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enuki Purchased

Newsletter ready? There is just at shitty php form sender????

Having some problems, not receiving emails from form submission,

I have changed the email address as stated in documentation..

Any help?


Seems strange, could you test with another e-mail ?


Iv tested it with Multiple emails and no luck :/


still no luck :/

Another great file! Nice work!;

mensahf Purchased

Hi Supview,

I see this has come a few times (newsletter setup). I was under the impression that the script would daily integrate with MailChimp etc. Can you provide a script that does that please?

HI I just bought this. Can we have the original SASS files too?

Also, notice that your video backgrounds are not loading in Safari and Firefox

Also check that there are some gifs in the CSS folder, and I’m not sure of the reason. Otherwise great job, love the design.


Hello there ! Thanks for purchasing it ! There’s no SASS file, i’m not coding in this language ;-) concerning the hands in the css file are used for the owl.carousel. Could you show me a screenshots of FF & safari ? Wich version are you using because it’s working correctly on my computer. If i can Check for this wierd problem !

VODDOG Purchased
What happened to the video background with the moving clouds? Can you send the file I just purchased your cloud landing page. voddog@icloud.com

Hello VODDOG, Thanks for purchasing my template ! Concerning the video, as it´s noticed on the description, the vidéo/pictures are not included in the template.

Awesome use of video in a background! Wish you many sales :)

Onewox Purchased

i just bought the template and its really nice however I’m not satisfied with it. The mailing setting just isn’t working out and it seems like a lot of people have had this problem. I keep getting “email not valid” and this thing doesn’t even connect to a mailing list on mail chimp even though it says that at the bottom. Please tell me how i can fix this.

It has to connect to mail chimp with something like this.

$STORE_MODE = “mailchimp”;

// Path to file. Please make sure that the script has write permissions on this file. $STORE_FILE = $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”].”/notify-email-list.txt”;

// Your MailChimp API Key $API_KEY = “bb500de9195a168828bdbf53faf35879-us6”;

// Your MailChimp List ID $LIST_ID = “8829267f9b”;

“random numbers used for API and List_ID”


Hello Onewox, i’m not familliar with MailChimp, It was not planned to be functional with this one. So let me take some time to figure out ;-)

Should Login, Support, Contact on the header open in lightbox, new page, scroll to a contact form on bottom instead of linking nowhere? I think some solution here is needed. Thanks!

Hi SupView,

did you fixed the topic with the Newsletter list? I also want to use it whit mailChimp.

Kind regards