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Hi, i want to extract ellipse from big picture on home page (top and bottom) to place over the rolling pictures on website. Any suggestions how to do it?


Sorry I’m not sure what you mean… If you can explain further I’ll try my best to help.


Let’s take a look at this picture: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/240135-cobus-modern-business-template?index=4

Promotion picture right under the logo and top menu.. top and bottom of the picture have ellipse right? with semi transparent effect. I want to extract that. Because people upload their images as square. I’m planing to put with CSS over the user picture that semi transparent ellipse to get same effect you did in your design.

If you still don’t know what is my problem, we can talk over skype.

Thanks, D

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Hi I’m completely new here, so please excuse me if I’m asking very basic questions.

1- if I get this template can I change the content (I mean the background, pictures, menu buttons, and…) of it in Photoshop?

2- So basically I can make my own edition of the template and use it on my website just for 10 bucks?! is it 10 bucks for a year?!




1. Yes. All the files are fully layered and fully editable PSDs, that you can do anything you like with in Photoshop.

2. Yes, you can use the design however you wish. The 10 bucks is a one off payment. You pay that, and the files are yours. There’s nothing to pay in a year.