ColdFusion HTML Fullscreen Video Image Audio

ColdFusion HTML Fullscreen Video Image Audio

Revolutionary theme series goes on by Cold Fusion A great design by combining power of HTML5 and CSS3 with latest upgrades which gives you a superior control ability on multimedia such background control with images, videos and music. If you want to provide a comfortable experience to visitors with not reloading , fast and responsive theme, Cold Fusion is right choice!

And you can find wordpress theme version from this link Wordpress Theme

Special features

  • Enhanced with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Responsive mobile support
  • Reloadless page option
  • Fresh looking Scroll Bar
  • With “No more Modal Window”, you can surf amongst the visual contents
  • Optimized features for IPhone, Ipad and Android devices
  • Portfolio filter
  • Deeplink Support
  • 12 columns design options
  • BG image stretching (optional)
  • Video backgrounds can be started as paused (optional)
  • Valid HTML5
  • Google fonts support
  • Contact form validation
  • Google map
  • Share Icons
  • Easy setup
  • Help documents

Embedded media player

Cold Fusion has it’s own media player without using lightbox etc. support.

Improved mobile browser support

Pinchin and swipe images with your Android, Iphone and Ipad.


The music and Images are not included with the item. However you can purchase it from brandtz

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