Cloudsy is unique and responsive landing page is suitable for any kind of product


  • Responsive layout
  • Easy to costumize
  • Pricing table
  • Layered PSD

How to costumize?

  • CTA button: you can costumize the CTA button especially for shape,color and font in the Psd file
  • If you want to change the double iphone image into single iphone image,i suggest you made change in the file image instead in the Css file
  • Tab menu have fixed width,if you want to add some menu don’t forget to change the width for container tab menu in the css file
  • The pricing table width inherit the column width, so if you want to change the width of each pricing table you should channge the column width

please check the doc file for more complete to costumize the file

Credit and source

  • Font using Open Sans,Pacifico
  • iphone image from pixeden
    • Update

      Add meta script in the head to fixing the zooming problem