that script!!!

@sergiof Send me the template and I’ll rework the script for You.

kiziel Purchased

I really love this template, but the gallery script sometimes goes wild (images doesnt dissapear completely).

@kiziel Sent you an email.

This is exactly what iwas looking for when i saw it. Not sure though, for some reason when i click start flying it moves and then i see nothing? Is that part of the preview and not a bug? Or am i doing something wrong?

Oh sorry @evilchinesefood something’s wrong with the demo. Must check. Otherwise it works perfectly. It flies to next screen with some intro wording and images and portfolio etc. See screenshots till I fix the demo ;)

Preview fixed, just refresh your browser ;)

Hi, WOW ! really cool. I would buy this in a second if it had full navigation on each “page”. You know, to go back and forth.

Could this be incorporated into the site?

Thanks this design is really inspirational.

Hi bluemoonstudioFor, sure it can be done with a little js magic ;)

This was exactly what I needed, Awesome work. I like bluemoonstudioFor was curious about full navigation.

Is that anything you have considered adding?

If not do you have any advice on how I should add it?

Thanks in advance for a great product!


Hello BShangraw, thanks for your comments. I do not quite understand your questions, can you clarify? Thanks.