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I’m still waiting your answer since January, 26 (8 days ago) Ticket #1364

Hi, big sorry for delay, maybe my collegues have overseen your request. We will reply asap!

Hi there,

I have a huge problem with the home constructor.

I choose the template page with sidebar (no matter if left or right) and want to display it on my homepage. The space for the sidebar appears but there is no content.

On the site itself it is all displayed.

Firefox source code for the site-sidebar:

<div id="sidebar" class="sidebar">
<section id="text-2" class="widget widget_text">    
<div class="textwidget">Email: info@tjp-nrw.de</div>
</div><!-- #sidebar -->

Firefox source code for the homepage:

<div class="sidebar">
<section id="text-2" class="widget widget_text">
<div class="textwidget">

It’s the same problem with other widgets or the default sidebar and enabled/disabled lazy loading

CodeusVersion: WP 4.4.2 PHP 5.6

Sorry for delay, we have replied

Thank you very much for your customer-oriented and great support.

You are vey welcome! pls do not hesitate to rate us here on themeforest, it would be very appreciated!

Hi, Are you able to sort or show the portfolio by the date or the latest upload above? I dont see this in your documentation.

Hi, it is not included as separate option, but we can show you how to make it in 2 min. If you have already purchased Codeus pls just submit this request at http://support.codex-themes.com/ Thanx

Pre-sales question: is this theme compatible with The Events Calendar Pro? Thanks.

Hi, we personally didnt make any styles for that plugin and didnt test it, however other users said everything should be fine with that plugin

Hello, could you please review my support ticket? #1569 Thank you

Hi, sure, will be done

Hello – how to reduce the line height for styled bullet lists? for example i have styled list but there is too much space between lines. they are like 1.5x the space. I want them to be no line spacing for bulleted lists.

i did:

.list ul li + li { margin-top: 0.0em; }

Hi, thanx for letting us know, sorry for this delay

Hi – can you please provide instructions for setting up mega menu? what plugin or what are the instructions? this is major functionality that is missing from an otherwise excellent theme. thanks.

Hi, thanx for requesting. Unfortunately we do not have a mega menu option in Codeus (we have it in our other theme, Scalia). Can you try some plugins like https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/ and https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wr-megamenu/ ? We diodn’t test it on Codeus, but actually it should work

Could you please check those tickets in your support system? We understand you guys are busy, but it has been 5 days and no answer. We have people relying on our website as well. Thank you for your understanding

Hi, sorry for delay in replying. we have replied on some of your tickets. Pls note: At the moment we cannot load your wp login screen, we get this error you have mentioned. I cannot say what is happening because I don’t know which modifications yoou did.

Hi There,

When we use [portfolio thumb_size=”medium” portfolioset=”success-stories” items_per_page=”10”] short code, this automatically adds “Date” field underneath which shows the date value from ‘Published on’ in the admin section.

Can you please tell us how to hide this?


Hi, thanx for requesting. Pls note: your support license has unfortunately expired. If you have purchased a standard support period of 6 monthes, you can extend it to another 6 monthes. If you have already purchased an extended support license (12 months) you can renew your support period by purchasing additional regular license of the theme. Pls refer to https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/205923460

Do you officially support IE8 today with your latest release?

Hi, yes. Pls just simply check our demo website with your IE8


I try on CODEUS with WooCommerce to put the products on the page “Boutique” or “Shop” in english, but nothing happen. In the menu of Wordpress Admin in WooCommerce > settings > Products > appearance i have put “shop” on the line “Shop Page” but nothing happen too !

How i did wrong ?

Thanks for your answer

Hi, pls submit your ticket at http://support.codex-themes.com/ to get asap reply. Thanx

You are welcome


melba001 Purchased

How can we disable specific theme features like (quickfinders, clients, portfolios, galleries) etc. that we dont need or are not using? How to disable those parts of the theme or atleast hide them from admin panel?


melba001 Purchased

Hi – could you please provide response on the forum for this. I am sure this basic question is applicable to others. thank you.


melba001 Purchased

Hello – could you please respond to this support request???

Hi, pls accept our apologize for this delay, we will respond today


Kerwal76 Purchased

Theme is not compatible with WP 4.5. If you update WordPress your Visual Composer will break. Still waiting on a solution. Hindering my business.

Hi, the theme is compatible with WP 4.5 If you wish to update Visual Composer, pls proceed as follows:

1. In “Plugins” pls deactivate and remove your current version of Visual Composer http://storage9.static.itmages.com/i/16/0418/h_1460962081_2939325_22a9d56d7f.jpeg

2. After that install Visual Composer as required plugin here http://screenshotlink.ru/3ea712fbf3347d3e89ab74a02301b4a5.png

Hello, very nice Theme !! I try to show “NEWS” like your home page—> http://codex-themes.com/codeus/ But for me when i put shortcode News in my homepage i have a list like this page—> http://codex-themes.com/codeus/pages-and-blog/news/

Any idea ?

Thanks !!

Hi, could you pls contact my support collegues at http://support.codex-themes.com/, they will help you asap

It’s done, i’m waiting for your reply. Thank You

Hi, we have replied


Evzyman Purchased

I bought this a couple of weeks back, I’m wondering how to change the colours of the social icons, or where they are located to change them manually, Thanks!

Hi, pls accept my apologize for this huge delay in replying to your request. We are monitoring the tickets primarily at http://support.codex-themes.com/, have you already submitted your request there?


Hope you are well.

I am having trouble with the theme options.

If i click ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Theme options’, the page initally loads correctly then without me pressing anything takes me to the page with:

Theme Color Skin, Theme Layout, Identity, Advanced

There is no way to stop it automatically selecting this option. Meaning i cannot use any of the other options.

Thanks, Karen

Hi, pls accept my apologize for this delay in replying to your request. We are monitoring the tickets primarily at http://support.codex-themes.com/, have you already submitted your request there?

Hi, I installed this template but it’s not responsive on mobile! this is my address: http://intrinsicdesign.com.au would you help me please?

Hi, we are monitoring the tickets primarily at http://support.codex-themes.com/, have you already submitted your request there?

Hi, I’m still waiting your answer since 25 (3 days ago) Ticket #2084, I would appreciate your reply. I really need to sort this out ASAP. Please help me.

Hi, sorry for this delay, we have replied