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Hello, I have a question – you mentioned there’s no support for this theme anymore? Does that mean that if I purchase it and run itno an issue I won’t be able to get support for it? thanks.


you’re right.

We haven’t tested it with latest WP, so we can’t guarantee anything.

On our Live preview WP version is 3.4 and if it works there, it will work on your server too. Of course, there is a help file which should be enough…


great theme, this is good work,

i just have something to change,

i just wanna get rid of this ”#all” at the end of the adress of the site,

i saw that some site using this theme could remove it,

may i ask you what line of code to modify ?

To be honest I don’t know. We’re not offering support anymore for this theme. You should try to contact owners of the website where #all is removed…

Ok, no need, i figured it out myself, thank you :)

Hello I’m looking at purchasing this theme, I’ve read through some comments and it states you will not be offering support anymore, does that include future updates/works on the theme?? and is it possible to attach a shop to it?

many thanks


Since this is one pager – it’s not easy to attach shop to it. Don’t say it’s impossible, but it’s very hard and if you’re not experienced in WP I don’t suggest to try that.

Yes, we’re not offering support any more. Check supported WP version…

Thank you for your reply, sorry I’m still unclear, when you say ‘Check supported WP version…’ what do you mean? is the Cocoon Wordpress Template supported? this is the one I’m enquiring about… I’m unclear as to what is supported and what is not. Thank you


If you check: Software Version for Cocoon, you’ll see it’s WP 3.3 so I don’t know will it work on latest WP version…

Could anyone send me the demo content xml please? Would be very helpful!

Hello, I really like your templates! I am currently working with Big Bang and love the Grid short code feature. Can that short code be applied to your other great word press templates?


It can be applied, but you’ll have to hire freelancer with advanced knowledge of WP, jQuery, HTML, CSS…

Hello after purching this template and following all the instructions in the setup docs, including importing the demo_content.xml file, the front page template looks nothing like the demo. Are the demo images not included? Really need to get this working in the next couple hours, please respond


Have you imported images too? Also, I don’t see purchase tag next to your name…

How can i change the theme colour scheme? Want to change it from that dark blueish colour to something else..

Never mind, figured out


Where can I adjust the font settings? Wordpress “Customize” does not work.



hi i upload your theme and now i can’t create menu it dosent show in header or oder place of template