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very nice, liked it!

Live preview not working.


Live preview is working perfectly, try to remove the frame.

tyriekm Purchased

How do I change the map settings?


Edit the next line in the include/js/scripts:

var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(28.259176,-81.436828);

With the latitude and longitude what you need.

You can get all information on: https://maps.google.com/

If you need more help just email us and we will help you.

contact is not work i fill try it, but Did not receive mail


The contact fom is working fine, the demo send an email to a fake recipient.

Now you can put your email and the message it will be sent to you.

Note: when you buy the theme you need to configure the recipient on send.php file (on html-version), or config.php (on php-version).

hi, My mail is victor@minmin.tw, please messagel sent to me. thank you.


A few moments ago i try with a gmail and a hotmail accounts, in both cases the email was sent succesfully.

I put your email in the contact form, did you received the email?

I have received you maill, , and I use virtual host , (http://www.acsite.net/tw/vhosting/linux_hosting.htm) , can i use it, if can be , i will buy it, how can i set config.php ? Thank you.


I have checked the hosting specs and it’s compatible with PHP . Also the vCard has 2 version (HTML and PHP ), in both cases you need some basic HTML knowledges.

I have not received mail , How can i set it config.php i use php version, http://minmin.tw/victor-card pls, Thank you.


Just edit the line 46 on config.php:

define(‘RECIPIENT’, ‘contact@jhondoe.com‘);

And put your email, in this case: define(‘RECIPIENT’, ‘victor@minmin.tw‘);

On line 58:

define(‘DOMAIN’, ‘minmin.tw/victor-card’);

i chang this define(‘RECIPIENT’, ‘victor@minmin.tw‘); define(‘DOMAIN’, ‘minmin.tw/victor-card’);

but not received mail


A few minutes ago i have sent an email on your contact form and dont see any problem.

If the problem persists, you can go http://themeforest.net/user/EstudioPatagon and email us. Maybe it is a problem with your hosting configuration.

left side, i want to show color option, and Patterns. How to do it? pls, thank you. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-syVYHoJSSbE/UDG0zOyc9iI/AAAAAAAAAT4/yq4Qo29BzeU/s800/victor-card-1.jpg

That sidebar it’s not included on the main-file. Is only to show the colors and patterns availables to the user.

If you want to change the main color, just go to config.php and edit the THEME _COLOR parameter.

The patterns works in the same way, just edit the PATTERN parameter with pattern that fits to your needs.

I use gmail try it , Contact form received mail. it OK, thank you, It’s mail problem.


No problem!


I have answered in your other comment.

Examples left of the setting may be downloaded without the left of the color, the background to how to set, do not buy things with the demonstration is not the same? How to color the background of the selected style


Victor the demostration has a theme and background selector because the visitors can not change any files of the vcard.

In that case we provide a selector (that is not included on the main file for obvious reasons) to make the navigation easier.

If you want to set your vcard “red”, just go the config.php and change the theme color:

Is going too look like this: define(‘THEME_COLOR’, ‘red’);

If you want to change the pattern: define(‘PATTERN’, ‘pattern8’);

NOTE : the color selector is not included because you have the config.php file, to edit anything of the vcard.


the color select no change how can i do setting it. pls , thank


I will email you.

Great stuff! Love the theme! Thanks.


Thanks! We are glad you liked the template

Really great theme. Thank you!

You should use the full


starting sequence in var_xss.php. Otherwise it might not work on some server configurations( see “short_open_tag” php.ini directive). And you should probably remove the second function in this file, because it’s not being used anyway. Or did I overlook something?

Hi, thanks for purchase our theme.

About the starting sequence in var_xss.php, you are right, should be <?php

And the second function you can remove it, sometimes i use to clean HTML texts, but is not necessary in this theme.

Thanks to review all files of the theme, anyway in a few days i will update the main files to add more features and some minor fixes like this.

Hi, when I visit with iPhone (Safari) links at the bottom don’t work?


Yes, they should work.

Anyway we will check this issue.

Hi, I bought the colores theme for my site (host 1and1) but I try to install and it don’t work. What can I do to fix it? my mail : soares.lilis@gmail.com

Please, help me!

thank you


I sent you an email.

Hello! Thank you, this template is beautiful! Only problem is I can’t seem to get the contact form “send.php” to work… I’ve changed the e-mail/domain to direct to my e-mail/domain, yet it doesn’t work… I’ve also tried setting the value to “true” instead of send… it only seems to work when i include another mail php script, setting the form to class=”validate-form”, however, the css/look of the mail form disappears and it looks all weird… can you help me out here? I like the form you’ve included and would like to use that one. Thanks again!


Yes, just send us an email with your domain and we will help you.

Hi !

I can not get an email and I got this error :

an error occurred please try again

i have already sent email with my server and i know it is working fine , the problem is the form is not even submitted to the PHP file and It is broken somewhere in the middle of process !

The error happens in the response of the form submission actually


Send me the url of your website and i will check the problem.

If you wish you can send us an email here: http://themeforest.net/user/EstudioPatagon

I have sent you my URL , have you received it ?


Yes, i sent you an email.