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Life demo?


The live preview will be up soon. Sorry for the delay.

Where’s the html?

Very nice but were the demo

Great job. Unique.

@firnovion, blackorion & thetwogroup:

live preview is not obbligatory, it’s a plus ultra of the author. rembember.

For html it is mandatory. No wants to purchase the unknown. I would rather purchase a PSD if thats the case. Code and CSS must be browser compliant. Buying an html template without a preview is wasting money.


Sorry for the delay. It will be up shortly. Thanks for your patience.

He just put it up 9 hours ago and said a live preview will be up soon. Patience, folks!

Looking forward to previewing the live demo. I have been looking for a clean template in red. Looks nice from the screenshots!

Looks very nice !

Has anyone purchased this? If so could you post a link to it. I really wanna see what it looks like…


The demo site is up. Sorry for the delay, I hope you like it.

Really nice dude. Bookmarked will buy later!

I would like to see another page template, ABOUT US , and CONTACT are pretty mando

Nice design, but I agree with the above comment, a third (or even forth) page would be perfect (like the vast majority of the designs here).

sfadli Purchased

I think you’ve to rewrite the code and make it easy to use in engine templates !!!!!!!

I REALLY tired when I try to use it as a templates ! What do you thinking when you write ( < body id=”home” > ) and ( < body id=”service” > ) ?? where can I use this in header template ???

sorry for my words but that’s what I feel now!

Hope you update your wonderful design BUT with new code and smart code that can work in any method!

Kind Regards


naader Purchased

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