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Hello! Your theme looks just perfect for what we are looking for. Before we purchase, just one question: when is the “white” version coming out? Is there any way how to change it to white at the moment? Thank you for your response.


White version exists, must be set in Theme Options Dark or Light.

Hi there, I got a problem. Look here at http://www.idioteque.it

I see STYLE=”COLOR:#FFF;”> before all the titles.

How can I repair?



I entered your site everything seems ok.
If you want to delete the source code STYLE=”COLOR:#FFF;”> look in the picture.


Thanks man, now it works!

can i change the BLUE color on the design?\


Here are the available colors for the theme.


I have some of the Menu Links that are appearing clear with no color and some Red…how can i change that


can you please send me an email with more details, I do not understand :( mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

Hey Wize,

Tried to update theme to v1.7 but having an issue. The darkened header/footer/content boxes are no longer there

any suggestion?


must enter the Theme Options > Style > select Dark or Light > Save Options


ok i got it, thanks for quick reply wize!

how i create the slide show like the demo style ?

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This is an awesome theme but i cant seem to make theme work wit the best wp fb autoconnect plugin. http://www.justin-klein.com/projects/wp-fb-autoconnect#premium De plugin works perfect wit my previous and default themes. De problem am havin is dat the facebook button does not show on the theme. Only text shows. how do i fix this please?

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Since the upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7 Im facing problems with shortcodes (photo and video), and audio player (widget also doesnt work)...

By replacing version with 1.6 functions-setup.php, script.js and shortcode-posts.php works back to normal.

I havent observed anything else till now :) you may need to take a look.


After making the update to the theme must enter the Theme Options > Style > select Dark or Light > Save Options


please give me your wordpress access to personally I will update the theme.

e-mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

I have a problem ? please help.

1. Problem: Shortcodes :-( does not go :( I can not set the.. 2. Problem : Soundcloud


I went on your site and I saw that everything is ok, shortcode and SoundCloud.

hi wizeman…

again me..

look.. i have seen this but i cannot make it work..

i need to have the date in spanish..

i want to get rid of the “nd” and “th”.. and change JAN for ENE

DEC for DIC an dos..





hi wize.. i need your help..this is not working.. please.. can i give you access to the ftp?


please give me FTP access mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com



im sorry but i have another problem.. if you see here.. inside the post the image is very short..

how can i make that area taller.. so the images are not cut?



need to upload an image with more pixels


yes.. but i need to make the image taller.. you see..

Hi, I want to see the Event Page order by Date and not order by ID Can you tell were is the update? Send me the code and i can update here.

Here is the page http://velascoti.com/brunnovelasco/?page_id=56



You can use “Event Style 2” in order to display data.
Today or tomorrow I will do an update to the theme to display the “Event Style 1” in the order of data.


But in the index page is also without order of data. You can see it here http://velascoti.com/brunnovelasco/ I also need a update in this page.



In the Event Style 2 the query for Past Events is bringing also the event of today and it’s duplicating the events. AND STR_TO_DATE(wpostmeta.meta_value,’%Y/%m/%d’ ) <= CURDATE You can update for < and not <=

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare audio_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/content/09/7519809/html/411/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/audio.php:11) in /home/content/09/7519809/html/411/wp-content/themes/clubber/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-posts.php on line 477

i get this message EVERY SINGLE TIME i try to activate this theme. Can i get help on install or refund for the item…and ill remove all files from my website


Please remove/disable jetpack plugin.


awesome…helped a lot. thx..also… Some of the menu is red, and others are clear? have i not done something

I canĀ“t configure 2 slides because it happens this


Site: www.fanosanchez.com


Please disable plugin NextGen Gallery.



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There don’t seem to be a whole lot of options if I want to customize the homepage. Also: not all of the theme options seem to work, like: theme color, font and number of photos per page.

Hello! =) First of all, a very nice theme! Great work!

BUT! I really want to sort my events after date. But it just sortst it after last published.

I want my events to sort: Upcoming (closest) dates first.

Is it also possible to autodelete events that are finished?


Thank you! =) I have now fixed it. Now its only one thing left. Im having trouble of getting rid of the sidebar on my homepage?

I want to use the sidebar on all other pages than the homepage. It is working on all the other sites. But it wont dissapear from the homepage, even if i click on the “no sidebar” button on home page edit. BUT it is actually switching to left and right sidebare do :P Strange? :S


Tnx for the quick response btw.! :D


On homepage you can set right or left sidebar. You can not chose to not have a sidebar on homepage.

1. can this slider have video in there love the theme , would love if the slider can be used for video

2. does the theme use page class suffix for individual styling of pages

3. we use nextgen gallery, and jet pack is the theme compatible.

4. in events can we set the upcoming events in order and do we have control from back-end to order the events by dates. would love if old events gets archived or something does the theme do this


1. I am sorry but you can’t add a video in the slider.
2. I’m not sure I understand, but every page has a style.
3. I am not sure if it’s compatible, I did not install the plugins to see if it is.
4. You have control over the events in the administrative panel.

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Love the theme, will it ever be responsive for mobile (iPhone) users?


I’m very sorry, but the theme is not responsive, maybe in the future I will issue and responsive.

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When you load my site the browser continues to show the “loading” animation (on the browser), as if the site has not completed loading.

What is the fix for this? It does the same thing in all browsers.



Only in chrome is loading like that, until the song is fully loaded in player.

We’ve already bought this theme, however when I’m trying to update the footer widgets I’ve noticed there is no Facebook option. Is there something already made to show it similar to how Twitter shows?


Please get in Theme Options > Social Media > Facebook


Sorry I meant Facebook feed, like the Twitter “Feed”.


Sorry, but this theme is not option. There are plugins for it.

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Hello – I am trying to add an audio player with multiple songs listed (like what you have in your live demo of this theme) and cannot make it work. Please help. I have tried

1) Using the Audio Player widget and listing multiple post ID numbers, separated by commas from the Audio posts in WP. It will only display one of them with art work etc… I want a player with controls for the user to scroll through multiple songs.

2) Using the code format you provided in your documentation within a basic text widget. Code example:

olTrack 1/songTrack 2/songTrack 3/song

This does not activate within a text widget either.

How do I get a multi song player to work like what you have in the “Audio Player” block here http://themeforest.net/item/clubber-events-music-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3427687

THANK YOU! Trying to launch a site and this is one of the final pieces.

To modifiy the song widget, you have to load new songs not use shortcode. I created a video. I hope it’s going to be helpful. http://www.screenr.com/PRA7