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Hi I have installed the theme and followed the instructions but I have a few issues… I have added a new audio track, but when i click the track it does not click through to listen to it, it just has the image and title.. How do I set a page that shows all audio entries? Where is the widget to show recent audio / videos / events on the sidebar? Is there a ‘download’ button I can use next to each audio track, and a way to see how many people have downloaded it?

Hope you can help, thanks!

hi, are you able to help…?

Please send an email here with the access data to verify what’s happening exactly. http://support.wizedesign.com/

Hi, is it possible navigate a demo backend? I would like see how components works and if i can use it for my purpose.. Thanks!

I am sorry but I don’t really understand what you want. From what I see, you want a “trial” version. There are a few pirated themes on the web, but some old and bad versions. If you like how it works, I recommend you to buy it.

Hi, Photo Lightbox doest work. Videos are redirected to Vimeo. I have turned the Autoplay off and still nothing. Any suggestions please?

Hi, could you please reply as i need to solve this issue asap. Thanks

Hello, How long does it take to reply? has been 10 days now, I’ve contacted you via support as well and nothing. Can you please reply?

Please give me the access data to wordpress here and give details about the problem. http://support.wizedesign.com/

Hi WizeDesign, unfortunately all fonts on the page are in times new roman and there is no blue rollover effects on the buttons. Please Help i am pretty sure i have installed the theme correctly.

I have tried uploading both through Wordpress and through FTP. Please reply soon as i am on a tight schedule!

Please give me a link of your site to see more exactly what’s happening. http://support.wizedesign.com/

Hi, Photo Lightbox doest work. Videos are redirected to Vimeo. I have turned the Autoplay off and still nothing. Any suggestions please?

Hi, Photo Lightbox doest work. Videos are redirected to Vimeo. I have turned the Autoplay off and still nothing. Any suggestions please?

Is the author still active?

Yes, I’m still active here. I have some periods when I’m not that active on the comments section, but I will always be active.

After having install my website and I realized an error. When I click on an item in the events page to display the associated event. A error appears and the background image is not displayed.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘nodeValue’ of undefined from dark.js

How may I fix this bug ?

My website : http://wallocity.tv/disconight/event/madness2016/

Thank you

I looked on your site and I noticed that everything is working perfectly.

Yes because I fixed the bug ! I created a if condition into the dark.js to verify if the value is null before the use. Weird :)

This item was advertised and started out being “RESPONSIVE”, there were some bugs with the responsiveness that you ensured me would be fixed. Since then you now came out with an update that has the website theme as “FIXED” and NOT responsive. My clients are furious and I need to buy another theme. I need a refund ASAP into my Envanto/Theme Forest account to do so. Thank you.


minduze Purchased

hello, how can i change “RECENT POSTS’’ to “RECENT NEWS”

Just simply change the title from the HOME page that you’ve created. If you’re talking about another page, please give me wordpress access and tell me exactly the page. http://support.wizedesign.com/

would i be able to add a shopping cart onto the event page? i am interested in buying but need to be able to add that to each event

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but I recommend a similar theme where it’s possible. http://themeforest.net/item/beaton-music-radio-events-wordpress-theme/11581259

Adding photo doesn’t work. Also lightbox :(

I cant see any changes…

I cant see any changes…

I’ve sent you a mail. We keep in touch there.

What time do events fall off the ‘Upcoming Events’ schedule? I would like them to remain throughout the entire time period of the event. My server (shared, HostGator) is set at CST and within the theme setting I have the timezone set it as Chicago (CST), yet the events disappear as soon as they start (or before).

Please set the time on your theme regarding on how you want the event to remain.

So this theme looks nothing like the demo when activated and it doesnt support mobile phones? whats wrong with it if not how can I get a refund?

is there a way to have the menu bar displayed in mobile view

also can you somehow disable the sider bar when viewing on mobile view? its alot of information to ahve to scroll from it would be great if the menu bar was available

Hi Question befor prush 1.can we have a sticky menu (menu+logo) the header 2.phone number and social (fb,twitter) on top 3. probeleme in demo with a player: you clic to lisgn a song nothing happing and symbole at pause bouton

Unfortunately none of your requests can be possible for this theme. I recommend you to look at this theme http://themeforest.net/item/beaton-music-radio-events-wordpress-theme/11581259

Hello, major issues with adding slider to homepage. Can you help urgently? Thanks

Please send me here more details. http://support.wizedesign.com/


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My wordpress installation generates a huge amount of image files with your theme. Which image dimensions are actually used at the front end?

Hi, I’ve created a website with another theme, but looks awful and a bit of a disaster I think. I want to be able to sell tickets for events recurring every day for a few months, short descriptions to be shown on the first page, multiple persons and deposits to be paid *I have the plugins, videos and new photos and blog info. I think your theme looks ideal. But I need to check. this is the site now, and it attracts nothing unfortunately www.magalufparties.com

Does this theme support woocommerce also?