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this template looks really nice, good job!

may i ask what font you used for the logo in the upper left?


Thank you evasive.

The font for the logo is Helvetica Neue.

Wordpress version comming soon ?


I will start coding the wordpress version next week… so stay stuned :)

Also looking for Wordpress version so ping me if you can when it’s available.


I will :)

Love this design! Exactly what I was looking for…

I never bought an HTML template before, so I have no clue how this works, I have a small question, do I get the HTML files and then I have to incorporate them into a CMS ? or does it come with a custom CMS ?

I guess my question is, how do we manage the content or the back end (pages, menu items, portfolio items, testimonials, widgets…etc)? I’ve never seen any of these “site templates” with screenshots to the back end. A little info on this would be helpful.

Otherwise I think I’ll be waiting for the wordpress version.


This is only a HTML Template without a CMS or Backend Area. Just HTML Files.

Good template! Solved my ui problem. Saved me lots of hours.


Thanks and nice to hear that :)

Wordpress version released yet? Intending to buy a copy. Thanks.


The Wordpress version will be available in 1-2 weeks. I´m currently working on it :)

I’m kinda in a hurry to setup a website and i love this template. Will buyers get a discounted price for Wordpress version?



I’m looking your template. It wuold be nice but I can’t see how is it make “Comment” and “Post” because the link doesn’t see them:


Could you please check? Thanks

p.s. is not yet for wordpress?


Hi riztf,

I don´t understand your question. The wordpress version is comming soon!


Hi Wickedshot,

I mean: click on http://themeforest.net/item/cocomonio-10-in-1-business-and-portfolio-html/full_screen_preview/140872 after click on “blog” menu’ and after click on “2 comments” : it does not appear.


Ah, ok. This is only to show how it will look like it was a wordpress blog. In the wordpress version of cocomonio, it will working and you will see the comments at the end of the post.

marcusc Purchased

I just purchased this template, but i only got default blue one. Where do i download the others?


Thank´s for purchasing. Please look at the documentation.

To change the color style:

- Open your html file e.g. index.html - Look at line 13 for the stylesheet style_blue/style_blue.css like in the image below - Replace the style_blue with style_green - Do this on all html files

willford Purchased

Great template! Having trouble with the JQuery lightbox. It works when stored on my hard drive, but when I upload it to my server the big images don’t show. I get an error saying “check path” but the paths are all correct. Just to be sure I changed the paths to the full URL of the large images. Any idea what’s causing this?





Hi willford,

this is a problem with prettyPhoto converting all url’s to lowercase (even though the images were UPPER case). The solution is documented here:



Congrats on the template. Looks great. Does the stlyeswitcher sliding bar come with the package?



Hi cre8ivity,

thanks. The styleswitcher isn´t included in the download file. It´s only for the preview. If you want to use the styleswitcher, feel free to contact me.

6 days, still no response??

looks bad on 1024×768, the letters in Firefox and IE, a problem of my pc?

Hey Wickedshot.

Any more update on the release date for WP version? Sitting waiting to buy this :)


have you finished the wordpress version?

Hi Wickedshot..!

Hey good job dude,.. I definitely will buy the WordPress version, pleas let us know when you finish it.


Hi cardenitas,

sorry for the late reply. I´m currently very busy but the wordpress version of cocomonio is to 90% finished :) Hopefully I can upload it next week.

I’m sorry to ask again, but what about the wordpress version? ^^ Thank you and good work…

Freakin awesome template!!! I have a question about the contact page. I have made it the index.html because the site is under construction. I have changed the email address in the contact.php file. Once I publish the files, for some reason I cannot get the form to submit when pressing the submit button. Any thoughts?


Hi manacoplux,

first thanks for the feedback :) I appreciate it!

Please give me the URL of your site so I can check it out.

Figured it out, it was a hosting company’s problem. :)

@Wickedshot Before I buy this version and do the Wordpress stuff myself, I’d just like to ask you if you could give an ETA when the Wordpress version will be finished… – ?


Hi Limenet,

i know I already said it but the wordpress version is almost finished. Status is 90%! I think i will upload it on the weekend.


@Wickedshot – great!