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mrdna2 Purchased

amazing theme and really love it,i have a question how to activate RTL.CSS instead of using polylang plugin

Please set your wp-config.php to an RTL language, for example:
define('WPLANG', 'he_IL');

mrdna2 Purchased

thx alot it, one more question iam getting an error in webmaster tools error: At least one field must be set for HatomEntry. error: Missing required field “entry-title”. error: Missing required field “updated”. error: Missing required hCard “author”. how i can fix this one in the theme

I’m sorry, but I haven’t tested this theme with webmaster tools

I am not sure, but: I can split the reviews and the blog? So the blog and the reviews are two different ways of uploading things?

Is there also a way to put a slider on top of the website?

Never mind about the slider :P.

Sorry, it’s not possible. Review in this theme is a standard post, so it will be included in blog.


dwesch Purchased


Great Theme! We’re having some display issues in IE8. The footer container loads over-layed on the body content. See screenshot here: See the live theme in our test environment here:

Please advise. Thanks!

Do you also see this problem in the theme demo?


Jason_K Purchased

Hi, love the theme. I’m having an issue with the size of featured images on single posts. At full width, the featured image is displayed at 940px wide, but it’s actually displaying a 900px image enlarged to 940px, so the quality is reduced. This happens even if I upload a 940px image. Can you tell me how to display the original uploaded 940px image instead of an elarged 900px version?

Many thanks. Jason

Hi. Please edit content-single.php, at line 13 and 16, replace 900 with 940


Jason_K Purchased

Perfect! Thank you. Everything looks fine now :)

How to make grid template with sidebar and 3 or 4 columns.

Sorry, this theme doesn’t support sidebar in grid template with more than 2 columns.

Category with 3 collumns:


ram108 Purchased

Hi! I have an issue after upgrading to WP 4.2 and Google Chrome:

Does the same problem happen with other browsers? I have tried WP 4.2 with the latest Chrome but didn’t have this problem.

I’m not finding how to change my layout to 2 columns + sidebar. Right now I have one column with sidebar. Help! Thanks!

Please create a page and use this setting:
Template: Grid
Page Layout: Right Sidebar
Number of Columns: 2

Your mobile menu is working fine for us on mobile devices, however we are investigating an integration of the site that requires the mobile menu to not use any javascript. What would be involved in creating a non javascript mobile menu to replace the existing one? I realise this would fall under custom services – we are interested in discussing if you feel this is doable.


This is possible with code editing, but for the non javascript version, there will be a new button beside the dropdown menu that needs to be clicked. Please contact me from my contact form if you are interested in this custom work.


rsperle Purchased

Hello, i need to change layout of the category page to grid style. How do I do this?

Thank you.

Sorry, this is not possible in this theme. It will need some code modifications. Please contact me from my contact form if you are interested in custom work.

Hi, I’d like to know how I can add the social media icons in the toptopmenu bar? As shown in your example page for the compassion theme. I’ve been struggling with the menu’s and widgets but can’t seem to connect it.

You can insert the code in Appearance -> Theme Options -> Header -> Header Text

Yes, that worked thank you. Additional question: if I change the icon size to 22 the icon dissapears. I find 16 too small and 32 too big. How can I adjust the size?

Unfortunately the icons are only available in 16px and 32px.

Hi there, when I add a featured image for a posting but disable it IN the posting, I see a small weird icon which I can’t delete. How can I delete it?

Aha, you have to ENABLE the ratings in the Theme Option and THEN DISABLE it in the posting… that looks like a bug? If I disable it in the main theme options the icon shouldn’t appear in the posting…

OK, I will fix this in the next update.

Thank you.

Hi there, how can I change the color of the menubar? It’s still dark grey. It seems I can change the color of the active buttons, but not the menubar.

It’s the exact same code you gave earlier….?

No, it’s different. The color code should use #, not dollar symbol ($).

Thank you, that worked.

Hi there, how can I make the page wider? Now it’s 940 and I’d like to make it 1000.

That’s odd… it’s just a coding? I’ve changed widths of theme’s many times before. But can’t find the width here. Any suggestions?

This theme uses an old version of skeleton css. To change the width you have to edit a lot of codes, not just change the container’s width. I will try the new version of skeleton css and see if it works with this theme.

I truly hope that will work as I’m in love with this theme, but it would be the best if the width can be adjusted wider.

Hi there, although I’ve disabled the date/author/respons option, I still see IN the posting the date/author, etc. How can I disable it completely?

I’m working with a Child template. Will this be overwritten when a theme is updated?

If you edit the file in the child theme’s folder, it will not be overwritten when you update parent theme.

Thank you, that worked.

The table showed on your site seems to appear different on my site

I’m struggling with the lay-out. Can you tell me how to get my table the same lay-out as yours?

Please use this code for table:
            <th>Quae non</th>
            <th>Postera eius</th>
            <th>Toto determinata</th>
            <th>Meam accepit</th>
        <tr class="alternate">
            <td>Haec in</td>
            <td>At actus</td>
            <td>Amet amet</td>
            <td>Stranguillio sit</td>
            <td>Cyrenaeam plus</td>
            <td>Adora nuntiaveris</td>
            <td>Caelum levaverunt</td>
            <td>Neptuno ait</td>
        <tr class="alternate">
            <td>Pertulit sed</td>
            <td>Unam emanabat</td>
            <td>Rhenum ibat</td>
            <td>Contra piissimi</td>
            <td>Inde valuit</td>
            <td>Lavabat quo</td>
            <td>Equidem deceptum</td>
            <td>Mariae Bone</td>
or if you have imported sample data, you can edit it directly in admin -> Pages -> Typography

tnj Purchased

never mind…just found it. thanks.

I see there is a new release for this theme. What is the best way to install it?

If you haven’t modified any files in the theme, you can simply replace it via FTP with the new version.

I’m working with a child theme. Thank you I’ll use FTP to do so.

What code do I need to change the menu background color of the hover? Meaning, the mouseover over the a menu item.

I want this a light color orange and not dark blue, see example

Please add this code:
#mainmenu li:hover > a {
    background-color: #ff764c;

Thank you, that worked!

Hi – Could you let me know if it is possible to replace the blog items in the masonry style on the homepage with content/links to static pages instead? Thanks

Sorry, the masonry style is only for standard posts. It requires custom code to add other contents.


secretk Purchased


i have the last theme update

yesterday I update Yoast SEO plugin to 2.3.4

and the rating in new post not working

I try to add rating but not working

if i disable Yoast SEO plugin it’s working

any help ?

I just tried Yoast SEO 2.3.4 and the rating works fine. Could you please send me your login info so I can check your site directly?


secretk Purchased


Done I send it now