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I need to remove the sidebar from the content page. Inead idea ? Thanks

If you mean a regular page, you can use the page template without the sidebar.

Hello, I have made too many custom adaptations to just upgrade the theme. Is there a detailled changelog about the fix for Wordpress 3.4 concerning the slides ? I guess it’s about wp_enqueue_script stuff. As i can’t download the n-1 version, i can’t do any comparison. Thanks

Please send me an email using the contact form on our profile page and I’ll send you instructions (ThemeForest comments system breaks pasted code).

Hi e404.

In my portfolio, I’ve selected a sortable template. I’ve seen when the page loads, it loads with all the portfolio, but I’d like it to load with just one specific category. I’ve used a plugin to arrange (not alphabetically) the order of the categories in the top list, and I’ve quit the “All” button from the list disabling it in the php file. But I don’t know how to load the portfolio with just the category I want. Is it possible to do it? If so, could yo help me with that?

Cheers, Tim.


Now I understand – thanks for a clarification. :)

Try to do that with a little trick. Edit the ‘js/sortable.js’ file and at the very end add the following code:
Replace ‘your-category-slug’ with the slug of the category you want to start with.

It works now!. Thanks.

But then, I still see the All in the category bar… How can I remove it? not Just the “All” text (I found how to do it) but removing the area still clickable that remains there (but does nothing ‘coz I got rid of ‘reel=”all”’ in the line 15 of 4-columns-sortable.php)

Thanks again.


Did you try to remove the line 15 entirely?

It works now!. Thanks.

But then, I still see the All in the category bar… How can I remove it? not Just the “All” text (I found how to do it) but removing the area still clickable that remains there (but does nothing ‘coz I got rid of ‘reel=”all”’ in the line 15 of 4-columns-sortable.php)

Thanks again.


Yes, I did bfore, but then, the fix you told me to do in the sortable.js doesn’t work, and the underline that follows the categories in the bar stops moving as well.. :/

Please try to add one more line to a code I gave you – the complete code should look like this:
Let me know if it works. If it doesn’t, please send me an email with your FTP login details and your website URL – I’ll try to figure something out.

Awesome! It works! Thanks for your help.

Here is my site anyway if you want to have a look: www.cgmaniac.com

Cheers! Tim

After updating my gallery no longer does the nice standard gallery window with arrows and image number. It just opens the image in a new browser window. How can i get it to go back?

I suppose you are talking about updating WordPress to version 3.4. If so, please update the theme to the latest version – it contains the fix for WordPress 3.4.

Ah yes! Thank you.

My sliders just disappeared a few days ago and I cannot fix. IMages are there and cache folder is 777… must be a timthumb issue?? I change to other sliders and it images just do not show up. Please help.

I suppose you have updated WordPress to the latest (3.4) version. If so, please update you theme installation – the latest theme version contains the fix for WordPress 3.4.

Hello… I just upgraded the theme and Wordpress today and now none of my google fonts are working. What could be my problem? Thanks.

Can you send me your website URL ?


Great theme by the way. I am having difficulty when adding posts to my site. I add the Featured Image when creating each post and this displays on the main blog page along with the text exert before the ‘Inert more tag’. But when I then click to view the individual post, the featured image is not shown and only the text is visible for each post. Is there a setting I need to change to make sure the Featured Image appear at the top of each blog post?

Thanks in advance


Featured images are not shown on the single post page – this is intentional. I can help you with adding featured images to the single post page – just send me an email with your WP admin panel login and password.

Where does this theme store the styling options set via the “theme options” admin menu?

Randomly the image in the nivio slider on the home page stopped displaying. So I logged in, erased it and re-uploaded the image and things looked good. I then saw that Wordpress needed updating to the most recent version, so proceeded to update. Update seemed to go off without a hitch, but afterwards I noticed every single option I had set for the theme (via the admin are menu) had been reset.

All of the styling was gone, the content I had produced for the home page featured boxes had been replaced with the theme’s stock content, logo had been replaced by the cold theme logo, and everything else looked as if I had just installed the theme.

The content of my pages/posts and uploaded images are still intact (luckily), but every theme related thing was erased. I have no clue what happened, but it appears as if there is a big issue with upgrading wordpress here. Can anyone else confirm this?

The theme options are stored in the WordPress options table.

Upgrading the theme or WodPress doesn’t erase theme options – it’s just impossible. Are you sure you didn’t restore default options by yourself?

Thanks for your quick response!

How do you restore all the theme options to defaults in one click? I havent seen this option (nor would I ever want to use it!), but am pretty confident I did not select it.

I have no clue what happened, but this was a systematic reset of the theme options, while leaving everything else intact. I’m not saying this is 100% the themes fault…but I do not know how I would have caused it.

Just wanted to point this out. I love the theme and have been very happy with it, but if there is an ability to reset all of the themes options somewhere I think it may need to be revised—at least such that it asks you to confirm one or twice that you really are trying to reset everything (because an unexpected reset like this, on a theme we’ve manually altered most of the colors and such, is devastating). If indeed I somehow reset things myself, I got no warning or option to “abort” the reset.


On the Theme Options screen there is a ‘Reset Options’ button, but this action requires a confirmation – so I don’t think you did it.

It’s really hard to say why all your theme options are missing. We have sold almost 2,000 themes, all of them use the same options script, and none of our customers had this kind of problem. In general the WordPress update should not touch custom options at all (a lot of themes and plugins use them), so your situation is really (I mean really) strange. I hope you did a backup before upgrading WordPress.

Hi there! I would like to use different images at ‘Image > Lightbox’ for ‘image url’ en ‘target url’. The thumb must be different than the (large) image. Somehow this doesn’t work. Can you tell me what goes wrong?


Try to use the code from our demo website:
[lightbox href="http://your-domain.com/large-image.jpg" title="Example image"][image size="small"]http://your-domain.com/thumbnail-image.jpg[/image][/lightbox]

This is a great theme. Is there an easy way to update the Nivo slider to version 3.0?

The Nivo Slider will be updated to the latest version in a next theme update. We didn’t test it yet, but you can try to replace the ‘js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js’ file with the new one.

Hi there, I just updated to the WP version 3.4 and updated the theme as well and the Nivo Slider won’t load any slides. I reverted to the old theme, which seems to work fine on 3.4 to fix the slider issue.

The site: http://reachphysio.com/

Any ideas what’s going on?

It’s hard to say what could be the reason of your issue without looking at your website when this issue happens.

In the portfolio 4 columns sortable, I can click once on a category, but when I want to switch to another category the images won’t update. I can see the new links however over the old images. How can I sove this?

I changed it to another layout (4 columns), updated it, then changed it back to 4 columns sortable and stangely now it works fine. Thanks for the quick response!

For some curious reason I now have the same problem again: www.verblackt.com at the “fotos” I have 2 categories. When I select one I can’t select another category.

Your portfolio works for me with no problems.

I purchased your theme and just love it. The problem I am having is any calendar plugin that I use on my website does not repeat any of my dates. I’ve turned off every other plugin in my wordpress site and still the problem persists. Only way I can get the calendars to repeat correctly is turning off Cold Theme and turning on the default Wordpress theme. Any chance you would know what is causing this conflict with every single calendar plugin I have tried. My website calendar link is here.

Please try to add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#aec-container div { position: static; }

is there a way to add Pinterest to Social Networks & RSS field?

If you mean social header icons, then yes, it’s possible. Please send me an email and I’ll send you instructions.

Footer copyright and powered by have disappeared. Go to http://lastingimpressionsconcrete.co ... need to get it back, any help is appreciated.

I have already answered to your email about this issue.

I never saw it come through, could have landed in spam and was deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience, can you please resend or comment here? Appreciate your help.

Did you change your footer settings in the theme options panel? Did you modify your ‘footer.php’ file? Could you send me your WP admin panel login and password?

I don’t believe I changed any Footer settings, all still look to be in tact in both the Theme Options and PHP files. I’ll email you login info.

You have modified the ‘footer.php’ file (that’s why the copyright info is missing). Please upload the original footer.php file to your server.


In the mobile mode I don’t see any social icons and the top positioned phone number. Is it OK? I’d love to see them all.

Second: watching blog is different on the desktop mode and narrow (mobile) mode. You can check it even with your browser, just resize it

I don’t think your question is related to the Cold Theme, because this theme doesn’t have a mobile version and it’s not responsive.