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Nice color scheme….i like it

Very nice, I’d like to buy your work but I’m looking for a contact page? Thanks a lot,


OK I have another question sorry… On the home page, is it posible to link the different banners to relevent pages? I get that you click on the title on the right and that it shows the associated image on the left but where do you click to access more info?

Thanks a lot,


Thank you kindly for your comments. As this is my first template I made for ThemeForest I obviously didn’t include everything. I will upgrade the template now and inform you when you can check the contact form as well.

As for the glider – you can put any html into box. It supports HTML , Flash, iframes and can be additionally styled if necessary. For example, you could make the picture to work as link to take you to some relevant sub page. Or you can make the picture smaller and add text under/left/right…

You can read more about the glider I used on http://www.ajaxdaddy.com/demo-glider.html.

I have uploaded additional files. You can already see the form on live preview but I guess it will take few hours before the new updated files will be reviewed and published.

I am showing a slight misallignment in the slider. I am using Firefox 3.

james345 Purchased

I have purchased this file, and to my disappointment I did not find a layout PSD . There is only a banner PSD . I intend to significantly alter colors and spacing. I can manage without a layout PSD , but that would cost me time. That’s against the whole point of purchasing a template.

Please send me an email, I have no idea come how the PSD is not attached since I attached it to the theme and I am sure people at TF would not state PSD is included if there wasn’t one. I will mail you PSD file.

As for the glitch in glider – it should be fixed now.

If anyone else who have purchased the theme did not get the PSD file of the page, please send me an e-mail and I will send it over.

Hi, I also do not have the layout psd..

Please email:


Grimmersnee, I do not have your e-mail address nor does your profile show one. Could you please you contact form under my profile (just send me your e-mail so you don’t expose it publicly here) and I will get you PSD sorted right away.

My email is there. It is grimmersnee@gmail.com.


i like this template, well done.

I really like this theme is there any chance you could convert it to Joomla?

To be honest, I have never done a Joomla template before and it would take me some time to figure it out I guess. But I will check it and if the time permits, I will do it, but I cannot make any promises on estimate.

Don’t worry Kreatorij , it happened to me too. People who bought my theme only had 1 PSD and it was the contact page :P That’s not really good


I have tried to respond to your email, however the server rejected it (could you please check if you have your email written correctly in your profile).

If I understand you correctly, you would like to have the glider on subpage, which shouldn’t be too hard. Just take the template for subpage and name it as index.html and then have the link lead to supages. On the subpage where you want to use the glider, use the index.html template. All divs can be moved around the page. In case you want to have glider on all pages, just use the index template and then replace the left and middle column divs with content div from subpage. I hope this help, otherwise just ask, I will do my best to help you.

Hi, great work. I would like to buy this template but was wondering how easy or hard is it to have the slide show on each page. Is it easy to add more navigation buttons across the top. Regards Andy


1. You can have the slide on each page. Just use the template as on index.html file. Save it as subages and link them accordingly, it should not be too hard. Additionally, you can use the content div from subpage on index or otherwise, just remove the divs for the two leftmost columns and put the wider div from subpage on their place. You can play around with columns in case you need it.

2. As for the menus: they both use ul / li so if you just add another li tag, you have another subpage/corporate menu item.

I tried to make the theme as flexible as possible, so one could easily change everything from colours to layout and I hope it will prove easy enough for you as well. And as always, should you need additional assistance with the theme, please drop me an email, I will do my best to help you solve the issue.