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Is this a responsive or Mobil theme?

Thank you


at the moment is not responsive


Will there be a free update when is becomes responsive? Will it become responsive?

I am planning to purchase this theme but I want to know is there a way to add an event to iCal or Google Calendar? I couldn’t find it on the demo though.


can not add an event to iCal or Google Calendar

Ok. please can you help me implementing the solution of the calendar widget. Also had one more query, i created a page and assigned a BLOG template to it. Now i wanted that page to show only 1 category of blogs… Can we do it??


You can use the calendar widget, and it’s not possible to make a selection of a category base on a created BLOG page, but you can make a selection without creating the BLOG page template.

Hey i was trying to upload some music… how can i make that work?

Hi… YM… _

Just purchased this for WP. Tried to upload it but it says its missing style.css

am I doing something wrong?


oh ok thanks! was using wrong zip :/

Ok. So can you please help me with the way to do it without selecting the BLOG page template? I am Unaware

I’ve made a little video http://www.screenr.com/JFx7
lionmkt Purchased


There are some things I would like to know if it is possible:

1) My content is not showing up in the middle of the site, the sidebar appears only. (since I sent the email)

2) I would like to translate into my language, especially where the field shows the dates of the events.

Thank you!

lionmkt Purchased

Yes, I saw that the theme has to have the sidebar on either side however I can not use the space that is left in the middle of the page to have content! I’ll send the email to you asking these questions!

lionmkt Purchased

Yes! e-mail sent with the subject “Doubts the theme!”

Hallo, Finally I bought your theme. I’m quite satisfied. I’m changing much things that did not match with my needs. But this is only a my trouble. The most annoying thing for me at this development stage, is the impossibility to view submenus on iPad. Can you tell me how can I fix this issue before the next release for mobil? For me is the most urgent at this moment. My Best Andy

Please could you help me with the audio?


2 questions, is this new version responsive? and could suggest me a plugin to create a guestlist where i can be able to printed or download


I’m sorry it’s not responsive, the latest version.
I had some problems and I have not had time to deal receptive to do, but now I have time. I honestly do not know any plugin you want your,

is it possible to have a guestlist in this template? or maybe pay a lil bit more for customize that?.... If is possible for sure i would like to ask you that, its really important for events.

Having a problem getting the slider to work on the home page…

Im following your instructions: – creating new slide – checking box in template options to display on home page

*edit: home page is set as static, blog posts being pulled via template

but all my homepage is showing is the most recent blog posts, slider is nowhere to be found…

My home page options is checked for being blog template style 2. will slider work on that or do I have to change some settings?


please send me access details to wordpress by Email
email most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

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I would like to use a custom background image with this theme. What would be the right size for this so it won’t look bad or pixelated? Or should I create different sizes?



The higher is recommended. eg DEMO: 1920×1200 (px)

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Where do I find the Soundcloud API for the Soundcloud widget? Thanks!

i can’t set a slider. Can u help me ? i’m using slider add new but that’s doesn’t work… And how can i do my homepage like u’r clubber theme’s homepage ?

Thank you.


please send me access details to wordpress by Email email most_wanted_20cm@yahoo.com

can you take a video for tutorial ? :) this is will be best. i think.

Are u wanna answer my mail :) please i need it.

How do I make it so the audio player plays on the homepage widget? The audio artwork is presented correctly but no music.

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Hi, Is there a way to display one “category” post on a separate page without have all the categories display on page?. I want to have different categories one to make private.

Thanks, Leonard


yes of course you can, but you need to download the latest version of the theme 1.4