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Est-ce que le thème est compatible avec WordPress 3.5?


Bonjour, concernant la compatibilité avec la version 3.5, chez moi ça a bien fonctionné.

En revanche j’ai un soucis, j’ai commencé à travailler avec ce thème dans un dossier en ligne et je viens de mettre mon dossier en ligne dans son dossier définitif, et modifié les liens dans mes tables… et depuis je n’ai plus les highlights et les options s’affichent toutes les unes à la suite des autres, les onglets ne fonctionnent plus correctement.

Et lorsque j’essaye d’ajouter un nouveau highlight, il ne se passe rien…

Merci pour votre aide.

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Hello! I sent you an email yesterday with some support questions (website www.ewhpress.com). Loving the template so far and will fully love it when I have all the features figured out :)

Thanks for your help! Terrie

TMac313 Purchased
Hello again! I have contacted you several times through email and here over the past two weeks with issues I am having with your template. I would really like to get my site (www.ewhpress.com) finished and can’t do that until I have the answers to these questions that are not addressed in your support documentation:
  1. How do I get a slider on the home page? It is on the blog (where  I don’t want it) but can’t get it to show on the home page.
  2. How do I eliminate the slider on the blog?
  3. How do I get the gallery (Featured Works on example site) on my home page and the other customized areas under the main content?
  4. When making custom sidebars – I created a sidebar in the colorwave options; then I went to widgets to customize it. It will not save my customization. Is there another way I am suppose to be doing this?
  5. On the individual gallery pages how can I delete the image at the top?

Thank you for your help! Terrie

Buyer beware! You will not get support for this theme and the documentation does not help in setting this theme up. I ended up requesting and receiving a full refund from Theme Forest.

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Do Not buy this theme, developer is no longer providing any support

In addition this theme is not fully compatible with Wordpress 3.5!!
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Theme need to be updated … too bad that the developer is not answering any emails ..

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No update since 2012 ?