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Hi, I am interested in buying your template,but i have some questions before purchasing :

1.Can we add more details about products for example Specifications of Mobile phone such as Camera,Version and etc ?

2.Can we change the theme of the website ?

3.Can we add other online stores API’s ? if yes then what is the procedure to add it ?



Thank you for your interest in our products.

1) At the moment you are limited to a description and a price, of course any information can be in the description that you like but it is stored as one block of text.

2) The theme comes with complete code and you can change as you wish, always remembering the more you change the harder updates are in the future. There is a custom.css file which can be added to to make styling changes.

3) You cannot add other APIs to compare+, however you can import practically any xml or csv data feed that you require using our parser settings.

I hope this helps, happy comparing



okara28 Purchased

On the widget for products en brands there is no image shown.

with products widget it only works if you have added images on the list with retailers for the specified product. if not then it will not pick the image that i have added to the product on single product page. Why won’t it pick the image of single product page?

with brand widget i do not see the image of the brand. it is like it can not find the image.

how can i fix this? This seems to be bad coding? i think this should be fixed for free since this is a bug. i have downloaded the most recent version.

i know the problem is fixing the code on the following files: but i do not know what to use for fixing this bug - widget-homepage-products.php - widget-homepage-brands.php

thanks for your responsive.

the wordpress template that i bought has problem. The icon doesnt show in the homepage. i contacted seller many times but i didt get any help yet. the template that i bought Compare – Price Comparison Theme for WordPress before i will purchase compare plus , cloud you help me for thus oroblem first ?


Hi mintteramp,

Thanks for your query. Have you got a ticket number of the problem you raised so that we can then look into this again for you? If you haven’t got the ticket number then please feel free to raise a new ticket describing the problem you are experiencing: