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Found it on P22 …

use shortcode [blog cat=ID] ID: id category

Wow … this theme is something else, perfect!!

so I think I found the answer … but … :)

on the other blog pages I created (remember, I have 3 blog style 1’s with different titles) – can I show one category of posts on there? The shortcode I used above doesn’t work like it did on the home page.

I created a video, I hope it will help you. http://www.screenr.com/kbc7
If you are still having problems, please contact me on email.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com
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You got a mail the shortcode for video doesnt work.

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And the search function is bugged. You can verify this on the demo, memorize a name of one of the video, try to look after in the search function.

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Nothing work seriously it getting really frustrating .. I even tried to remove all the videos, all the page …

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Hi, I’m not good at wordpress. I need translate theme into russian, in what file I can do this?


I created a video, hope you be of help. http://www.screenr.com/n2m7
setlocale (LC_ALL, “it_IT”);
$pretty_date_M = strftime(“%h”, strtotime($data_event));

Event date & buttons “buy tickets” “free entry” etc…is in:

If you want a detailed translation please use this plugin http://wpml.org/ (but I can’t give you any details about this plugin because I don’t know)

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hey there

there are some other issues that i want to fix asap.

1. how do i get a gallery without different categories? i just want to click on photos in the menu and get the thumbnails.

3. is it possible to put a 1.st page to the very first beginning before entering the site with the menu?

3. i wrote a text for my start page but WP cuts it and gives me the “read more” button! i just want to have the full text on the first page!

would be awesome if you could help me with this ;-)


1. I don’t understand. how to click on the menu photos?
2. If I understood the question, this thing it’s not possible.
3. This thing is possible, but there are some changes, and you must use the first shortcode [blog]. Please give me FTP access.

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Hi, Nic. Can you tell me how to permanently fix this error without deleting all videos and starting over? This happens when re-naming the videos (which is typical and doesn’t provoke a problem in Wordpress pages/posts). I tried re-setting permalinks already – that didn’t work either. It’s probably something in prettyPhoto, but I’m not sure where to look to edit.

Error message: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

I searched the web …perhaps adding this somewhere? link=”file” (rather than link=”attachment”) Or somewhere in the code between lines 40-100?

Thanks again for your help!


Please give me FTP access and your site by email to see what’s happening.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

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Thanks for fixing this. :-)

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Ok so, if you want to create different videos page:

- You have to create a page with default template 
- I think it's better if you delete all the category previously created 
- Use the shortcode given in the documentation
- Recreate category for your videos 
- Edit your videos, put the category
- voila!

Thank you Wizedesign for your help, and sorry for being such a noob xD


Thank you for observation ;)

Just found another issue … i had setup a test page using the audio attribute and then added audio. Last night it worked fine. Today, the same page is showing the audio track as a link and not in the player??


It’s possible to be from a plugin or something, please give me an email with your site to see what is it about.
mail: most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

How do you display four videos in the “video” section instead of 3…here is the page…http://hamptonblu.com/?page_id=1227 – I would like 4 videos to show per page instead of 3. Thanks.

Nevermind!!!! lol! I figured out the video page situation…thanks!

Where it says Recent Posts how do I change it to say Latest Blog like yours (or whatever I choose to name my recent posts) and Im not talking about the widget. Also my music player is giving me a link instead of a functional music player. Please help me.


For the title use [title]shortcode, any text you want[/title]

Also what size should I make my pics before I upload them because I hate the way it looks when I upload them and only half the pic is showing.


It’s better to upload pictures with the bigest size possible.

It can display a specific category post to add to a page? I really like your work.


Unfortunately, it’s not possible, you can only display one category.

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Hello, I have a problem I sent you a personnal message with my issue and username/password to acces my blog! If you need an FTP access let me know! Thanks for the great theme.


Ive sent you a few emails over the last few days and no reply, i wanted to delete the buy tickets button, ive edited the files you mentioned but its still showing up, can you please advise? Thanks

Also, how can i get my events to list in date order on the events page?

Ok i figured out how to get them in order, i just need to get the buy tickets issue resolved and then im good to go live, can you please reply asap, cheers…

Also i want to disable comments on posts, its weird, its disabled on 1 post but not on the others even though there all posted in the exact same way, can you please advise? URL is www.code23club.com