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Live preview isn’t working.

Please check again. Live Preview is functional.

Hello… just one question? This theme works with IE6 ?

Hi friend, The theme works just fine on IE-6. But please take the liberty to check the preview on IE-6.

Thanks…. i´ve already bought your theme…:)) My blog need a facelift, and this was what i was searching. Now, i´m going to translate it to portuguese (if i can)... Thanks, and when i ´m finished installing, i´ll came back to do a review. Just a hint, if you can help me: I can change the logo? and can i put images in it? Sorry to disturb but somethings are all neew to me! Thanks again.

Hi pedtrindade , thanks for the purchase, and glad to know that you liked it too.

Regarding the logo customization, I have included a psd in the pack. But I will be available for any modification you like to make on it. Just let me know when you need help on it.

cheers Jinsona

Live preview is not functional as of 2:02 pst. on Saturday the 13th.

damn. it looks pure man. Congratz.

@ OriginalTwist

The preview is functional now. The occasional error is due to my hosts’ server playin up.

@ sinanata

Thanks a lot friend…

Hello Jinsona, Just a quick note to let you know thata i´m trully happy with the theme, even not knowing almost anything about htmle code, i´ve managed to do same small changes in the theme. It´s well documented and is a useful help. Anyway i´ve tried to translate almost everythnig into portuguese. Definitavely it´s a superb theme and a great job made by you. Keep it up. if you want to ee the changes (not all complete at this moment) please visit adt http://criseedinheiro.com it´s written in portuguese but i´ve installed a translator plug in also. Best regards, and thnaks agaian for the good theme!

Live Preview isn’t working as of 5th November.

Can I change the logo/colour theme if I buy this?

*colour scheme

Live preview still not working

Please correct the live preview. Still not working.

Live Preview is down. Can you send me to an active link?



I would like to limit the amount of featured posts displayed in the Featured Block section.

How would I do this?


EDIT : Nvm, I can just put the amount I want lol. Sorry for this.

Dear Jinsona or anyone on this page who can help…

For the life of me I can’t figure out what CSS rule to apply where in order for there to be more space between the paragraphs. I tried adding a margin to #wrapper, to .post, some others that made less sense—but I cannot figure it out and I’m pulling out my hair…

My humble site is in its formative stages, wppluginreviewer.com, but if you visit you’ll see the lack of space between paragraphs. Makes for poor usability.

I appreciate anyone who can help. I already directly emailed Jinsona a while ago and got no response so I’m guessing he’s not checking email?

At this point if someone can help me I’d be willing to donate a couple bucks to your Paypal account.


Jinsona answered my question from his website web2feel.com. Everything is awesome again, thanks Jinsona!


How do I remove my tagline description under my banner on the front page? I think I have to remove something in my header.php, if so what is the code I must remove. Oh and I just don’t want to display it on the front page, I still want search engines to be able to get the description.


Open style.css on a text editor.

Find .blogname h2 (line- 146) and add display:none;