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Loving the Theme & design…well done :)

I have a few questions:

1) the gallery: can it be full width (without the left side)?

2) the gallery: if i have multiple galleries can they be listed in a similar way as the categories (i.e. print, webdesign, etc) are listed in the portfolio page? or maybe in a custom menu ?

3) does the site allow for custom menus?


ps: last thing, i noticed that the breadcrumbs links in “gallery” and “portfolio” do not work (i.e. when going into a sub post, they don’t link back to “gallery” or “portfolio”)


Hello, 1: No ( but we could consider on a next update ) 2: Yes but with a custom menu 3: Yes

About the breadcrumb, we are working on this problem.

Thank you for your support

Hello Nitrografix!

Firstly I would like to thank you for the great theme! I’ve already purchased it and it is awesome.

Documentation is very good and I really like the Colorwave button, which makes using this theme much much easier!

Some questions: 1.) Is it possible to show in portfolio a one selected category? Ex. I have category mixes and I would like to use it in order to rewrite all the portfolio mixes? Is there any chance you plan this option?

2.) Still got problems with image cache, I’ve already set the 777 to that folder you mentioned. But it is still not working… Is it possible that host provider does not allow it? (will also contact my host provider).

3.) Can I somehow change the size of portfolio image when I choose one portfolio item. There is box, I’d rather have same size as on the portfolio page. (480×220)

Thanks for your work and looking forward to your answers and future updates!


Jan K. www.djtukancheez.com


Hello tukancheez,

Thank you,

1. Actually, it’s not possible. I will plan this option for update v 1.0.4 (next week).

2. Check if your host provider allow “allow_url_fopen” directive.

3. Same thing ( V 1 .04 )

You can contact if you have questions : webconcept@nitrografix.fr

detoi Purchased

Is there any way I can download the demo files to better orient myself with whats going on. Please, I have to put this together by technically tomorrow and I’m struggling, the sooner you could get back to me the better


Hello !

You must have the Wordpress version 3.0, for our theme Colorwave.

Please be sure to update, your Wordpress version before installing the theme.

( you actually have the Wordpress 2.9 beta 2 )

detoi Purchased

Here’s what i got so far.


: / and I haven’t even fixed that yet, I’m going to resize the header and see if that helps.


Hello !

Contact us by mail at webconcept@nitrografix.fr

By the way the XML demo files will be included in the v1.03, which is on validation pending list at this moment.

Hi Nitrografix

in your next update v1.04

1) can you add a custom menu to the demo (preferably in the gallery page)? I’d really like to see it in action & how it would look (i.e. rollover effect, etc)

2) have you thought off adding some kind of frame to the main body section? (maybe similar to the effect/frame on the pictures…or something that maybe makes the center 900pix white & then extends to gray)... just something i would like haha ;)

3) now im getting carried away, but what about adding the option to add a few theme color changers on the top right corner for visitors to change our theme to a color they like… that would be sweet!



Hello !

1. We added the possibility to switch the gallery in full width v1.03 (we will add it in the demo this afternoon)

For the v1.04 we will add the categories at the top ( like the portfolio page)

2. Actually we are not working on major graphical changes.

But we are working on a votation poll system, for buyers to add ideas or changes for the theme.

3. We could add this option, on the v1.04 ! btw we’re do you expect to see a color changer interface on the theme ?


You all are awesome! thanks for making those updates. Also It would be amazing! if you also added the color changer interface.

My thoughts is that it could be located either on the very top right corner of the site or on the top right corner of the banner background (the banner below the navigation)... & it would remine there no matter how wide the browser is (i.e. not aligned with the main central wrapper or navigation)

maybe use a tab like this (http://themeforest.net/item/columbia-corporate-theme-with-product-showcase/full_screen_preview/124113) but make it transparent the way you currently have your switcher on the right side) ... or maybe just directly display the small colors boxes horizontally (w/o a tab)... or have it similar to your current switcher but on the right side

No matter where its located, just adding the option for us to display a few colors is great! & I’m more than happy :)

Thanks! & looking forward to v1.04.

ps: also check out this link (look at the tab drop down titled “Filter”) http://themeforest.net/item/montana-theme-wp-horizontal-portfolio-theme/full_screen_preview/149453


Thanks for your support, i’m gonna work tomorrow on the way to add in a clean and design way this color changer :)

if you have a twitter account follow me, it could be usefull, my team mate have an account also, but i’m the one in charge of community management.

How can I add a custom font of my own using the Cufon engine? I want to use a font that is not listed in the admin panel. Is this possible?


Yes, it’s possible. Send me an email.

detoi Purchased

This is honestly a fantastic theme. I’m coming along slowly and steadily, is there a max size for the logo graphic?


Thanks for your support !

the max size is: 218px / 70px

Hi, very clean and good looking theme.

1. I see there’s the pencil icon post type next to articles’ titles. Does it mean the theme come with post types? Can it be disabled?

2. Does the theme support post thumbnail feature?

3. Is the post image’s size fixed? I’d like to use just little image left aligned instead of full-width. Would it be possible?

3. Will the theme support post formats WP 3 .1 feature?

Would like to see:

- different background color for author’s replies in comments - buddypress theme



Thanks for your answers.

What about the main image in blog’s posts? Is it possible to just have a left-aligned (example 200×200 pixels) image instead of a full-width one?

Also, a feature not many WP designers add…will you add some widgets’ variations? Like it happen with joomla themes? Sorry but I’m too used to Joomla’s modules’ variations. :-D What do you think about it?

Finally, about the ‘pen’ post type…I find it redundant if the theme is used on a blog with only text posts. Post types fit tumblog like blogs imho. So, maybe it would be better to have a enable/disable option in the backend admin panel? Thanks. ;)


Hello !

- For the main image in blog post, we will look at different design style to maybe add this feature on v1.05

- Could you give us some exemples (joomla theme widgets features)

- About the post type icon, we will add a disable/enable function in v1.04


- v1.04 issue This week (time of issue depends on theme forest validation

- v1.05 issue next week

For issues informations check my twitter account @NxAlessandro


Re: Joomla-like modules’ styles.

This is a joomla template club: http://www.joomlajunkie.com/demo/themelets/creativa/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=92&Itemid=114

Look at modules’ variations…change colors, icons… This would be a very cool implementation as I’ve never seen it in WP themes (besides simplethemes.com last onyx theme). 8-)

thedms Purchased


• How do you install the XML demo package ? I’d like to start from the demo base.

This template is awesome Nitrografix, good job !

Thanks for your quick reply.


Hello, Thanks,

Go to the administration—> ‘Tools’ -> ‘Import’ -> ‘Wordpress’ and choose xml file. Check “Download and import attachments”.

thedms Purchased

Hello Nitrografix.

1. How do you restrict the number of articles in the Blog page when this is displayed in the Magazine format ? You have 6 in your demo, i have 8 on mine… but i’d like 7 (because of the first big news).

2. On this page http://blog.killingspree.fr/tournoi3v3/ i’d like to only display the posts which are into one category. How do i add this restriction in the value [posts/] ?

Thanks in advance for your support !



1. Go to the administration -> Settings -> Reading -> “Blog pages show at most”

2. Actually, you can’t add this restriction. I will add for next update (1.04).

argos Purchased

Hi, VERY NICE theme ! BUT I bought it some minutes ago. I installed into a WP 3 .0.4 (i am using it in spanish), then I imported the provided XML file. Then I didn´t got the SAME configuration you have here in themeforest DEMO . Can you send me an EXACTLY the SAME XML file that automatically configure the SAME site as your DEMO here ? Thanks in advance.


Hi argos, Thanks,

If you want the same thing, it is necessary to make adjutements in the administration Colorwave. -> Contact us via email, i will help you ( webconcept@nitrografix.fr ).

argos Purchased

thanks for all your help. it has been AMAZING !

I vote to have this feature on Next release:

to be able to HIDE this part of the breadcrumbs: You are here:

as I want to use breadcrumbs, but DONT use that text before the nice HOME icon you already have on that row.


Hello !

This feature will be added in v1.04

Thanks for your support !

Hello, I am brand new to Word Press. I love this theme, and about to purchase it. But first, I do have a few questions:

1) I am planning on using Recipe Press as part of my site. I know the plugin itself is not perfect, but will it at least basically work with ColorWave?

2) Does Colorwave allow you to install other plugins to be used with this theme?



Hello !

There are no compatibility problem between our theme and all Wordpress v3.01 plugins, although if you have a specific problem of compatibility you can send us, a support msg on our emai: webconcept@nitrografix.fr

We will try to find a solution to each specific problem.

Thanks for your support !

Hello there,

I’ve been looking at lots of themes and am really fond of this one.

I have one small question. In the menu system, is there any way to make it more apparent to the user that there is a Level 2 or 3?

The way it is right now, I would not know there are any sub menus after unless I mouse-over each one.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!



We will add an arrow on the submenu at the version 1.04. ( the issue is next monday )


Thank you for your prompt reply!


You are welcome !


Let me start out by sayiong i love the theme and you excellent email support..

now… is it just me being ignorant or is there no way to have the portfolio page full width.. i mean the page with thew images.. i did disable sidebars, but the page is not full width..

Thanks for a great theme..



Hello, Thank you.

Portfolio or Gallery? Portfolio is already in full width.

To switch gallery in full width ( like http://colorwave.nitrografix.net/gallery/gallery-full-width ), go to your administration -> edit your gallery page -> “Gallery Page Options” Tab -> and check this box : “Gallery without sidebar”.

EDEMUP44 Purchased

I am getting an error message when I try to install it :-/ Its saying: The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description colorwave-premium-wordpress-theme Stylesheet is missing.



In order to install the theme Colorwave, you need to copy the repertory ” Colorwave ” ( in the dir “colorwave-premium-wordpress-theme) in the folder /wp-content/themes/ of your Wordpress.

Hi there, lovely theme.

I am having a few issues with the theme

1.) For some reason or another my posts are showing in full and I am not getting the excerpt or Read more option.

2.) I am also asking if I can remove the post styling, I have pre built code boxes that I am appending into the style sheet for each post and the theme is adding extra code boxes inside of my code box. I don’t want that to happen any suggestions.

3.) When someone clicks on categories or goes from the site map i am also getting the full post and no excerpts.

Thanks and great theme so far.



Please, send me an email with your site url.

Hi Nitrografix, Firs of all i like to congratulate you on making this awesome theme for wordpress.I have purchased this theme and I hope this theme will really help me to feature my work well and boost my website impression .I have a suggestion for this theme whic i find lacking (ie) to add a related post with thumbnail in every blogpost.I hope you will add in this in your next update

Regards TheShadow http://mobilethemesworld.net/



Actually, i’m working on the next update ( v 1.04 ). I will plan this feature ( related post ) for v 1.05.

Hi,I have tried your theme on my website.i found that i do have to make lot of changes to my post which is really a tough job.can i suggest a few more thing that i like to add in this word press theme( ie )

1. add a post thumbnail and post image feature as in this theme given below



2.when disabling slider i found that the default slider still shows on home page which i don’t want.i need a feature which completely disables slider

and can you tell me how to enable featured works as shown in the demo



1. i will add these features on the v 1.05

2. Oh i can add this option on the V 1 .04.

“Featured Works” is a shortcode:

[works title=”Featured Works” subtitle=”Check our last projects” linkprojects=”/portfolio” /]

Thanks for considering my request and please try to include subscription box in v1.04 like subscribe via email,rss,twitter and facebook fan page

oh sorry for above comment i didn’t knew that feature already included in it.but please ad subscribe via email box alone


Hello !

What kind of subscribe ? RSS ? newlestter ?