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detoi Purchased

Sorry I would have deleted the comment from before but it wouldnt let me.

Please let me know how complicated it is to just increase the size of the header, my logo is 150 tall and 300 wide, and it just messes us the whole theme when I upload it.

Again thank you so much in this time of need.



Could you send me an email ? I will send you css to increase the size of the header.

Wonderful theme. I’m trying to disable all but five color options though. How should I do this?


Rikard Purchased


It was noted three days ago that a vulnerability exists (http://code.google.com/p/timthumb/issues/detail?id=212) within certain versions of the image re-sizing script called Timthumb (http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/projects/timthumb/), and therefore this vulnerability may also exist in this theme.

Have you looked into this?


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I have recently purchased your theme and I am so far very happy with it. I am interested in using the default slider background image without the colorwave text and logo. Would it be possible for you to make this available?

The file I am talking about is here: http://colorwave.nitrografix.net/wp-content/themes/colorwave/graphix/slider_default.png


Hi,How to enable featured works in home page like the preview?


a few months ago you promised to update the project … whether there are any updates at all?

gny Purchased

Hi, here are my comments :

video can’t be display via RSS (for me it’s the big issue)

When will you update this theme ? Do you plan to make an automatic update process ? Will you add Pinterest as social network ?

The theme can add a nested category list? Like this:

“Cheatin uh?” strikes! With 3.4 released, some themes are experiencing the “Cheatin uh?” message when attempting to upload view theme-specific functions (even for Administrators).

Colorwave 1.08 is one of these themes – unless it turns out to be an oversight/bug by the WordPress team with 3.4.

Hello, I bought the template from ThemeForest following: Colorwave – Premium WordPress Them. I find it aesthetically beautiful elsewhere. I’m new in the handling of WordPress so I have some questions to ask yourself: 1) Should we communicate with you in English or French? 2) What is the size of photos for the slideshow? 3) When I go to add a photo I have this message: “Cheatin ‘uh? 4) Which directory should we go to the pictures for the slideshow? 5) Is it possible to get the files as you put in your presentation themeforrest? Because I do not know as much as it would use WordPress to better understand how to work I am looking for a good template for a club hockey fan, do you have that? Thank you for your attention (sorry for my english but I’m French origin)

Hello everyone !

We are still available since it’s hard for us to keep coming everyday on TF we only respond by email for any kind of support.

You can always contact us by email at webconcept@nitrografix.fr

We did some recent updates on the Colorwave theme, so do not forget to update your installed theme :)

Last Update

Sep 10th 2012: Version 1.09

  • ADD : WP3.4 Compatible
  • ADD : Custom Formats in the Classic Display Blog – ( Gallery / Video / Audio / Quote )
  • UPDATE : Timthumb
  • FIXED : Menu height
  • FIXED : “Cheating Uh”
  • FIXED : IE7 Menu

FIXED : “Cheating Uh” isn’t fixed for me with this version.

Hi,finally after one and a half years you updated the theme.thank you.can you make this responsive and also implement store feature?

also if possible please add glossy header skins live template awake

Hello how to remove the option to leave a comment on the page?

example : http://subaccount.ma/comptabilite/


Hello !

This is a basic function of WordPress which can be found on the top right corner of the WP admin ” Screen options” an expandable menu will pop then select “Discussion” and submit !

You will now have under each page/posts/items (in the admin) a new settings options, just deactivate the comments.

Hope it helped !

@Nitrografix I didn’t get the reply for previous comment.can you make this theme responsive?need it badly

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Love the theme and has been working for 1yr+, but recently I have been getting spammed with the contact form, is there anyway to add a captcha or some other mechanism to block the spamming of the contact form and contact form footer widgets?

Hello – simple question here… The upper bar, where the logo and nav buttons are… I want to change the color to white.. where can I go to do that??



what post title dont show for me ?

please help me …

also widget title is dont show …

please help me …