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Hello. I am having a problem with my UL and OL displaying properly. Although they are correct on the back end when I create the post, they do not display at all on the front end when I view the finished post in a browser. As an example, look at: The content after “such as these:” and before “This tome covers…” should be five (5) bullet items. However, they do not show up that way. How do I fix this? Thanks.

Please add this css code at the bottom of style.css:
ul { list-style: disc; }
li { margin-left: 20px; }

Hello, I think your theme looks very good. I do still have some questions before I will purchase it. I am fairly new to WordPress, so forgive me when my questions sound/are a bit silly :) The first question concerns the options I’ll have with the Homepage slider. I would like to know how much freedom I have in deciding which post are being picked up by the slider. And also if it is possible to just fill the slider with text without linking to some post or page. My second question concerns the breadcrumbs, Can I create breadcrumbs without them corresponding to my url/folder structure? I would like to know my options with the breadcrumbs feature. Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

The slider displays posts with a user defined tags. Default tag is “featured”, so when you add a post with that tag, it will automatically show up in the slider with its featured image, category and excerpt. The slider is only for posts, it’s not possible to show a text without linking to a post.

Breadcrumbs will be automatically generated and displayed in all pages except home. For example, in single post the breadcrumbs will be like this:
You are here: Home » Category Title » Post Title
There are only 2 options for breadcrumbs: enable/disable it and edit the prefix text “You are here:”


In my Slider navigation points do not appear … why?

Thank you!



Is this issue fixed now? I just checked your site again with Chrome and it looks normal.

Right … I tried on another PC and displayed correctly .

I will investigate that it is affecting .

Thank you!!!