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The new theme update is ready for the download. It fixes the IE navigation background issue. Full changelog can be found in the theme description.

Hey Im on the brink of buying this theme but I need one question answered:

Can I embed YouTube and Vimeo Videos in the anything slider?

Get back to me asap please, this is a very nice theme and I want to get started.

I’m glad it works for you. :)

Is there a way i can remove the home page search field on the top right, and embed it elsewhere? At least just remove it?

Go to the Theme Options and check the “Disable Search Form” option.



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hi, where is the configuration of the box in homepage, can i expand this in a number of item.


What box do you mean?

In our demo nemed : 8 Custom Widgets, Support for Contact Form 7, 72 Icon Boxes, Slide Show, Google web font, PrettyPhoto.

where can i modificated this? can i expand in the number of item?

These boxes are made using shortcodes. You can import our sample content file to check how it’s done or look into ‘home_page.txt’ file, located in the ‘sample data’ folder (this file was added in the last theme update). Of course you can make as many boxes as you want.


Hi there,

I bought the theme and I really love it! The setup is a breeze.

But.. I have a question. On the demo site you’re showing ‘recent works’ and ‘recent blog posts’ on the home page, and I can’t figure out how to do that.

Can you tell me how this works?

[edit] Wait, suddenly I found it in the documentation. Never mind :)

There are shortcodes to show recent works and recent posts. Please look into ‘home_page.txt’ file, located in the ‘sample content’ folder.

Hello, I demo’d this theme for a client today who loved it. Hopefully I will buy it soon and I look forward to the ‘extensive customer support’ as promised which, judging from the comments, you are absolutely following through with :). It’s a great theme full of features and I’d love to have it.

I’m glad you like it and I hope you’ll enjoy working with it. :) We’re doing our best to help our customers.

I like what I see so far from your theme, however I need to have 2 different blog pages, based on the category of the post. Is there a shortcode or something that I can insert into a page that will pull the posts from particular categories? Maybe I missed something!

That didn’t make any difference, can you elaborate or do you have any other ideas? This is a make or break function for the project.

Well actually it caused a server error and the page wouldn’t load, but not what I was going for!

So it looks like it requires some more customizations to work. Please send me an e-mail with login informations (FTP and WordPress accounts) and I’ll try to help you over the weekend.

I have an issue where the pictures loaded into the slide show appear as broken links, this even happens when i load up everythig in the demo kit.

Can you send me an URL of your website?

This issue is caused by TimThumb (scaling script), which for some reason can’t run on your webserver. Please make sure that your ‘themes/cold/cache’ folder has the right permissions (755 or 777). If it won’t help, please ask your hosting provider to add the following rules [1234234, 340151, 340153] to mod_security for your website (more details here).

Looking fwd to using this great theme, I’ve bought it and downloaded, but Wordpress won’t accept the ZIP file when I try to upload it …. any clues/tips? Thanks, Sav

There are two methods of installing the theme, all of them are described in the documentation. I suppose you’re trying to upload the ZIP file you have downloaded from ThemeForest, and you should use the ZIP file which is located inside downloaded file.


I like your theme. There is just one thing I can’t figure out: I like to pull the latest blog posts on to the Homepage. But I can’t find from where I do that. I do have 2 test blog posts at this time. Where do I tell the template to pull the 3 latest blog posts on to the landing home page?

Thank you for your help.


If you want to show your latest posts like on our demo site, you should use the [recent_posts_images] shortcode. You can also use the [recent_posts] shortcode, which displays latest posts in the different way (see examples).

Please remember that you can see how everything is done on our demo website by importing the sample content file or looking into ‘sample content/home_page.txt’ file.

Hi Great theme, how do i edit, create code, for the map on the contact page

To put a map on your website you should use the [map] shortcode. Look into the ‘contact_page.txt’ file, located in the ‘sample content’ folder. It contains the code used on our demo website.


This is a great theme – many thanks – I’m trying to use the scrollable feature without html links – is there any way I can disable the link to the image or even better add a link that redirects to an external web page?

Thanks again

It can’t be done. But please send me an e-mail – I’ll try to help you with shortcode modifications.

Outstanding personal support!

Thanks again

The menu background is now showing up in IE. I see that you fixed this with the recent update, but I just purchased the theme. Do I still need to apply an update?



Can you send me the URL of your website? I’ll look at this.

I’ve sent you an e-mail with the solution.


The new theme update (1.5) is ready for a download. It fixes some small IE issues, the post author info box issue and adds missing styles for password form fields.

Can you provide a list of the files that have been updated, in the changelog? I’ve been tweaking several theme files and don’t want to overwrite them.

Thanks, and great theme!

The changelog is located in the documentation folder.

I’m trying to use the icon link boxes without the “read more” button. Is this possible?

I also found this shortcode in the theme’s documentation:

link type=”icon-type” url=”http://your-domain.com”

I assumed that this would do something similar, but I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried adding icon=”abacus” as well as link type=”abacus”.



Perfect. Thanks for that.

I’d like to make some of these icons white. They would look much better when used in a colored button. I created a white version of the tag icon and placed it in the bullets folder. I then added the following to the style sheet:

.ico-tagwhite,.ico-tagwhite li {background-image: url(‘images/bullets/tagwhite.png’);}

What else am I missing?

Sorry to be so needy!


You have to edit your ‘inc/shortcodes.php’ file and add your new icon name to the $icon_types_normal array (for [list] and [link] shortcodes) or $icons array (for [icon_button] and [icon_box] shortcodes).

Beautiful! Thanks.

What custom css can i throw in to make the social links a custom color? I need it to be whiter than the stock white, doesnt show up too well.


Did you try to change these icons opacity in the admin panel (Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Header Social Icons Opacity)? Please remember to check the “Enable the theme customization” option first.

I’m trying it but it wont change anything. I’ve entered numbers like: 0.85 / 85 and 1.00 / 100.

They either completely disappear or dont show any change.

Please send me an e-mail – I’ll try to help you with this issue.


Is there any custom CSS to reduce the margin between the NIVO slider and the main menu above? I’d like to make the top margin of the NIVO slider slides almost directly under the menu.

Is there any custom CSS to reduce the margin between the feature boxes and the main wrapper? I’d like them to extend and be even with main wrapper.


1. There is no easy way to do this – sorry.

2. Try to add the following code into your Custom CSS box (Theme Options ->Styling Options):
#featured { margin-bottom: 0 }
You can also try to do that with the ‘padding-bottom’, but it will break the shadow below featured boxes.