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You have not response to my comment…!

will this work on asp.net server?


Hi @ tlsheridan, this is just an HTML and CSS template.

I’d converted success this verion HTML to Wordpress. Here is demo link: http://vietfairy.com/education

You can check and test demo version WP. Still It have some problem but I think I can good job again.

Contact with me: voix.monotalk@gmail.com

I want to learning and exchange experience with you.

If i create CMS for this template and for all templates what will be their prices

@Mianahmad: Hi brother. If you can create CMS and we’re view its. We’ll wait it and test.

This version HTML when convert o WP version, any components and modules not working. Also We can repair and fix its. I’d finish version WP for this templates… umh… I call it’s beta 2 ^^!

Now, check again: http://vietfairy.com/education


@SkZin: Hi Friend,

Can i get this theme as a wp theme with all the wp functionality?

I just wanted to thank the author. I put together http://mypfsa.org/ using this as a template, broke it down into .net webobjects and then integrated it with Amazon S3 and linked their insurance data via AJAX calls to webservices.

No matter how complicated things got on the back-end, the customers constantly talked about how well it was designed and laid out.

5 starts from me.

Thanks again,



Hi @ morrisdev, thanks for you positive feedback, wish you good luck with your work.

hi, Do you have wordpress themes?

Best Regards, Pallichal


Hi @ pallichal, no sorry no WP available.

I notice there has been mention of a Wordpress theme. Has it been converted yet?


Hi @ miked51, no sorry no WP version availabe. if you like you can get it customised.

If there is no conversion, does any one know where there is a Wordpress theme with a similar layout? Thanks in advance

CMS almost completed…

Dibuman Purchased

Hello Chimp,

I send you 2 private message for a little customization job. If you don’t have time to make this job, just tell me, because i will need to search someone to help me.

Waiting your reply, Regards, Ty.


Hi @ Dibuman, Could you please kindly forward them again plz as we have not received any msgs from you and we will get back to you.

You have a problem with this template on the IE 9 browser.

1. Go to the home page of the template 2. View “Our College Gallery” in the right hand side of the page

The title is missing until you refresh. This effects other areas of the template too. It doesn’t just occur on the home page

3. View “Search Our New Courses” on the index page

The text inside the div is squashed – again its fine on a refresh

4. Go to: http://chimpstudio.co.uk/themeforest/edu2/blue/course.html

Note that the blocks on the right hand side of the page are missing titles. “Downloads” and “Online classes”. A refresh of the page doesn’t seem to fix this one

You need to implement a fix for all IE 9 users. Until such times I cannot purchase unfortunately

Note – you will need to clear your cache if you cant see the issue in IE 9

In addition, have you considered optimising and minifying the CSS file? It’s quite big and I have seen empty comment blocks and some duplication

No Wordpress yet on this template??

I Like to have a Wordpress Theme…....Please can you contact me through mail for customization….and how much do you charge Cost & etc…!


Hi @ saikrishna344, sorry no WP version at this moment

3 days without reply on the IE 9 issue – really not good enough


Hi @ sob, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We have taken it in account and will soon update you as soon as the issues you mentioned are fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Just to let you know … if you release the WP version, it will SELL like CRAZY ! Please give it a thought! :)


HI @ amjadz4, Many thanks for liking our template, We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Hi. Thank-you for looking at this for IE 9 users. Any update for us? I really want to purchase this and get started in my new project with it :)

Dibuman Purchased

I send you a private message, hope you have a little time to read me. =)

Dibuman Purchased

i send you an e-mail 2 days ago, did you recived?