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Got a slider image quality issue.

It looks like the images used on the slider are generated by timthumb – but it seems like they are set to a lower quality that the max quality, but I could just be going crazy.

If I am correct can you tell me where to set the quality to 100% – I don’t see the ‘q=’ setting anywhere in the code.

Thanks in advance.

Please open the ‘inc/tools.php’ file and in the e404_img_scale function change the returned string to:
return OF_DIRECTORY.'/lib/timthumb.php?src='.$img.'&q=100&w='.$width.'&h='.$height.'&zc='.$crop;

first up, great work with the theme.. well designed and well supported.

I have a easy question for you.. How do I enable the ‘Home’ button on the main menu?

You have to add the home page link to the top menu (Appearance -> Menus).

How do i remove the RSS in the admin part?

you really shouldn’t do that or at least write it in big bold letters you know we are mostly webmasters redesigning for our clients.

Edit your ‘functions.php’ file and remove the following line:

I’ve decided to include this dashboard widget because there is no way to inform customers about theme updates.

OK. Since you can’t reduce the margin between NIVO slider and menu, can you tell me how to align the menu to the slider or main wrapper edge.


Add the following code into the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.sf-menu { margin-right: 10px; }
Of course you should adjust the margin size.

Hi again. Is it possible to remove the search box and replace with some other html, image, etc..I’d like to place shipping or contact information in that space.


You can remove the search form by checking “Disable Search Form” option (Theme Options -> General Settings).

Tried to adjust menu margin using your custom css. Tried various margin sizes. Didn’t work. Any suggestions?

It works for me. It changes the margin between the last menu item and the menu container.

Hi e404,

I have uncovered an issue. It seems when I add an apostrophe to the headline in one of the Feature Boxes, it inadvertently adds one or more ‘back-slashes’! Odd. Can this be resolved?

Also the Breadcrumb only shows ‘HOME > ‘Page’.. and not the ‘breadcrumb’ how’s that?

Please send me an e-mail so I can send you a modified file.

About breadcrumbs: this is how it works. How do you suppose it to looks like?

Morning sir.

Do you see a page-template with a left and right sidebar in Cold Theme’s future?


There are already page templates with left and right sidebar in the Cold Theme. They are named “Single page with left sidebar” and “Single page with right sidebar”.

Indeed, but I’m hoping for a single page template with both a left and right sidebar. I suppose I could figure out how to make it, but if you were already considering it in the future…I can wait!

At this moment I’m not considering the page template with two sidebars – sorry.

Got it to work. Great support!

Thanks for all the great support! Is there a way to have the footer within the main wrapper?

Please send me an e-mail with the following informations:

1. Do you want to keep the copyright box (below the footer) or remove it entirely? 2. If you want to keep the copyright box, do you want to move the footer with or without it?


how do I get the contact field in the Footer Widget Area?

It’s mentioned in the documentation. You have to install the Contact Form 7 and the Contact Form 7 Widget plugins.

now that you say

Is it required to use the timthumb script on this theme? Can it be disabled?


It can’t be disabled, because it’s used in shortcodes and sliders. But you can try and see how it will work – just edit ‘inc/tools.php’ file, find the ‘e404_img_scale’ function and add the following line at the beginning of the function code:
return $src;
Sorry, I’ve made a mistake in the code above. Please try to add this:
return $img;

No joy, the slider images just disappear.

I thought timthumb was uncessary these days as Wordpress now has it’s own resizing function?

OK thanks. Generally I do build pages with standard HTML rather than using other wordpress content features…if timthumb has to scale the slider then I suppose I can live with that.

A more standard question…how do I change the opacity for the nivo caption? Tried to add the code but it’s getting overridden somewhere.


Go to the Theme Options -> Nivo Slider Options and change the Caption Opacity value. It works only for sliders, not for the Nivo shortcode.

Ah, missed that.

Thanks for the support

Hi, I bought this theme thinking there was a shortcode generator but there isnt and am having a bit of a nightmare with it since my clients are not so savvy. i have a few issues. the portfolio, i want to change the name to ‘shops’, i have made categories for these shops and also added tags, when you click on a tag though, it always takes you to a 404 page.

basically, i think renaming the link portfolio to anything other than portfolio, it messes everything up, so here again, its not working for me.

I also want to add galleries of images categorised under different event dates, really dont know how to do this inorder to keep it as simple as pie for clients.

the abscene of a shortcode generotr is a bit of a pain cos you always have to refer back to documentation to see how anything is done, any help would be appreciated.

In the theme description there is no word about a shortcode generator, so I don’t know why did you think that it’s included. Of course I can help you with configuration, but the e-mail will be much more comfortable way.

About portfolio issues – please make sure that you have picked your portfolio page in the Theme Options -> Portfolio Settings. It’s described in the documentation.

This theme uses standard built-in WordPress galleries, so for example you can create a few pages for each event gallery.

If you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail.


I am trying to set up the Nivo Slider, but the images won’t display. I have scaled them to be 930×300px, and have inserted them as ‘featured images’ in the slides section (and in a slideshow). I have also set the settings under theme options to be ‘nivo slider’ for the homepage and checked the corresponding slideshow. Do you have any suggestions/ suggestions to fix this problem?


Please create a temporary account for me and send me an e-mail with login informations – I’ll look at this.

Where can I find your e-mail address?

I’ve sent you an e-mail with an answer.

I found another “great theme” Thank you very much for your hard work and a big plus for staying on top of our comments. Great Job!

How do I get two pictures in the gallery short codes to each other, “Like Grouped Images on the Demo Side?

Images displayed by the Gallery shortcode are grouped by default. If you want to group any images, add the group=”group_name” param to the [image] shortcode (see the code above the example).

hi i have a couple of questions regarding the theme

1. How do i disable the three seperate background colour sections and use just one big image covering the whole screen?

2. if i keep the top header image, how do i put a background image in the middle section alighned top, leaving the footer wrapper as a colour?

3. How do i change the actual page colour?


1. Add the following code into the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
body { background-image: url("../images/bg/abstraction6.png"); }
#header_wrapper { background: transparent; }
#footer_wrapper { background: transparent; }
3. Add the following code into the Custom CSS box:
#main_wrapper { background: #ccc; }

How can I make each Featured Box have its own background and background-hover color?

In other words, I want to change how it currently has 2 colors that alternate and share the same hover background color.


Sorry, but it can’t be done in an easy way, because it requires some modifications in the function that generates featured boxes and modifications of corresponding CSS styles.

e404 – thanx a bunch for the code – that’s well cool! :)