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dutch_id Purchased

Why does my Item Purchase Code not work on your support forum? My question is:

How can I change the $tstart and $tend into this format:


Now it says 2:00 am or 2:00 pm and in the Netherlands we do not use that.



Hello, I solved the problem with the support page. The people from envato modified the API. Now you can use again this page. Thank you! http://support.wizedesign.com/

dutch_id Purchased

Support still does not work for me.

Can you help me out with:

changing the slug for the events changing the page title for the single event into the category name


dutch_id Purchased

Would be nice if we can exclude some categories from the blog-style per page. Can you built in that option? I have made a custom template now…

dutch_id Purchased

I uploaded audio with 14 sniphits. On my musicpage the cover is ok, clicking on the cover I get the audio page. Below all sniphits I see the covers again… What’s wrong?

pls help

edo_medo Purchased

Hi .. nice theme, but i got a problem with the font. Any Font i use / change in the “Theme Options” > Style .. it don’t work ! Everything is the same .. standard “Times New Roman” or what ever .. What’s wrong !? Thx :)

edo_medo Purchased

i solved that problem! .. but how can i manage the front with widgets .. i got only the “Sidebar Page” and the 4 “Footers” :( ..

I’m running this theme and have a pagination error on the audio page. I’ve tried deleting the page and recreating it, and also changing the maximum number of posts in settings, and changing permalink settings, etc. Can’t seem to get it to work, except when I comment out the pagination settings altogether, which doesn’t show all of the audio posts or I’d keep that as a solution. Any suggestions of what I should do to make the pagination work here? http://dianedominguezministries.org/audio

iamr3mus Purchased

Is there an issue with the demo content? I can’t seem to install any of the media as it fails?

@iamr3mus had the same problem just edit the xml file and remove the dark/ fot the urls

Hello, is it possible to show always, in the event listing, the yesterday’s event? Example: today is 21th, but I want to show the 20th, 21th, 22th and 23th event on home page and want to show 30 next events in event page, including the 20th event


iamr3mus Purchased

@90degreeslive – Thank you!

My photo gallery titles keep disapearing from the main page, s there a way to fix this issue?

Also, the twitter and Facebook widget stopped working.



So do you guys ever respond to support tickets? I’ve sent one more than 4 days ago and the other over a week ago.

Your photo gallery has a very serious bug. You canot upload multiple photos. I go through all the steps an no photos appear.

Also, your audio section has another bug where it groups all the audio files into this horrible mess.

Hair202 Purchased

I can’t seem to upload images for my gallery page. I can upload the images as thumbnails but it won’t actually let me upload images as whole images.

Does anyone know or have this problem?

onekea Purchased

Just wanted to let you know that this theme is frustrating to use. The theme itself doesn’t allow for menu modification. Every time I try to move a menu item it creates an infinite loop of menu items and I’m stuck.

I don’t keep my purchase code handy so I can’t submit a support request. So for those considering purchasing this theme, be mindful. Nothing but headaches, but already invested countless hours into this theme.

I purchased on 7 AUG 2014, had no problems. I upgraded to Wordpress 4.0 last weekend and now the custom menu will not show. Only the category menu shows. Any suggestions?

How can i change the month title? In january i see JÄN and not JAN!


how add you “add event” page?