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Looks great, nice work.

Page Load error…...

Are you going to say where’s this error? ;)

@ Mastergreed

I think this would sell better if it was in the “HTML Site Templates” becouse that’s where the other Admin templates are.

Really? Hmm, OK so how can I change category?

Contact support & they can help you :)

This is the best ever, simple and elegant one :-) 5*

This is an excellent template although I’m disappointed you didn’t include the psd to change the logo and the logo_text images.

Hi Usarzewicz Great design, I liked it so much I made this into a Xhtml design for one of my site. Keep up the great work Al :)

Love this design, but I’ll agree with Scooby. It really needs to come with the psd.

Is there any way I can obtain it?

I’m sorry, but there will be no PSD for this theme any time soon due to HDD crash few days ago. I’ve lost every single design, psd, vector and literally everything.

Love it.

Is there some way to set which tab has the default focus? I want to be able to use a little more intelligent navigation then just having the ‘home’ tab be automatically selected each time.


Do you know what fonts were used for the logo?

Oh, it’s one of my oldest themes – in the good old days, I used default fonts that came along with Windows XP :). My guess is that I used both Arial and Verdana in the logo.

Very nice skin!

Two questions:

1. I am having trouble creating main navigation tabs that link without the use of sub menu’s. How can I do that?

2. Everytime I refresh the page, the main navigation doesn’t focus on the tab based on class=”selected” like the sub navigation does. Anyway we can set it to do that rather than is just defaulting to the first main tab?

Why can’t I try demo for this theme?


I found your coffee theme.

It is our coffee sketches


(People love the hand drawn style for their coffee shop!)

Is it possible to exchange our thumbnail icons with yours?

It might help us to get more traffic and improve our sales.

Please kindly let me know.