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zuq Purchased

Hi, slider buttons dont work in Chrome. please check it.

best regards, Piotr

I must be missing something, as I can’t get the home page slider to appear? I have upload three images and and created a category. Is there a notes page to some of these details?

bbanne Purchased

Is your support still working? I’ve sent a couple of emails and had no answer.

This user is having good templates, but bad supports. Does not recommend.


Hi, if you have purchased our theme please send support request via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

And, I don’t see your purchased badge….


fauji Purchased

I have purchased other template, and also this one. I actually have sent you some pre-sale questions, its been 2 weeks and no answer. I bought the template and had someone else to do the work I needed. You do have good design but your support sucks very much!

fauji Purchased

second thing, in a lot of files you have added ,’templatesquare’ whats the point?

fauji Purchased

Purchased this items, and some other items from this user. I really love the design but the support is terrible. Does not recommend you if you are not familiar with Wordpress and know some basic coding, on how to set up etc.

xeziggy Purchased
hi I did send an email about a week ago and still haven’t heard from you xeziggy@yahoo.com

I like the design and the matching font type, but I will need it for UTF-8 coding, especially German characters. Can you provide it?

dirtink Purchased

hi. i just bought this theme and its easy to customize :) Can I put flash banner on the slider?

Thank you

Am looking for help with the Mobile Menu. It does NOT stay selected and defaults to HOME. I have tried contacting them a couple of times and have heard nothing. Any ideas?

Hey, can you tell me which version the current download is? Btw, still a great theme, gotten a lot of good comments on the site design!


The latest stable version is still 1.2 thanks

edting Purchased

hello?? anyone there? i created a ticket few days ago, and did not receive any response.

Pre-Sale question. I’m definitely ready to buy. Can I easily remove the date on the blog post? And is this template still being supported?


sbarnas Purchased

Hi, I want to remove the flex caption so that my slider images will be 920px wide, however the images keep getting resized and embedded. Is there anyway to change this?

The Mobile Menu has a problem where the last menu item stays selected. I see the demo has the same problem. Is there a solution form this problem? Please let me know!



Seems like I’ve found the solution myself. So for the next person to come across this problem:

Change, in “custom.js”: active: ‘selected’ to: active: ‘current-menu-item’

Seems to fix the problem

Efishop Purchased

Hei, does this work with wp 4.1?