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Hi, please could you help me, i really would like the top nav menu to align to the left of the header instead of the right. i have tried alsorts of things with it but i cant get it to align to the left.


Add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.sf-menu { float: left; }

Perfect, thanks. one other thing is that i cannot get my favicon to work and i do not want it to show the word press logo on my home page. do you have any suggestions as i have uploaded through the theme option > general settings

You can upload your favicon to the theme folder or use some third party plugin (for example this one).


There is any way that the Cold Theme can be responsive?

Do you know a good plugin will do the the theme comparable with smart phones and tablets?

WP Touch is not working with your theme. It shows all the shortcodes code.

Please let me know.

Thank you EWS

I’m sorry, but we don’t have plans to make the Cold Theme responsive.

I didn’t personally test WPtouch with this theme, but I know that few of our customers are using it. I can try to help you with the configuration if you like.

Hi, please could you help me. I would like to limit the number of tags that appear in the “cold post tags” widget. have looked at the PHP file and couldn’t figure out where to add an array or edit an existing one.

Edit the ‘inc/widgets.php’ file, find the following line:
$tags = get_tags();
and replace it with:
$tags = get_tags(array('number' => 10));
You can check all available params here.

Thank you very much. is there also a way to display the post’s tags at the bottom of the related post?

Everything is possible, but I don’t know how you added related posts (the theme doesn’t have such feature). In general, you can display widget in any place in a template by using the the_widget function (the class name you should use is e404_Widget_Tags).

Hi great theme, just 1 suggestion. When using the image shortcode instead of inserting a url for the image, rather change it to where you can choose an image from your media library instead.

I’m glad you like the theme. Thanks for a suggestion. :)

Hi there, I’ve got an issue where all the thumbnails on my portfolio page or [recent_works_images] show up as broken links. I discovered that Jetpack is the problem. Is there a fix coming where the theme and jetpack will get along :D

As far as I know, the only Jetpack feature that doesn’t work with TimThumb (image scalling script) is Photon, so you need to disable this feature in Jetpack settings.

Thank you :D

Hi e404, Will this theme be compatible with wordpress 3.6 when it pushes out? I am getting ready to update my theme as I’m on version 1.11 of cold and thought I’d just check to see if you had tested it on wp 3.6 yet?

- Thanks in advance

I’ve already tested all our themes with 3.6-RC2 and I didn’t find any issues.

Perfect, that’s good news. I’ll start updating.

- Thanks again

How about 3.8? I’m currently on 3.7.1 and all is well but now that 3.8 is out I thought I’d see if you had tested? – Let me know. Thanks

I tested the theme on 3.8 and it works with no problems. As usual, don’t forget to make a complete backup of your website before upgrading.

Good to hear, will do. Thanks

Hey there! Great theme!

I was wondering how I could go about getting rid of the current twitter feed on the homepage and replacing it with the Twitter version of widget (that can be copy-pasted from their site). Is there a way to do this?

Thanks you!

Just paste the code of the Twitter widget into the page content or into the standard text widget (if you want to use this widget in the sidebar).

Nevermind! I think I’ve got it.


Hi there! Your theme look great. I was referred to you by The Pixel Wizard.

My question: Is the Cold Theme Responsive?

Thanks, Christine :)

No, the Cold theme is not responsive.

Hi e404,

I am having an issue with the contact form 7. I am not receiving any messages sent from the form. But after sending a message from the website it says the message was sent successfully. Please help with this issue. Also is the theme Wordpress 9 compatible?


Thanks Scott

Hi e404,

I got the contact form working, but for some reason the field for “Your Email” is not showing up. It’s there just not visible. Please see here—> http://scotthilldesign.com/contact/ Any idea what this could be?

The “problem” with email fields is that Contact Form 7 generates HTML5 tags by default and the theme uses HTML4. Add the following code to the theme ‘functions.php’ file:

add_filter('wpcf7_support_html5', '__return_false');

Thanks that corrected the issue!


I was wondering if you could help me out. I have recently taken this site on which is being used by a charity. They have been using your theme for a while, however they have discovered a problem with it.

If you view one of the individual post pages, the images that are visible in the post editor are not visible on the published post. The same goes for if I add a gallery short code. It seems that images can’t be displayed in a post :(

Please could you help us get this sorted for the charity.

Thanks for your swift reply.

I have just edited the page now and removed the link and just inserted the image. It appears in the visual editor but no on the post.

Here is what is in the text section:

<img class="size-medium wp-image-689" title="test" alt="IMG_0460" src="http://www.thezambiaproject.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_0460-225x300.jpg" width="225" height="300" />

When you view the image direct via the url, it is visible, but not in the post.

I need to login to your WP admin panel to check what’s the problem, but in my opinion it’s not a problem with the theme. Please send me your WP admin panel login and password using the contact form on our profile page.

Please use the account which has been used to purchase the theme – we are providing the support only for verified customers.

Thanks again for your response.

Unfortunately, I have no clue about the account used to purchase the theme. We literally took over this site just a couple of hours ago as a favour to get it sorted quickly for the charity.

If i send you login details via my account, would you still take a look? Many thanks in advance.

Works on WP 3.9 ?

Yes, it does.

Hi e404

I updated to Wordpress 4.2.1 and all my portfolio posts and homepage slider posts are now all mixed up and not in the correct order anymore. Please let me know to fix this so these items are in the correct order again.

Thanks Scott

Please send me your website URL and your WP admin panel login and password using the contact form on our profile page – I need to take a closer look at this issue.

Thanks for the support… all issues corrected!


acaweb Purchased

My client updated her site to the newest version of wordpress and now the theme shortcodes and site settings are not responding. Please advise.


e404 Author

Please send me the website URL and WP admin panel login and password using the contact form on our profile page.