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Hi, do you have a tutorial for Nivo slide shows please ?


No, I don’t have any tutorials. The slider creation process is described in the theme documentation.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Hi, I have looked at the documentation and have one issue however, the permalink sets itself automatically to

"Permalink: http://........co.uk/blog/slide/home-page-slide-show/"

Should this not be just “http://....co.uk ” for the homepage slider ?

I have changed the slide options target url to the above ?

Sorry If I have missed something.


Don’t look at slides permalinks – they don’t have their own pages. Target URL is an URL the slide is linking to (you’ll see after you publish the slide and add it to your website).

Got it, many Thanks !!

Hi E404 , I’ve got a strange problem with the sliders. I all ready set the different pics for the nivo slider with succes, and today I decided to add a new slide, but impossible to make it appear. I can see the title, but no picture. I did everything correctly, I dont understand ! Any idea ? Thanks. François

I can’t see any issues – all images has the width of 930px and the height of 300px and they fit your slider.

Not really, my last image seem too big, just check the text. And I’ve set the right dimension .

It’s not too big – it’s upscalled and cropped to fit the slider. This image has the height of 270px and the slider height is 300px. Slider images should have the height of at least 300px to avoid upscalling and/or cropping.

Also can you add a mobile template that matches the full size template?

No, I don’t have plans to release a mobile template.

Hello! I am having trouble configuring the Nivo Slider. I tried like the guide says but I do not see anything on screen, there is no way to make it work. Could you check what is happening? Thank you! www.tifligaoeste.com.ar

I can’t see your website.

Did you pick the Home Page template for your home page? Did you set featured images for all your slides?

Sorry, the plugin Coming Soon was enabled, you can now see it. I did everything you say and still does not work. Could you take a look? Thanks!


I still can see only the ‘Coming soon’ page…

Hello again e404 ! How can I add different portfolio page ? I want to have two portfolio page and make sur e that the pictures 1 will be only appear on my portfolio page N°1 and not showing in the other portfolio page n°2. I trye with categorie without success. Any idea ? Thanks again.. François

You can have only one portfolio page. However you can use portfolio categories to show your visitors the certain group of your portfolio items.

Hi! I can’t set the slider in the homepage. I cannot understand in which way I should insert the slides, or the photos, for the slider, and in general for a slideshow.

The slider creation process is described in the theme documentation.

You need to create a new slide (Slides menu), set a title and a featured image and publish it. Then you need to pick a Home Page template for your home page and pick a slider type and a slideshow (optional) in the admin panel (Theme Options -> Home Page Options). If you have any troubles with that I can create one simple slide for you – just send me an e-mail with your WP admin login and password.

Thank you for the answer! i figure out how to mange the slides! it was making me crazy!

Is there a way to place text to the right of the Gallery with custom images and slideshow on a full length page?

I’m not sure which gallery you mean, but it is possible with columns (for example two_third for slider and one_third for text).


I am having some problems getting the twitter feed (inserted on the home page using the twitter shortcode) to load every time. It loads sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. It seems to load fine as a widget. Any idea why this is and how to solve it?

Can you send me an e-mail with your WP admin login and password? I’ll take a look at this issue.

Yes, but need your email address then :-)

Please use the contact form on our profile page.

hi I cannot see the 3 text box at the bottom of my template, even though I filled them in.

What boxes do you mean? Can you show me an example?

Is it possible to make an icon_box with link open in a new window?

Thanks for the quick reply! That would be great. I’m customizing the theme for a friend (that’s why I’m not listed as a buyer), but any help concerning the modification would be great.

Edit the ‘inc/shortcodes.php’ file, find the following line:
$output .= '<a href="'.$url.'">'.$title.'</a>';
and add target=”_blank”:
$output .= '<a target="_blank" href="'.$url.'">'.$title.'</a>';

Awesome! I had to modify it a bit beyond that, I wanted it to be specific and not on every icon_box, but was able to add ‘target’ to the array:

extract(shortcode_atts(array('icon' => '', 'url' => '', 'target' => '', 'title' => '', 'caption' => '', 'more_text' => ''), $atts));

...making it an option, then writing that second line as:

$output .= '<a href="'.$url.'" target="'.$target.'">'.$title.'</a>';

Worked perfect! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

it’s ok, was just tired… found the answer

Hello. I’ve got a problem with the sliders: I can’t see any image in the sliders, in any of them. First I tested the site with the template you include in the downloaded file to learn from it and everything worked. But now I started with the clean template and started adding the sliders by myself,and nothing.

The process as is writen in the doc: -I create a Slideshow with a name. -Then varoius sliders, checked small box of the slideshow before created, added a featured image (tested from nextgen, media gallery, and directly uploaded from the computer). -On the theme options/Homepage options I’ve tested all 4 sliders..

But then.. I can see only the shape of each slider options (dots, arrows, the shadow.. ) but where the image should display, everything is in white..

Do you have any idea why?

I had another template from you (Natural) for other client’s website and I don’t have this problem (just happens with nextgen, but not with media or uploaded images). That’s why I don’t understand what’s wrong.


Are you sure you have set a featured image for each of your slides? Did you change the cache folder permissions to 755 or 777? Can you send me your website URL ?

What the hell? I’m sorry. :P I’m a disaster. I had another problem with the images before and you toldme to set the cache perrmissions to 777 and then it was solved. But now, as I did a clean installation, I forgot this process!! Thankyou very much.


Today morning, I upgraded my webpage to WordPress 3.4 and now it does not work on a pretty photo…. :-o http://premiumapartman.hu a different side of me is not updated, it works properly http://apartmany-budapest.sk/

what do you think, what is the problem ???

please help me…

Thank you very much

The fix is ready and will be sent to ThemeForest later today.

A new theme version is already available. It contains a WordPress 3.4 compatibility fix. The full changelog can be found in the item description.

Slider issues. I did the 3.4 update and noticed that the sliders aren’t working. The homepage slider shows the shadow (and the spacing) but not the images. The page where I have a smaller slider also shows the spacing but the images aren’t showing. I have the images set as the featured image in each slide. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Site=Mudstone

We have released a new theme version with a WordPress 3.4 fix. Please upgrade your theme installation.