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Hi guys, very nice theme, very happy overall. I have a quick question, how can I remove the page title and breadcrumbs on a single page? Thanks! Leo

Hi Leo, pls be so kind to submit your ticket at http://support.codex-themes.com/ and my collegues will assist you asap. Thanx

Hi. Can I build in text mode and custom build and edit my own pages or am I 100% dependent on using web building software like Visual Composer? Please let me know.

Hi, no, visual composer is just a recommended plugin here. You do not depend on it

Hello. Google analytics/tracking/adwords code with theme, in the theme options, is being placed in the footer. It is suppose to go to the header of every page not the footer. How to put the code in the header?

Hi, would you be so kind to submit this ticket at http://support.codex-themes.com/ and my support collegues will assist you with this, Thanx

Could you please respond to several open support requests. thank you.

We are working on that, sorry for this delay because of local holidays we had

Hi, The gallery is not showing all pictures in the mobile view! Only shows the featured image: http://intrinsicdesign.com.au/portfolios/aberfoyle-park-residence/ Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, can you pls submit this ticket at our support system http://support.codex-themes.com/ along with your URL and wp admin access details and my collegues will take a look at this issue asap. Thanx

Visual Composer stopped working in backend after wordpress update. please provide detailed steps to resolve? thanks.

Hi, just to let you know, that new Codeus release is online, so you can download it here and update


You are welcome!

Bought this theme early but soon after switched all my sites to themes with Visual Composer, now that it has that bundled I am happy to give it another go!

Hi, glad to hear it, thanx

Hello, do you have a OpenCart version please ? I just don;t understand why everyone seems to be using WooCommerce when OpenCart is a much better option for several; reasons. thanks

Hi, unfortunately we do not have an OpenCart version


thegenni Purchased


We have bought the CodeUS theme for our domain www.becher-madsen.dk. We did it about 1 1/2 year ago…

Our host has upgraded to PHP 7. Does the newest version of your CodeUS theme support PHP7 ?

If yes, how do I upgrade our current version? Just like a regular theme install or?

Thanks best regards Glen

Hi Glen, our theme is compatible with the latest wordpress version. Yes, in order to update, just switch to some default WP theme, remove Codeus and reinstall it and re-activate it. That’s all

Hi, great looking theme. Are all color aspects of the theme easy to change or is the dark and light theme the extent of it. It’s a great looking theme but I need to change menu, header and other footer colors. Fingers crossed and great work!

Hi, thanx for requesting. Yes, all colors can be easily change in Theme Options admin panel of the theme. We have made light & dark version just to demonstrate the abilities to vary stylings

Hello, how long do you plan to give support and update Codeus? I’ve got some frustrating experience with some themes that got no longer updates and broke with the updates of WP, Woocommerce and other popular plugins. So I need to ask, thank you.

Hi, thanx for requesting. We don’t have any plans to discontinue support & updates for Codeus, it is a great theme we love

Thank you for the reply. One more question: are there options to change how sticky menu behave? I wish I could change its transition animation to something more smooth.

There are no direct options in admin on changing this behaviour. However we can explain you, where in code you can find this behaviour and how it is built, so you can customnize it as you wish.

Amazing Theme want to but for http://azergi.com


Please Answer to this Ticket on Support Forum #2443


Hi, we will try to reply, however because of the weekend it could take some time

Hello, thanks for the great template. Everything is so good, except that the News section is always in English shown in my homepage. However, my website is supposed to be in Chinese. I wonder how to change the “News” into Chinese…

Hi, would you be so kind to contact my support collegues at http://support.codex-themes.com/ , provide URL to your website as well as some screenshots showing what exactly do you wish to translate? they will check it asap

Hey Why you are not replying to my ticket #2443. 10 days passed even no reply. Is this is your support ? I may call to envatomrket to solve the issue.

concerning the contact form we have replied you 3 days ago as well: Please check is email address in theme options right?


I am checked your message. Not helpful those were all. But if we use common sense then I have created the ticket 10 ago and did not get me problem solved in 10 days. I have given you details, passwords etc. if i have urgent work to do then I do not found this support helpful.

Thank You for reply.

Did you try the solution we have described? If yes, did it work or not? If not, pls let us know and we will try it by ourselves.