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Hello, Nice theme.

Quick Questions:

1 – I am using the “Tacos” template color, but want to change the orange background to blue, where and how can I edit that image?

2 – I have created and assigned custom sidebars, but they do not appear to be saving. My home page sidebar refuses to show anything but the default.

Any guidance is much appreciated, thank you :)

Hello. Could you send an email with your url and access?

Thanks for the quick response! I’ve emailed you the login info. I really need to get this resolved asap, thank you again.


I am trying to make some customization. My primary goal is to show posts from category “Abc” in “Abc” page. IN some other themes, I used these code in the theme’s index.php <?php if ( is_page('abc') ) { $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') :1; query_posts("cat=CategoryID&paged=$paged"); } ?> But in Colorwave, index.php file is empty. I have tried putting those codes in loop.php and page.php But still no success. Then I have applied an IF-ELSE check in page.php if ( is_page('abc') ) and I have loaded contents from category.php And if it is not “abc” then I used else to load page.php With this formula, I am getting success. Except the “You are here: Home: Category/Abc”, this is loading when I am browsing “Abc” page. But I want it to look like “You are here: Home: (Page)/Abc” like the page template. Could you please help me about this? Or could you give me a better solution to show posts from “Abc” category in “Abc” page?

Thanks, Sufi.

Could you send me an email with your website url? I didn’t understand what you want.

Please check your mail. I have just sent an email with my site url from your themeforest profile page.

For some reason posts are showing in full. Can not turn it off. I have sent you an email. Pleas check it.



I have also created and assigned custom sidebars, but my pages don’t want to show anything but the default. Here’s what I’ve done:

1. I’ve created sidebars in Colorwave section. 2. I’ve dropped widgets into the sidebar in Widget section. 3. I’ve replaced the primary sidebar with the new one.

When I go back to the Widget page the sidebar is empty.

Not sure what to do, hope you can help.

Thank you


I looked at your problem and i think isn’t the theme is the problem but the wordpress installation. Did you test this feature on another installation? This feature works correctly with my customers.


I haven’t tested this feature on another installation. Not sure how to check my wordpress installation.

Hi Nitrografix,

I’ve cracked it. When naming sidebars make sure the name doesn’t contain any spaces.

Simple fix, just had to Google a bit.


Hello, great theme! I am having some issues getting things to look like the demo site and need some assistance. I have tried the import and still didnt fix the issue. What is your email address so I can email you?

I just purchased it and I’m still playing around trying to configure it to fit my needs. It’s easy to understand with a nice admin panel and I’m pretty sure it will satisfy my customer. Anyway, I need to implement some features. I need to query custom post types, list them and show custom fields. I will take a look at code…

Great theme! Merci.

Hello, Thank you. Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

Good work. When are you publishing a new theme?

Hello, Thank you. A theme is currently under development. In less than 15 days, I think.

Great, I will take a look as soon as it comes out.

Merci pour le bon travail!

Hi, I am trying to get some LINKS FROM 3 services at homepage to their respective pages inside the site. I tried to add a button (because the images doesn´t LINK from homepage to that service pages) so I tried: a NORMAL LINK (but is processed as PLAIN text instead of as html) a href=”” Read more /a I also tried a BUTTON , BUt nothing happens. text here[/buttonwhite] In that case the BUTTON just doesn´t appear below the text of my service on the homepage. What should I change to get it working ?


There is an option in the services shortcode to add in each service a link button.

[services enable_more=1 /]

( The service shortcoed uses the excerpt, so all html tags are deleted )

Thanks, perfect SOLUTION .

Great theme! I need to know one thing before I buy though: The Nitrografix Slider bounces heavily with each rotation, can this be toned down/eliminated?



Yes, you can. There are many options for the effects of the nitrografix slider.


I need a quick help. I am trying to remove date and time from comments. In comments.php I don’t see any get_post_date, I just found this wp_list_comments. Could you please tell from which file are you calling this?



Edit the ”/colorwave/functions.php” file line 152.


I have a failed to import with the wordpress version 3.1.2.

Failed to import gallery-category apple Failed to import gallery-category Audi Failed to import gallery-category Car Failed to import portfolio-clients Envato ....

Hello, They are categories of the gallery. Filled the hand, import of wordpress doesn’t always work correctly.

hi, i am looking to purchase these theme it looks amazing and a very nice job, just want to make sure, the backend is in english totally right since i saw the website in french and i could not understand it sorry, if maybe u can upgrade ur site in english it will be of a big help, Thanks a million great job nice design interface i love it, i am a designer myself :), nice job

Hello, Yes, the entire theme (documentation/administration…) is in english ( there is also a french version in the package )

hi Nitro! i have a big problem with the template: if i use the “related post” function and anyone write a comment, this comment goest to the frong post.

the comment is assigned to other post and this make me mad :(

any way?


Yes, that’s a known bug that will be fixed in the next update.

To fix it:

Edit the /colorwave/single.php file :

Line 110 insert wp_reset_query();

thank you! 2 questions: when the update will be avaible? can you please send me the new single.php by email: giovanni.sacheli(at)

thanks a loooot!!!

Oups, sorry. my mistake.

I think the end of the next week. I sent you the single.php file by email.

Hi, I was trying to add an form something like the pricelist. But I was not able to find those CSS stuff. I have sent you an email. Could you please check out?



The general CSS is /colorwave/style.css.

If you use a skin other than blue, another css added : /colorwave/lib/skins/{ your color skin }/style.css

I have sent you an email regarding all details. I am trying to built a form using your button. But I was not successful.

Check your email.

Any way how to get rid of space caused by after content div?? It have not set any height and anyways it makes a wide useless space… Even that i tried 2 hacks to get rid of it (both failed, just made it worse)

Problem in Firefox, in IE is space much bigger. Don’t how it looks like in opera or chrome…

Hello, The problem is the content of your page. ( Remove Tag ).

hi m8! thanxs for the email :) now it seems work as intended :)

i have a little question…wp is going upgrading 3.1.2 – 3.1.3 – ??? and i’m asking myself if i should update wp at last version or keep it at the same version it was when i bought your theme (3.1.1 probably).

i think that upgrading may cause some incompatibility problem or something similar, what u say about it?

have a nice day


No, you can make the Wordpress upgrade. They shouldn’t have any problem.

Hello Nitrografix, and thank you for your hardwork. You said nearly a month ago you plan to release a new update. I just wanted to know if there will be new features ?


Currently we are very busy with outside projects. But yes, there will be some new features such as post formats.

hi, i would like to make the menu animate faster it looks a little slow when u hover over it, it needs to speed up a little so it will look smoother, or can i remove the animation maybe,



Sorry for the late,

There is an option in the administration to deactivate animations on the main menu:

Go on your administration -> Colorwave Tab > General Settings Tab > “Effects menu?” Options -> Turn in “Inactive”

hi i have a problem the images in the gallery are not showing up can anyone help please urgent!!!!!!


Could you send me an email with your website url and access to your Wordpress administration?


hi i sent u an email on and u have all the details, the email is from mark thanks

found it. So i took your advice for increasing the logo size and it really just didnt work. perhaps the width worked but maybe the height just didnt fit in.

Is there some way i can simply upload and 300 wide by 150 tall logo with the slider and menus falling over? The given logo space is just too small. Thank you so much, I love your theme.

found it. So i took your advice for increasing the logo size and it really just didnt work. perhaps the width worked but maybe the height just didnt fit in.

Is there some way i can simply upload and 300 wide by 150 tall logo with the slider and menus falling over? The given logo space is just too small. Thank you so much, I love your theme.