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Hi, thanks you for this great Theme, really appreciate how it works Back and Front ! I’m french and I need to translate “Venue” and “Event”, on my website cause nobody’s gonna understand what it is. i saw the video you make for the Date, but is there any solution for other translations ?

I really need to translate that !

Thanks !


Up ! I really need to know in which file i can translate manually things like the title of the Event page : “upcoming events” “past events” etc..

Help Me please :)


I’ve sent you an email.

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Are the shortcodes still broke for the homepage?


First you have to set up the start page and write on the HOME page shortcode [blog], [event]. You have more details in the documentation.

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In the period 28 July – 4 August I am not available. For support please leave messages here through this method http://support.wizedesign.com/

Thank you!

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This theme causes a fatal error that does not allow it to work on a WPEngine hosting account. This is unfortunate as I had hoped to use it. Guess I’ll just have to get a refund. :(