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Hello how can i deactivate the slider and the big backgorund on the homepage i rely dont need a slider

Thanks Sander

Please post this question on the support site

i did

Uhm.. no Sir you did not. I have not recieved a ticket with such a question.

Is this compatible with the latest WHMCS version, which is the WHMCS V5.3.5, and the latest WordPress, which is the WordPress 4.0?

Please advise.

Compatible with WP4.0. Clients have successfully implemented WHMCS into it, but it doesn’t come with WHMCS integration out of the box

I would like to inform all clients that the Serious Vulnerability in Revolution Slider has been fixed in Cloud Hoster. Updated theme with FIX sent to a reviewer and it’s just waiting to be approved. by Envato team.

UPDATE: Approved! New version with fix is live.

AND FOR OLD CLIENTS: The theme was free of this bug as of march update with Rev Slider 4.3. So if you have the update from march up you do not have to worry about it and you do not have to update.

Hello, I wonder: How can a customer sell an item?

I dont see a checkout menue…?

I meansomething like that:

Ist there a pay and checkout integradet or how it works?

There is no integrated checkout system.

Good morning! I have just purchased it, looks very nice. But how is it possible to activate ‘Customer support’/’Working Contact form and newsletter singup with validation’/’Unique two color blog’. If to set field in Wordpress theme setup ‘contact from email/contact info’ and fill them with real e-mail, no commentaries are recieveing to specified e-mail after filling form. Could you say how to activate them correctly. Thanks!

When I try to edit the Theme Settings , its throwing an error that customize.php is missing. Without this I cannot change logo etc on the template. Please provide me with the file of a version which has it along with the missing images.

I will look into that sir.

Great looking theme! Couple of things though:

When I try to raise a support ticket it says the purchase code I’m supplying is for another product – it isn’t.

How is it possible to set up the blog landing page so that it appears like

I just get a blank page:

I fixed it by creating an archive.php file which was missing from the theme

I’m glad you have managed the issue. If I can help in any other way please tell me.

Why is the blog page not working on this theme? Please reply on your support website ( On the Support website at least 5 people ask the same (blog not working).

There was a wrong slug in the index loop. Instead of post it should be content. Do you still need assistance with that?

Can you please add WooCommerce Support?

WooCommerce for…. hosting?

I bought a template, installed and I have nothing. No menus, icons, absolutely nothing. Why it does not look like the demo?

Please leave a ticket at I will respond ASAP

Hi There,

Great theme, just wondering if it is possible to have a portfolio’s page?


Yes you can add one, but it’s not included.

To all with a BLOG PROBLEM:
When visiting the blog-page, no posts were shown.

1. Create a new file called e.x. “page-blog.php” in the theme or child-theme folder on your server.
2. Paste following code in it:
3. Create a new Page called “Blog” with the Slug “blog”
4. Choose the new template for this page called “Blog Template”
5. Do NOT set this page as “Post-Page” under Wordpress > Settings > Reading – as this new template would be overwritten by the default blog-template. Leave the field just empty!
6. Ready!

Hope this helps!

This is NOT the correct way of fixing the problem. The problem was fixed in the last update. The slug in index.php just needed to be changed from post to content

Hello, I like your theme very much.

However, there is no portfolio page I found in your theme to show the works.

Does this wp portfolio plugin compatible with your theme:

Please let me know your opinions, thank you!

Are you still supporting the theme?

Yes I am sir, but not here on comments. Please leave a ticket at

He’s not answered my ticket for over a week. Looks like we’ve been left in the lurch.

You have not been left in the lurch sir. I had some medical/health issues after an accident and had a long recovery time. I am back now and working 24/7 to make it up for everyone.

And I was planning to buy that, thanks for the info holasocialmediadesign

You are welcome to buy at any time. I am back to serve everyone with help if there are any issues.


I have two problems..

1 – In localhost permalinks dont work? how can i resolve that?

2- I dont find home page with reolution slider.. I have home page in Page section but its a diferente page..

Can you help me?

Yes I can help you sir, but you have no “pruchased” badge so the only way I can answer is on the ticket system forum

I send you 2 tickets till now to your support ticket system but I have no reply …. Why ?

I’ve responded to all (including yours) tickets with question if you still need assistance. If you have not responded to that within 7 days the ticket was probably automatically closed as solved by the ticket system. If you still have any issues please post a new ticket describing you problem and I can assure you you will get a quick response. I am sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

I have submitted support ticket last week however i haven’t got the feedback yet. my site is not opening properly (page doesn’t load properly). Please have a look and assist urgently. Ticket #471427

Ticket #471427

Are you supporting the theme or not???

Yes of course. I have been on vacation. Your ticket has been answered and all issues (caused no by the theme but by an improper use of plugin option) solved.


Does this theme work with ‘WHMpress – WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin’?