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This theme is quite great, but I have a somewhat silly question. How do I remove the word “Blog” that keeps appearing as a heading whenever I create a blog page? I am not using the word “blog” in my title, heading, or anywhere else—so I assume it’s in the CSS? Thank you for the reply, and for the design!! :bashfulcute:


It’s not in the CSS ;-) If you are using the default blog page, then you must change the name in the theme options / translations : Blog.

Another option is to create your own blog page by creating a page with the custom index template. Then the name displayed will be the one in the page title.


So easy—thank you! I was interpreting “Translations” as meaning translations (literally, i.e. between languages). Merci.

I’ve got a problem with the Theme Options page – the left menu loads ok (Global Options, Header, Footer, Pages… etc) but nothing loads up in the main panel on the right.

Screenshot is here: http://take.ms/3UKtP (not sure if the browser errors are relevant to this problem)

The curious thing is that the Theme Options panel loads with no problems on my development machine, this is only occurring on the live server.

The Theme Options panel used to work before on the live server. I’m not sure what has changed between now & then… it could have been the theme version? (I upgraded from 1.8 to the current version)


If you are not using custom CSS, sometimes just clicking save options will make it appear again. Another option is to deactivate the Revolution slider plugin while updating your theme options and turn it on afterward.

I’ve alhough once noticed a conflict with a All in One SEO plugin or YOAST SEO plugin. Turning it of while updating theme options does the job.

I’ve investigated to find the reason of the conflict but as it happens randomly I can’t figure out whats wrong.


Hello – I like the theme, but I am having some trouble getting my site set up. I have selected that I would like my content centered, and am creating a one page template site. However, the content is to the left rather than centered. I don’t see any other options that might be overriding my selection in the Global Options section of the theme options.

The only item that is being correctly centered is the widget icons I am setting up. Any help would be great, it really does not look very good as it is right now.


Can you provide me with an example? I’ll check it.


Certainly – Here is a link to check out the site in progress so you can take a look at the issue with the content not being centered: http://bit.ly/1a8wHRQ


I’ve fou that it is due to your coming soon maintenance mode plugin. Just deactivate it and it will be normally centered.


Hi – great theme & thanks for all the updates. Is it possible to disable the parallax function for iPads ?


I think that this should do the trick:

.tablet .parallax { background-position: center center !important; background-attachment: scroll !important; }



I installed the theme and imported all the widgets. But my default homepage and homepage with image are empty. Homepage with splash widget is fine.

Can you tell me why?


The import failed. Go to the widget page, then make sure to empty ALL sidebars.

Re-do the widget import.



A quick question: how to add custom menu in one-page-template



In the page settings, set to not dispplay the menu (misc options).

Then, add the o Main Navigation widget in your One Page Template sidebar, where you want it to appear.

Select the custom menu.



Love the theme. Having a problem with the contact form though. When I submit a test, it displays the success message but I never get the email. I have the email address entered into the “Contact Form” section on the page… is there any other configuration necessary?


Hi, there should not be any additionnal config to do. Are you sure tht your hosting service supports php mail function?

Please open a ticket in the support forum so I can follow it better : http://ocholabs.ticksy.com

Open a private ticket in coffee and cream, then give me the URL and maybe some credentials so I can test it myself.


I’d like my homepage to be a list of blog entries, in a grid layout of 3 columns. Looking through the theme options under Blog, I see: Wide, Wide 2, List, List 2+. I don’t see an option for Grid.

My Blog Index is set to be all posts, limited to 15. How do I make the front page look like this:


(Note: someone else from my company purchased this theme under her email address, which is probably why this post won’t be tagged with the “purchased” label.)

When editing the page, below the publish box there is a box with page attributes. In this box you can modify the Template.


I see. I found the option, and enabled it. The results weren’t what I expected, however.

Here’s how I configured the page: http://imgur.com/Xu3N4PF

Here’s the result: http://imgur.com/uhJwmih

Please, everything about configurating a blog & portfolio page is in the doc. Ask your coworker to give it to you, it’s available in the package in the documentation folder.


Hi there!

Is it possible to use short codes in the one page templates? If so, how? I’ve tried pasting the shortcodes I get from regular pages, but it does not seem to work. I’d really like to do this.

Thanks! Darren

Hi Darren,

Yes it is. You must use the o Snippets widget, either directly in the textarea, or by using a snippet element.


Very helpful! Thank you :)

Hi, I received an email stating that there was a Coffee & Cream theme update but it seems I have to re-download and re-install the theme. What is the correct way to do this? Should I uninstall first? Thanks!


In the theme package there is a text file for updating and backup process (you’ll never be to safy :D ). Updating the theme can be done by removing it from wordpress admin and uploading the new version, or directly via ftp by uploading the new theme files in the coffeeandcream folder.

Below is the backup process :

Coffee and Cream uses many widgets and theme options which must be saved in different steps:

1: Backup the content

In your Wordpress admin, go to tools, then select the export option. Tick “all content” (this is the default value), then click the “Download export file” button. Save it to your desktop.

2: Backup Theme Options

Go to the theme options and find the Import/Export tab. In Export options, click the download link. Save it to your desktop.

3: Backup the Widgets

In your Wordpress admin, go to tools, then select the Widget Settings Export. If you can’t see this option, then you must install the “widgets settings export plugin” (http://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-settings-importexport/). If your php version does not allow to install the plugin (displaying an error), then you can find older versions here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-settings-importexport/developers/ . Try older version until you find one which work with your system.

In the Widget Setting Export window, click the “Select All Active Widgets” button. Then click “Export widget settings” and save the file to your desktop.

4: Restoring the backup data

Restoring backup data will follow the same process as loading the dummy content. Please read the doc in the demo_content folder.

hi! Love the theme, but have two questions

- Is it possible to somehow get the portfolio item to open in the same page as the portfolio grid, either in between, above or under?

- Can the video play inside the thumbnail itself instead of in a lightbox? merci!


1 : There is an option for your first question but it’s still experimental as I can’t say it’s perfectly working… so unfortunatly it’s not totally possible.

2 : Using the list view or wide view makes the video play in the page directly as the embed code is used instead of the thumbnail with the play link. See it here : http://coffeeandcream.ocholabs.com/wp/blog-2/list/


Thanks so much for this brilliant theme! How can I place my logo in the middle of navigation, like at this site? http://stanislav.it/tutorials/center-a-logo/


Sorry but this is quite a big modification and I can’t support this. Regards.


I am using the “Grid with Expanding Preview” (which I love) for my Portfolio page, and I am trying to remove or change the little button at the end of the preview block that says “Visit Website.” I would like to be able to make it say something else, or get rid of it altogether. Both uses would be helpful, actually. Thank you!!!

Ok, thanks for letting me know. By the way this feature was just “under development” and passed in the release by mistake ;-) so it might be a little buggy (if you use videos especilly).


And sorry for the delay, I’m on several projects right now and have not as many time as I used to have. Cheers.

It’s quite alright, I realize that you are quite busy! And I will say that it was good for me to have to figure it out on my own. Now I know this theme inside and out. :-)

lol, but make sure to re-do the necessary change when updating ;-)

And also while I am asking about Portfolio, did you ever add the “sorting order” function? I am not seeing it, but perhaps I’m not looking in the right place. Thanks again.


I would like to track le leads generated by the contact form with google analytics, do you know how to proceed ?


Hi Flaow,

Sorry but I don’t know how to do that :-/


Hallo, I love your theme and successfully built an hotel’s website on it. I have a small problem thought, it crashes on iOS… I can’t figure out why. Could you help me? www.stelladellealpi.it cheers M


I think that it’s because you have a lot of content on your page. A single page website is good when you have few content.

For more complex websites as your, I strongly recommend to split in multiple pages. As you can use the one page template on as many page as you want, you can create 4 or 5 different pages instead of having all in one page like you did.

It should work better afterward.

Moreover, think about your visitors who need to download the whole page every time they come. If they have a slow connection, it might be difficult to get info.


Hi there

I have just bought the template but can’t get the map to display. Have input address, obviously geocoded got the green tick but still nothing. can someone take a look please.




please post your request in the support forum : http://ocholabs.ticksy.com

Don’t forget to give me the URL of your website (and the page where the map is so i’m not searching for hours ;-) )

Making the request private, you can although give me a login/pwd to check in the website.



I would like to have my theme ‘boxed’ instead of 100% wide. I haven’t found any menu, how can I do this ?

regards, Nicolas

Thanks fro your answer. I am new to wordpress, i’ve added this in the css (appearance/edit theme) but no change, tried also to change the height of the widget following your recommendation : .wrap > .row { padding: 90px 0 120px !important; } #header .container, #header .container > .row { padding: 0 15px !important;}

where do I need to make the change ? regards nicolas

found out ! some stupid varnish cash that I had to purge sorry about that question ! solved !

There are no stupid question ;-) Glad that you found the answer. Cheers.

I have a quick question. I have seen in the comments how to change the color of cream to pure white, but was not able to change the color of coffee in the CSS. Can you provide me with a quick snippet of CSS code to change the color of Coffee?

I love the features of the theme. Thank you for building this.


here it is :

.coffee-container, .coffee-container .icon-container div, .bg-coffee {background: #000 !important; }

This snippet will change the coffee containers to pure black. Just change the color value to a valid hexadecimal color.


Thank you for the prompt reply. I really appreciate this.


I’d like to put the title of the menu in the center and the mobile navigation at the extreme right like you on this page: http://coffeeandcream.ocholabs.com/# (here is my actual page : http://www.bretin.me/). Could you tell how to do it ?

As I don’t have Photoshop, would it be possible to have the PNG backgrounds you have used for your sample webiste (for the parallax effect) ?

Thanks !


Bonjour Quentin, Pour passer le code de Google Analytics, quel est le meilleur endroit pour le mettre ? Merci.


Un plugin du genre google analyticator ou celui que tu préfèreras. Ils ont en général des widgets pour l’admin histoire de voir direct tes stats sur ton blog.

Je n’y avais pas songé en effet. Merci !