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Wow! Most unique theme on ThemeForest.


Thanks, i am currently working on converting this theme to D7.

Mpluso Purchased

Cheers buddy. Great theme, love it!


Hi @Mpluso Could you please give me your feedback/suggestions about my new D7 theme, Glossy


Mpluso Purchased

Hey buddy,

Are you able to provide a cost amount to install this theme on our server, as it is in the Demo. We have uploaded the files, but we can’t seem to get it to display correctly.

Please let me know if you’re willing to do this, payment will be made via Paypal.

Thank you.


Hi, how much you can pay?

Mpluso Purchased

Hey bud,

Honestly, I have no idea how long it would take for you to set it up, but look, I’m going have a shot in the dark and say $30, if that would cover your time? Let me know your thoughts :)


Ok, could you please contact me via support@dropletz.com :)

Demo-Site allways scrolls somewhere if not on start page for me. Happens in Safari 5 and FF 7 on SL 10 .6.8.

And it’s bit annoying to have the style switcher on any site/node.

Besides this issues … nice look


style switcher is just on demo version.


Hi @zarquon Could you please give me your feedback/suggestions about my new D7 theme, Glossy


mr Dropletz,

will like to see this in Wordpress theme..do you intent to do that? :)



Why don’t you just use this version? Drupal is very powerful and can be used for building large, complex sites :) furthermore i don’t intent to waste my time on wordpress :(

would love to try out this one..havent use drupal before…easy installing?:)


yes, just in three steps. guaranteed :), If you had any trouble i will help you.


Very nice theme. I haven’t used drupal before…

Could you explain how the “SUBSCRIBE COMMUNITY ”

section works. Located on the right column of the homepage.

Am i right in assuming these are modules and not specific to your theme?

Sorry for the vague and odd questions.


Hi, buddy yes, i used ‘simplenews’ and ‘follow’ module to create this block. you can add or remove subscription categories and follow links dynamically.

thanks for the quick reply. Also…

Home > admin > styling content

the image is not displaying. just thought id let you know.

I see myself purchasing this theme in the oh so near future. Just want to clarify that everything is customizable and there is no limitations to its use?

I’ve bought a theme from here before but are all regular licences the same? Ill have a read of it tomorrow properly but its late now :)


i don’t see any problem, what “image” do you mean?

1) the frontpage all section is that present with “view” module ?(lifestyle, music ) ?

2) the slide show is using “ddblock slideshow” views ?

3) tabs “most views” is automatic show up the latest most views article or need insert it by ourself ?

4) the block is Demo Block 5/16 + 6/16 + 5/16 , can it present as Demo Block 6/16 + 5/16 + 5/16 ?

5) the article dont have image caption, how to add image caption (image title) ?


A: 1- no, i have juse created some helper module 2- yes 3- yes, it dynamically chages 4- yes 5- each article has a slide text that you can use as image title.

What about the HTML version, any plans?


no, i am actually a Drupal developer not a “Themer”.

Hi, I was wondering when you will expect to release the drupal 7 version of this theme as I really like it the look of it. Keep up the good work! Thanks Eric


Hi, ASAP . cheers :)


Hi @tarmakmedia Could you please give me your feedback/suggestions about my new D7 theme, Glossy


This looks gorgeous. I guess you have everything ready for a fresh Drupal install, but what about existing sites? The site I have in mind for this already has DDBlock and all the other usual modules running.

Do you have instructions for configuring the theme for existing sites? I have over 20 drupal sites, but while the new themes are wonderful they can be tricky if they have special install modules.



Hi, please contact me via mail : support@dropletz.com thanks

Hi, please contact me via mail : support@dropletz.com thanks

lick Purchased

Hello, Can you help me please because I have this error message and I click on a link manager of administration. error message: “Object not found!

The requested URL could not be found on this server. The reference cited on the page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of this page for this error.

If you think it is a server error, please contact the webmaster. “


Hi, please use support forum (http://support.dropletz.com) to access support tickets. thanks.

wordpress take….EPIC! Great theme!

Any idea if the drupal 7 version is months away, weeks away or days away? Just need to find a quick solution for a site we need to deploy fast. Thanks


Hi, i am working on two premium Drupal themes in parallel with converting this theme to D7, it may take a month or two, also depends on sale rate :)

I found the dependency of ‘community’ install to use the older ‘install_profile_api’ module created a ‘critical’ number of installation issues under Pressflow 6.22!

After 2 days spent ‘de-bugging’ dozens of PHP 5 .3.x issues, I ‘simply’ gave up with ‘community’; there are other better [saner] methods to use to install D6! (at least with Pressflow + PHP 5 .3.8)

Most of the issues were found to result from using the older profile install method, it pre-dates this nice code [community] by some years. (not so nice)!

See; http://drupal.org/project/install_profile_api

This ‘install_profile_api module’ was last updated on 2009-Jul-22 The module has a status of “Maintenance status: Unknown” And has 15 open bug reports [since 2007].

So my report: “Not recommended for modern OS users and developers!” [very true if you care about modern PHP !

Warning for others: The install profile may generate many PHP E -notices and MySQL InnoDB issues!

A small sample of some [a very few – actually] of the issues that you might see: (I waded through them all; tiring to say the least)!


Notice: Undefined variable: parent_depth in theme_nice_menus_tree() (line 383 of /var/www/virtual/peterbowey.com.au/sites/all/modules/contrib/nice_menus/nice_menus.module).


Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in community_helper_get_latest_nodes_in_terms() (line 497 of /var/www/virtual/peterbowey.com.au/sites/all/modules/custom/community/community_helper.module).


Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in community_helper_select_nodes_by_terms() (line 33 of /var/www/virtual/peterbowey.com.au/sites/all/modules/custom/community/community_helper.pages.inc).


User warning: Table 'd6_pbowey.cache_session_user' doesn't exist query: UPDATE cache_session_user SET data = 'a:1:{i:0;s:32:\"d1ad4b25ed719482beed341819ee229d\";}', created = 1320847370, expire = 86400, headers = '', serialized = 1 WHERE cid = '0' in _db_query() (line 147 of /var/www/virtual/peterbowey.com.au/includes/database.mysqli.inc).


Notice: Undefined property: views_display::$display_options in views_plugin_display->init() (line 47 of /var/www/virtual/peterbowey.com.au/sites/all/modules/contrib/views/plugins/views_plugin_display.inc).

In light of above, may I suggest that you offer the accepted ‘standard’ *.sql import profile install method for this nice community project.

Most of the code within ‘community’ is OK [very smart – actually], though there are a few rough edges in the supplied ‘custom’ “community_helper.module”


Nearly all of the ‘other’ ThemeForest Drupal [D6] CMS ‘themes’ follow this install practice. I know, simply’ because I ‘purchased’ most of them!

Otherwise, some great code work dropletz


Many thanks Carlo,

The attached ‘community.sql’ you have sent via email is perfect for my needs!

So now, I can edit this ‘Community’ install database ‘schema’ to my hearts content.

I am sorry that the original Drupal ‘install_profile_api’ method has some limits. At least I had a education of the process and problems in that install method.

Great support!


Hi Carlo,

This is the patch (see the + code lines below) I used to deal with the PHP 5 .3.x E’ Notices coming from the ‘community_helper.module’...

Notes: The PHP E ’ Notices will likely not be seen by standard D6 user, but Pressflow 6.xx = ‘Yes’. This code change helps with that.

function community_helper_get_latest_nodes_in_terms(){
        require_once 'community_helper.pages.inc';
        $terms = community_helper_get_enabled_terms();
        $output = array();
        foreach ($terms as $tid) {
                $term = taxonomy_get_term($tid);
+      if (is_object($term)) {                                     // Patch #1
                    $output[$tid]['subject'] = $term->name;
                    $output[$tid]['content'] = array();
                    $result = 
                    while ($node = db_fetch_object($result)) {
                            $output[$tid]['content'][] = node_load($node->nid);
+       }                                                           // Patch #2
        } // end foreach
        return theme('latest_nodes_in_terms', $output);

I wish to thank you for the great work you have done on this ‘community’ theme and design! It shows talent and skill.


Hi @peterwbowey Could you please give me your feedback/suggestions about my new D7 theme, Glossy


small bug, the home page scrolls to almost bottom on load.

BTW @dropletz please stop hiding negative comments. Since when is negative = inappropriate. answer the comment and everyone will see that you are taking responsibility for your theme.


If you enabled login block on front page, page scrolls to username input filed that enables site’s users faster login process if you don’t want this effect please truncate ‘script.js’ file that placed in ‘sites/all/modules/custom/community/js/’ directory.





Sorry for any inconvenience.