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NO WP version no CARE will buy when WP version is out.

fluxxsd Purchased

This is a really misleading item. I thought it was a wordpress theme as well. Please remove and categorize appropriately.


Hi @ fluxxsd, Let me correct you here there is nothing misleading at all, I would say if you can not judge urself correctly dont try to falsely comment.


I just purchase this template and need to know the best way to replace the slider images and text please.


Hi @ lumpkan, you profile shows that you have not bought any template of ours at all. And if you have downloaded from somwhere you are breaching our copy right terms and conditions and in that case we will take appropriate actions and will also report to themeforest.

Am not sure how you get your reporting, I PAID FOR THE TEMPLATE AND I HAVE THE EMAIL CONFORMATION . Before you post a message telling someone they didn’t pay for something you should make sure with whoever is responsible for reporting information to you. I never thought a simple question would cause me to be accuse of illegal download.


HI @ lumpkan, I confirmed it shows that you have only purchased club night template 3 days ago and not the club sensation from our portfolio. So i believe you do not have a legal licence copy of club sensation template.

I made reference to the wrong template when I was sending you the email about the template. Yes I did purchase club night, but my question to you in the fourm was just on the wrong page. For the price of the templates I don’t need to download it illegal I work and don’t care to try and do something as stupid as that. So with that said I do have a LEGAL LIcence for club night and that is what my original question to you was.


Hi @ lumpkan, yes i do agree that you only have the leagal licence for the club night. But you are posting your comments for club sensation ????

Hello, if I buy this template your company gives me all the documentation, ie, where you find how to connect the e-mail “Contact Us” and “Reservations” link to a php file



Hi @ claudiachic,. please check your email . reply sent to email.

Hi. Verey good this template. I want to know, if in the PSD are there slices for each page. Because, if a need to make a translate for example, i need just to save for web and generate the images automaticaly.

Make sense?

Hello guys I am interested in the theme but I am quite new and I have a (dummy) question.

The theme is HTML /CSS so how can I manage a blog page? Do I need an external script or…

Sorry for the very stupid question, but you can help me. Thank you in advance, regards Fabio


Hi @ paperoga, yes you will need to get it customsie in order to make it fully functional.

paperoga Purchased

Hi just bought the theme (even if the ribbon “purchased” is still not present). I noticed that dance club icon is the same of restaurant: is it right? Do you have a different one?


I sent you a e-mail asking for a WP version of this item… is it possible?



HI @ topper82, please check your email. reply sent to email.

lumpkan Purchased

I just purchase another one of your templates and again I ask for the instructions on how to get the contact form to work please. If you want my invoice information showing purchase of this template I can forward that to you. Thanks.

paperoga Purchased

Hello guys I need to implement a photogallery in the theme. If needed I can have a mysql db.

Can you suggest me the best way to do it, please? I need to leave the owner of the site to add pictures and gallery withous using ftp and/or modify the html code.

Thank you in advance, regards fabio

jmm042 Purchased

Just wanted to thank you for the great theme. I used it to design this site recently for a client, hope it does your theme justice!



HI @ jmm042, Thanks for you positive feedback, Wish you good luck with your work.

Awesome tamplet guys it really came in handy for my site keep up the good work


Hi @ itstheremix, Thanks for your positive feedback and comments. Wish you good luck with your work and look forward to see you buying more of our template in future.

why when i click events nothing happens? im in ie9

How do I make the “Quick Inquiry” form on the contact page work?


Hi @ sqrwilliams, you will need to have back end coding with it to make the contact form operational.

Do you have the coding to make the contact form operational??


Hi @ MissMeliss, if you would like us to customise it for you please send us an emaill from our portfolio page.


I sent you a private message quite a while ago and have yet to receive a response to help with the contact form and newsletter section. Any ideas when or if I can expect a response?

Header fonts are not working in IE. At my site and at your demo site. Do you have a fix? This happened with another template. The problem was the .js/cufon fonts.

the preview links are going some were else ???? check it out


HI @ miniric, sorry for the inconvenience it has caused. It is fixed and is operational nw.

Any update with the cufon fonts not showing in IE?