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On the home page , where it said “Welcome to Cold Theme: The ultimate all-in-one template.Create outstanding website or blog in minutes!” and then “Available on Themforest”

Can we change that or put some HTML in there?

I haven’t see where you can change that in the Powerful Admin Panel show case.

Please let me know, so I can go ahead with the purchase.

Love the shortcode!

Great Job!


Of course you can change this text via the admin panel. See this screenshot.

I see there is a “featured” label on all the homepage slider images. Is there a way to turn that off? Thanks – Considering this for a new site that we’re developing.

Yes, you can easily turn it off via the admin panel.

How can I have just the “more details” or “read more” button without the icon in the icon box shortcode

ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.[/icon_box]

so just these two


more_text=”Read more”

if I delete the icon= everything goes

Sorry, but you can’t do this at the moment. Please send me an e-mail – I’ll send you a modified shortcodes file.

Just bought it – How come the home page is setup as the “Home Page”. Where do I go to change the type. I have not pages setup on the site – so its coming from somewhere internal.


Setting up the home page and the blog page is described in the documentation. You have to go to the Settings -> Reading and pick a Front page and a Posts page.

Opps that wasn’t right

this is how it is

[icon_box url=”http://e404themes.com/cold/shortcodes/” more_text=”More details” icon=”preview” ]

so there is the “more details” button but also the the icon “preview” if I delete the icon “preview” the button goes away as well. So how can I just have the more details button


At this moment an icon box has to have an icon. As I said before, I can make a small change for you – please send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a fix.

Sorry I didn’t expect you to post so soon! Do you ever sleep?

Thanks for all your help. I am so loving this theme, your design and the interface. Great work!

Yes, sometimes I sleep. ;) We are probably living in different time zones – it’s 10 AM here.

I’ve send you an e-mail with a solution.

Hi, I use the plugin WPtouch and after I switched to cold theme work my articles are no longer mobile. Already have a request to the plugin maker but I thought you might know something about it.


To be honest, I’ve never used WPtouch plugin, so I don’t know how it works and how our theme can interfere with it. Please let me know via an e-mail (it’s a faster way) what the plugin author say about this issue and I’ll try to help you if it’s a theme issue.

Hello. Really great theme! Is there a way to create a short slider for the home page? This would allow for maybe a widget or plugin on one side of the slider. Thanks.

In this theme sliders have a constant width and there is no easy way to change it. Sorry.

I just installed the them to an existing WP website and cannot get anything but text to show on the home page- no slider or boxes. I have already created a slider, named it in the home page options for accordion and nivo- it just shows nothing. The featured boxes all have text, etc. but do not show either.

I have a static page set to the home page with just a little text on it and that is all that shows. Any ideas? I have the latest version of WP installed. teenroadtosafety.com is the site, however, since it’s a live site I will have to revert back to the original theme if I can’t get this home page working in the next couple of hours.

I can help you with the configuration. Please create a temporary account and send me an e-mail with login informations.

Now that is what I call support! Thank you. Emailed it to you.

In case anyone out there has this same problem it was user error. Make sure you choose the correct ‘home’ template on whatever static page you choose.

Any future plans to make this an html template? I have the perfect project in mind but they use classic asp so it would need to be in html, not php/wp.

Sorry, we don’t have any plans to release this theme as a HTML template.

Hi! One more question… Can the feature box titles and boxes be turned off? Thanks!

Yes, you can turn off featured boxes. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off slider titles in the Nivo Slider, but I can add this feature for you.

Great theme, and it works really well but was hoping to see a bit more documentation unless I’m missing something on http://e404themes.com/cold/. It is early days though. A couple of questions:
  • Can I remove the Featured tag on the home page?
  • Are there any options to modify the [gallery] short code? I’d like to specify height/width of thumbnails
  • Is it possible to change the default distance between the top of the page so I can have a large custom logo i.e. where the coldtheme logo is by default?
I’m a WP beginner but put http://www.uberchicboutique.com:9080/ together in a couple of days so I’m impressed.

1. To remove the Featured slider ribbon go to the Appearance -> Theme Options -> Home Page Options and uncheck the “Show Slider Ribbon” option.

2. You can change the gallery thumbnails size in the Settings -> Media panel (Thumbnail size).

3. You can adjust the header height by adding the following code in Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):

#header { min-height: 200px; }

Try to change the 200px value to fit your logo height.

Great – thanks for the quick response. Everything seemed to work fine except for the CSS change. I’ll experiment a bit more but its not the highest thing on the priority list right now.

I can help you with adjusting the header height to your logo – create a temporary account for me and send me an e-mail with login informations.


I’d like to install the theme but when I activate I get an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/www/xxxxxxxx/wp-content/themes/cold/lib/meta-box.php on line 33

Can you help me please ?



You server runs PHP 4 and our theme requires PHP 5 . Please ask your hosting provider for a PHP upgrade.

RUN !!!

thank you for your prompt response !

It is a very beautiful Theme. My Blog is ok now.


Thanks you :)

i am really enjoying this theme, everything works!!! the only thing i need to change is the blog page, i only want certain categories to appear… how do i change this? what page is the blog using or can i change it to special template. i like the blog shortcodes but can you choose a specific category as well? cheers

The blog page is using the Default Template. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to show only certain blog categories, you have to modify the template file – if you need my help please create a temporary account and send me an e-mail with login informations.

hi can i have black and white theme?

Do you mean a white text on a black background? This theme is designed for a light background, but you can change its color to the dark one by modifying CSS stylesheet. Unfortunately, some theme elements (for example dropcaps) won’t look very well on a black background.

How can I get the contact page to look exactly like yours?

And do you have demo content for uploading? I need to show the client quickly what “his” site will look like and it goes faster if there is demo content to go off of. Thanks and great template!

The sample content file is in the ‘sample content’ folder and the import process is described in the documentation. This is almost the same content you can see on our demo page, including the contact page.

Like the theme! I’m about to purchase the theme, but have a few questions:

Home page slider: Does the Home page slider have the option to… 1. ...link to content? 2. ...turn off caption?

Shortcodes: There’s the [recent_posts] shortcode. Is it possible to set a post category for the shortcode? For example [recent_posts category="news"] .

Would be great if these option were implemented or if you could help me with this.

Thanks, Sam

You can add a target URL to each slide in the slider and you can turn off captions.

At this moment the [recent_posts] shortcode doesn’t allow to choose a certain category, but I can make this modification for you.

Thanks for the fast reply!

I just purchased the theme and come back to your offer to customize the shortcode for me. I will write through your contact page and give you my email address.


Thank you for the purchase. I’ll send you a modified shortcode as soon as possible.

Great theme. Love it so far. I have one big issue. I can’t get the Nivo slider to work. The anything slider works, but not the Nivo slider.

I have two slides set up under one slide show titled benefits. I have Homepage options set to nivo slider and slideshow to display in slider set to benefits. Can you please help?

Site is rinsehopper.com

Did you set the featured image for each of your slides?