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Hi can I just ask before I purchase, is it possible to add my own background colour like you did with the wood background in template colour. I’ve just got something that I think would look great as a background for your great theme.

Also is it possible to customise the little social icons as I think I’d like them all the time with colour instead of just when hovered over turning to colour. I presume it can be easily done but I’m not too familiar with wordpress.

Great theme though and will be perfect for what I’m after.

Hello, You can add your own background color but actually you must edit css code. If you want customize social icons, same thing but it’s really easy and i can help you by email.

Thank you.

Nice theme and I am looking to purchase but noticed a few minor issues. For some elements in the blog (I noticed them in blog, didn’t really look elsewhere) that uses animations, they are being queued up and don’t provide a good user experience when user runs mouse over then multiple times. In your custom.js file can you update so animations for .post-widget don’t queue up the animations, more info here:

It looks like you already did this for other areas (flickr and social widgets) of the theme so I’m guessing you know what I am talking about.

I can easily fix this file myself but wanted to give you a heads up.

Other than that it looks really good.

Hello, Oh yes, thank you it’s a mistake. I will fix it in the next update ( online Monday 21 )

Awesome. Also happens here $(”#primary li”) but you probably already knew that ;-)

Yes. Thanks. it’s the same thing.

Download v1.08. All ok but the slider returns “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/colorwave/lib/admin-interface.php:1187) in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/colorwave/lib/admin-interface.php on line 1142” Any idea? File permissions, maybe?

Hello. Just remove the invisible whitespace in admin-interface.php line 1187 after ?>

Works !!! Thanks a lot. Actually, offer the best support.

You are welcome ;)


Thank you so much :)

Hi, how do you remove the read more button on one slide on the nitroglifix sider? I still want the custom button on the slide but only to say contact us.


Hello, Currenly it’s not possible but i can add it in the next update.


Love the site and just purchased a copy for my new site. I have a question regarding the Nitrografix Slider and IE 8 . I’ve noticed that there is a very thin and jagged edge around the copy in the title of the slider and that the fonts inside each of the slider buttons is jagged. I thought it was just my site but then I demoed your site again from, selected the Nitrografix Slider and I could see the same results.

It looks great in Chrome and Firefox but those fonts are jagged in IE 8 . I tried enabling and disabling the cufon font but that did not seem to work. Any ideas?

Yes, i used a filter for IE ( in the /colorwave/lib/css/ie.css ) to force transparency on PNG animated. And this filter is the problem.


gny Purchased

auto update for the theme is not working my side, I still in version 1.0

Yes, i know. I will fix it in the next update. You must do it manually.

I like very much this template.

But I’m newbie in Wordpress development and it’ll take me a lot of time to figure out how to do that this template works like your “live preview”.

I’d like that you give me the live preview database data to understand faster how to configure the template and how wordpress works.

I’ll really appreciate your help.

Hello, Thank you.

You have a xml file “wordpress.2011-01-02-colorwave.xml” in the download package. Go to your administration > Tools -> Import -> Wordpress and import it. This file contains the entire content from the Colorwave Demo.

If you have more questions. Contact me by email :

hi m8! i have a little problem :) when i use the 1/4, 1/3, 1/2.. impagination, the first line of each area isn’t in orizzontal line, them have a gap and seems a step…am i tard or have i to do something i miss?

thank u very much!


This doesn’t come from the theme but of using Wordpress.

Be careful with line breaks in the wysiwyg editor.

More Informations here:

Hi, I did the translation with Google Translate. I’m sorry for sentence errors will occur. :)

Very nice theme, thank you.

Home Page button How can I change the article? It just, I want to write something different instead of Home. How do I do?

Thank you very much for Colorwawe again. :)

Hello there !

Sorry but we didn’t quite undrestand your message.

Could you please send us an email at

Thanks for your support

the most beautiful theme i worked on, congratz

Thank you so much.

hello, very nice theme but i get following error when run it,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:\xampp\htdocs\_colorwave\colorwave\index.php on line 2

any idea why it’s happen tried it on 1.68 and 1.73 – xampp

Hello there !

This kind of error typically come from your server configuration, we already checked it it does not come from us.

If you have further questions, you can also contact us by email at

hello again, i write on the mail but still have no reply :), i do a bit research and found that there is not get_header() function in php, there is only get_headers($URL)

do i have to add any include on first line or something to be able to use get_header() and rest of php functions you use? there is also NO standart php functions – get_option(), dynamic_sidebar(..), get_footer()...

hope can help me thanks, best regards

P.S. is it possible when i have been downloaded my zip, it to be any currently changing version and mine version to be any with not full content or something like that, which is normally to look like that.

Hello. Colorwave is a wordpress theme and doesn’t work alone. Get_header is a wordpress function.

You must install wordpress and paste the colorwave dir in the wordpress templates dir.

m8 i’m working hard and so… im often here to stress u^^ I have a last little problem! When i use the code for ...


I don’t get the relative icon, only the text. im writing code with notepad so not more copy-pase error….what can it be? can u help me again?

There is a colorwave button in each text editor. Click above to add a Colorwave shortcode.

For the list shortcode: you must use it like this:

with yourlist which is a html list ( 
  • item 0

hello Nitrografix, i get also reply from y.khial, thank you very much, i didn’t notice that, i needed it as plain template, didn’t saw it’s wordpress, my bad. i wish to ask 2 more things,

1. it’s okay if i take the layout and use it to our cms (use theme for our cms for one of our clients as i purchase 1 copy of it) 2. i didn’t saw is it possible to manage slider images from admin (wordpress) or it’s just have to be done manually from any folder, i only see to configure the sliders (each type with his properties)

thank you very much, great support!

Hello, 1. Yes, you can ( in one website with 1 licence ) 2. Yes, you can manage the images in the “Colorwave Slider” Tab of the Wordpress administration.

Hello, thank you very much, golden support!

Hi m8, im wandering if its possible (and how) to translate the buttons “read more”...

i looked inside all **php files in ur theme but i can’t find the right line to translate…any tips for a noob?

Hello, This template is ready for translation. ( you must create a new PO file in the ”/colorwave/languages/” dir, open it with a PO tools, and translate english words. )

If you need help contact me via email.

I purchased the template, but I found a bug with images in the multisite version. Is there any solution for this?

Hello. Could you send me an email with more details? Thx


I wanted to add a menu from Wordpress menu page but it doesnt seem to work?

What can I do if I want to manage my top menu and get an order for my pages?


Hello, Could you send me an email please with your website url? Thx ( )


Great theme. I bought it couple of days ago. Now I am facing a problem. I want to turn off the slider. How can I do this please?

Thanks, Sufi.


Thank you.

Go to your administration -> Colorwave Tab -> Homepage Tab -> Option Highlight Inactive