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Hi, is it possible to have portfolio pages by category, so for example, a portfolio page for the category photos, showing only the portfolio items under that category?


Hi, srr! It’s now moment this functional not supported, but this nice idea! This function will be added in next update. I placed your question, on our forum. If you have any questions, please, write them on forum for more quickly answer. See http://gogetthemes.com/forums/topic/portfolio-pages

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum. http://gogetthemes.com/forums

BR, Serzh

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How do I get rid of the “Visit Website” button and the date within the Lightbox portfolio details? Below is a link to what I am referring to. Thank you!


Hello, spookus! Thanks for your question. Answer for you is ready on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/topic/lightbox-portfolio/

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum. http://gogetthemes.com/forums

BR, Serzh

Pre-purchase question: I love the metro grid layout flexibility. I also am looking for a grid theme that has lightbox popup for projects instead of redirecting to another page. so this theme looks real good.

The only issue I have with this theme is when you click on a project from the metro grid, in the lightbox, all the photos that pertain to that album are in slider format. That I don’t like.

I would like to have thumbnails within the lightbox so that people can see all of the pics of that album at once and then decide to look at them larger by clicking on them. would it be possible?


Hello, jgherghel! No, there is no such option in this theme. There are 3 different ways to open the portfolio: inline content, popup content and lightbox image. But no one doesn’t give an opportunity to see all thumbnails together.

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum. http://gogetthemes.com/forums

BR, Serzh

Hey this looks like a great theme! I just had a few questions:

1 – Can the portfolio items open up to a page instead of a lightbox overtop?

2 – Im assuming this can be a multipage site?

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I have probleme with the portfolio when it’s on a full screen all is fine, but when it’s responsive the lightbox and the thumbails was unable we could see the portfolio but we can’t do anything.

Have you got an idea about this bug ?

I hope i could have a answer as soon as possible ( I haven’t any answer for my first request)

Thank you very much by advance Best regards

This template should be reported, I already buy this template and I have been having a lot of problems since:

1. The parallax menu does not work. 2. The Mega Menu give us a all mess up menu, there is no order. 3. The owl carousell does not work, all the items place them self in the same page, and so when you want to flip the next items its all blank. 4. When i want to add a page in the “go get themes section builder”, and that page have images in it those images dont show on screen so it lose all it purpose. 5. I have try to make the sample page in the intro and there is no way you can do all those sections with the tools Serzh provide. 6. I have install the .xml dummy content and the website no matter how never look the same.

I just believe I have spend $55 in vain. I will never buy any template from this user ever again.


7. the parallax module in the “go get themes section builder” do not display the parallax image, so whats the point?? Its all blank Just the text….

Hi i have one problem , 1.after updating theme map in contact page it goes blank and it does not shows the correct map.

When activating the theme, the website goes blank except for checkmarks that run down the left side of the page. Please advise? Thank you


nevermind problem resolved

Great theme! Question: I can’t get videos to play with sound, either in the grid or on the pop up. Any suggestions?

Thanks you for answering the video sound question. 3 More questions 1. Ok, now the video sound is working but when you close the portfolio pop-up the video sound continues in the background until you refresh the page. How can i get the video to stop playing when you close the pop-up window? 2. When viewed on mobile the counter does not work 3. Any way to control the home page that is viewed on a mobile device? Ie, have a specific mobile home page when the site is opened on a mobile device Thanks


Would love to view your demo but the demo pages is showing blank. Now on your blog pages will show.


Hi are youtube videos for fullscreen header, pages, post and portfolio fully supported?

Is the menu ajax based?

kind regards

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masonry blog page don’t open. how can I see this page?

the demo isn’t working in chrome. Would love to see it work so can decide to buy. Also want to know if this is a one-off problem or may occur for me too, when I buy!! Thanks for looking.


Hello, lsays!

You’re right, there is a problem with the theme, our specialists are already engaged and soon will finish a new update for the theme. You can subscribe to a this theme to learn about the update.

Is there still an issue with the theme? I’ve downloaded and installed but my post images are not showing up at all in the masonry or grid layouts. I’m also getting a lot of errors – is this something on my end or is there still going to be an update shortly?


Hello, karinacrooks!

Write more details about your problem on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums. Our Support team work 24/7. We are glad to help you.


Is this theme still supported? Not been any comments for a while. I’m interested in buying, but put off by the trail of comments about lack of support.



Hello, ShaneCarn!

Yes of course, the theme is supported. After buying the theme you can refer to us via our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums. Our suppot team works 24/7.